Perera and Sons Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

Perera and Sons have been cranking out cakes in Sri Lanka since they were established 115 years ago, sticking by their pledge to provide great tasting dishes at a value. Cakes range from $8.11 to $35.89, depending on size, dietary concerns, and customization. In this article, we’ll talk more about the Perera and Sons cakes prices, designs, flavor options, and ordering process.

Perera and Sons Cakes Prices

Perera and Sons 1 Kilogram Cakes (Serves 10 to 12)
Plain Rich Cake $17.16
German Chocolate Cake $21.84
Rum Fudge Cake $35.89
Perera and Sons 2 Kilogram Cakes (Serves 20 to 25)
Special Chocolate Cake $21.84
Vanilla Crème Cake $23.40
Perera and Sons Eggless Cakes
1 Kilogram Special Date Cake (Serves 10-12) $15.45
5 Kilogram Fruit Cake (Serves 13-17) $21.69
Perera and Sons Gateaux Cakes
500 Gram Dark or White Chocolate Gateaux (Serves 5-6) $8.11
1 Kilogram Noughat Gateaux (Serves 10-12) $13.42
1.2 Kilogram Chocolate Pineapple Gateaux (Serves 12-15) $14.82
1.3 Kilogram Chocolate Braso De Merce (Serves 13-16) $15.60

Perera and Sons Cake Designs

Cakes from Perera and Sons come in two main categories: custom and regular. Custom cakes include trademarked characters, icing considerations, and uniquely shaped creations. Regular cakes can be picked up at any time from the shop and can fit any occasion, with the added benefit of often coming at a lower price.

For every day celebrations, most prefer regular cakes. However, truly special occasions often call for a customized cake. Favorites among both custom and regular categories include Barbie doll cakes, almond rich cakes, Disney character cakes, or chocolate lemon gateaux cakes.

The custom cake catalog for Perera and Sons does not list prices, just weights – you can call into the shop to ask about prices for these cakes. Perera and Sons’ Facebook page does a wonderful job of providing a menu and pricing for their regular cakes and gateaux.

Perera and Sons Birthday Cakes

For a children’s birthday, you should definitely look into custom cakes with licensed characters. For young children, cakes can be adorned with characters like Mickey Mouse, Dora, Cars, and Sesame Street. Older girls may prefer Elsa cakes, while older boys may veer to sports themed confections. Adults may enjoy musical instruments, flower motifs, or travel paraphernalia as decorations in the icing.

Most cakes will weigh more than 2 kilograms, so expect to pay more than $25. Regular cakes are a deliciously ergonomic alternative, beginning at $8.11 for a white chocolate gateaux cake to feed a family of 5 or 6, and topping at $35.89 for a decadent rum fudge cake.

Perera and Sons Graduation Cakes

Classy graduation parties require classy desserts – specifically, a mouthwatering chocolate ganache cake for $15.60 or an elegant orange mousse cake for $21.06, both capable of feeding 12 guests. Endeavoring for a casual, funky graduation party tailored to the grad’s spunky personality? Customized cakes with Rubik’s cubes, electric guitars, or literary references may be your best bet. Or, go simple and order a cake that matches the school’s colors or mascot, to get the grad pumped for their next stage in life.

Perera and Sons Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers with a classic cartoon feel have always been the go to choice for expecting mothers. Customized cakes with licensed cartoon characters – like those from Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Care Bears, and Winnie the Pooh – will be a smash hit at your next baby shower. Safari themed parties have become wildly popular over the past few years, so customized cakes with elephants, zebras, giraffes, or all of the above will create a fun experience for your guests.

Short on time and in no need of customization? Grab a chocolate and vanilla cake for $18.26 or a Pineapple gateaux for $14.82 at your nearest Perera and Sons bakery, and be on your way.

Perera and Sons Wedding Cakes

Rolling with the new “naked cake” fad, where the outside of a cake is thinly frosted and in some points devoid of icing altogether? Perera and Sons have created their own 3 tiered naked cake for trendy couples. Floral and heart shaped custom cakes have always been popular, with bride and groom toppers being a tradition. Feeling less like a customized creation and more like a low price, highly efficient cake? A white chocolate gateaux cake that can feed 16 guests at one time will only come out at $20.28.

How to Order Perera and Sons Cakes

There is no online order form for Perera and Sons cakes, but you can contact the company through email or over the phone to hash out any questions before heading into store. Since the company is widely spread over the southwest of Sri Lanka, you will likely find a location near you. Step into one of their stores to place an order, browse their baked goods, or carry out a delicious cake. Locations and contact details include:

Gampaha Courts
21, Courts Road, Gampaha.
Phone: 033-4933647

Thorana Junction
829, Thorana Junction, Kandy Road, Kelaniya
Phone: 033-4884881

New Kandy (Willam Gopallawa Maw)
152, William Gopallawa Mawatha, Kandy.
Phone: 081-4939201

After you take a stroll into a Perera and Sons bakery, grab a slice of one of their delicious cakes (don’t hesitate to post it on Instagram), and then drop us a comment to tell us how delicious it was! We’d also like to find out your thoughts on the Perera and Sons cakes prices.


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