The Publix Bakery is a great place to explore a lot of cake designs. The bakers and decorators can create different flavors for any occasion. Publix cakes prices are very affordable and you can choose a lot of variety for birthdays, weddings, as well as quinceaneras, anniversaries, and more. It can be ordered online, over the phone, or in person. So, this allows them a chance to browse all available designs at their local store, which may vary by market. Delivery is available in some areas and circumstances, but generally only for the largest cake orders. Pre-decorated cakes start at about $20, though the Publix cakes prices can vary by market.

A Bit About Publix

In September 1930, George Jenkins opened the very first Publix food store located in Winter Haven in Florida. Although, his dream was to create an open and airy “food palace”. With that in mind, Jenkins introduced many innovative additions to his store such as electric doors and air conditioning. It is two things that hadn’t been seen in the grocery store world up to that point.

By 1945, Jenkins had opened nineteen large grocery stores all around Florida. Thus, today there are now over 1,000 Publix stores all across the United States. In addition, it is now a multibillion-dollar company that prides itself on providing top customer satisfaction. Thus, this is evident in the bakery department, where the staff works extremely hard to ensure all shoppers are grateful for their Publix cakes.

Publix Cakes Prices

Type of cake Price
Publix Round Cakes
Buttercream Iced$18.99
Cream Cheese Iced$21.99
Decadent Dessert Cake$24.99
Publix Quarter-Sheet Cakes
Buttercream Iced$23.49
Cream Cheese Iced$27.49
Fudge Iced$25.49
Publix Half- Sheet Cakes
Buttercream Iced$43.99
Cream Cheese Iced$50.99
Fudge Iced$46.99
Publix Full - Sheet Cakes
Buttercream Iced$80.99
Cream Cheese Iced$91.99
Fudge Iced$82.99
Publix Special Edition Cakes$25.99
Publix Wedding CakesVaries

Publix Cake Designs

There is a wide variety of character-themed cake designs, as well as a range of floral and creative designs. Cakes are available for every budget. When it comes to the Publix cake designs, there is something appropriate for celebrating even the smallest of life’s milestones. The full Publix catalog is available online.

There are over 240 different pre-styled ideas for Publix bakery cakes. All of the designs that are free of licensed characters can be modified in flavor or color. Publix cakes with licensed designs must be reproduced exactly as they are seen in the cake catalog. It is possible to upgrade the type of icing from basic buttercream, to fudge or cream cheese frosting. When a customer chooses a licensed character design, they can expect to pay a little extra for the cake. But that doesn’t compromise the quality of your perfect cake.

Publix Birthday Cake

Publix cakes birthday cake

Publix knows how important birthday celebrations are, and takes care of even its youngest customers. For first birthday celebrations, Publix will provide a free smash cake with a first birthday cake purchase. Publix birthday cakes are available as small, as a seven-inch round size that serves six to eight people. The largest Publix birthday cakes are typically a full sheet cake size and serve 75 to 80 guests.

Available themes include Angry Birds, Barbie Princess, Pixar Cars, Tinker Bell, Dora the Explorer, and many more. In fact, over 126 different themes are available to browse on the Publix website.

Publix birthday cake prices begin at around $20 and up to $90 depending on the size and customizations requested. All birthday cakes should be ordered for pick up at least 24 hours in advance. Additional time is recommended for customers choosing licensed cakes.

Publix Graduation Cake

Publix cakes graduation cake

An important milestone in any life, Publix bakery is eager to please. Each local store has frosting available in the colors of all the local schools with upcoming graduations. This means creating a custom graduation cake is very easy.

Graduation cakes from Publix can include a celebratory banner, cupcake stands, a traditional cap, and gown, or even a stack of books made out of cake.

Customers should consult directly with their local bakery to ensure they receive exactly what they hope to receive. Prices start at approximately $32, and go up to around $55, based on the flavors and fillings a customer chooses. Publix graduation cakes are often small enough that customers can transport them on their own.

Publix Baby Shower Cake

publix baby shower cake

The Publix cake options available for baby showers are eclectic. Customers can choose between simple and traditional baby shower cake block designs. Although you can also go for something a little edgier with a “baby bump” shaped cake. This shaped cake always makes people giggle and is a crowd-pleaser. The popular Publix gender-reveal cake starts at around $27. There is a wide range of pricing, as the Publix “baby bump” cake can cost as much as $80.

If the mom-to-be has had particular cravings for chocolate or fruit. When ordering a “Special Edition Cake” may also be a good idea. These beautifully decorated confections are decadent and delicious. Delivery options may be limited, but are handled on a case-by-case basis for each store.

Publix Wedding Cake

Publix wedding

Publix makes some of the most beautiful wedding cakes anyone has ever seen. Their cake decorators take great pride in producing a cake that will wow the bride, groom, and their guests. Requiring at least four weeks’ notice, the Publix wedding cakes are worth waiting for.

Simple stacked cakes stand up alongside extravagant layers covered in fondant, flowers, and other edible decorations. Grooms’ cakes covered in fudgy frosting complete the sweets for the wedding reception. Just browsing all of the possible frosting textures and decorations will even be the hardest heart want to plan a wedding. If for no other reason than to enjoy one of these beautiful Publix wedding cakes.

Publix has event planners available to help brides coordinate their cake choices with the rest of their wedding. These planners can also make arrangements for meeting other catering or delivery needs.

Publix Holiday Cakes

Publix proudly produces a wide range of bakery items around the holiday season. No family gathering or office party would be complete without a cake from Publix. A Publix loaf cake platter is the perfect choice for someone who wants something affordable to take to a holiday gathering. For those who are hosting a big family gathering or a large holiday party, there is a huge choice of special occasion cakes by Publix bakery.

For smaller gatherings, Publix offers a limited edition 1/4 sheet cake that serves up to twenty guests. A full sheet cake, on the other hand, serves up to eighty guests and so is ideal for larger holiday parties. All orders for holiday cakes and cake platters will make at least 24 hours in advance so that the staff at the Publix bakery have time to create and bake your fabulous cake. During the holiday season, the Publix bakery does become extremely busy due to the great quality of the cakes and the affordable prices, so it is always best to make large orders as far in advance as possible.

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How to Order Publix Cakes

Thankfully, Publix allows customers to order cakes online. This makes the entire process very convenient. However, not everyone is as comfortable with this, so it is still possible to place cake orders over the phone or in person. It is very important to give at least 24 hours for most cakes. Larger cakes or those with more elaborate designs, like those served at a wedding, should be ordered a minimum of four weeks before the main event.

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For customers who prefer phone or in-person orders, a search tool to find the nearest Publix location is available.


The quality of Publix cakes is among the best for grocery store cakes. Guests at any social event will surely look forward to a sweet time when they hear a Publix cake is going to serve. You can also check the Whole Foods Cakes or the Market Basket cakes to see other fancy cake designs for your special occasions.

We would love to hear about your experience with the Publix Bakery and Publix cake prices. Leave a comment and let us know what you thought.