Cold Stone Cream Creamery offers, as they pride themselves, the ultimate ice cream experience. Cold Stone cakes are layered with creamy, rich, and delicious ice cream. Customers can choose a yummy Cold Stone ice cream cake with white frosting or rich fudge ganache. There is a wide variety of Cold Stone creamery cakes, from birthday cakes, signature cakes, custom cakes to kid-themed cakes, petite cakes, and ice-cream cupcakes.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cakes can be found all across the United States, but also internationally. Learn more about Cold Stone prices and designs and how you can order Cold Stone cakes below.

Cold Stone Cakes Prices

Small Cold Stone cakes typically range from $24.99 to $55.00, depending on shape (round or rectangle) and location. Large Cold Stone Creamery cakes are priced between $36.49 and $81.00, based on the aforementioned factors. Even though the average Cold Stone Creamery cake is more expensive than one from Baskin Robbins (one of their top ice creamcake competitors), it shines through variety, quality and taste.

The prices for Cold Stone birthday cakes vary from location to location. In order to help you get a better idea about Cold Stone cake prices, we have included examples from two stores on different coasts. As a result, below you will find the Cold Stone ice cream cake prices from a New York location and a California one.

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* Cold Stone Creamery Prices at the Atlantic Mall location: 139 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Phone: (718) 230-1562.

** Cold Stone Creamery Prices at USC: 3730 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA. Phone: (213) 747-2744.

Cold Stone Cakes Designs

Cold Stone ice cream cakes cover the following main categories:

  • Birthday Cakes (Theme or Custom)
  • Signature Cold Stone Cakes
  • Cupcakes (Signature or Custom)

Regardless if you want to get a Cold Stone birthday cake, a famous signature cake or a pack of mouth-watering cupcakes, you can count on the Creamery for meeting your tasty celebration needs.

The Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake can be adapted to any occasion. The ice cream cake Cold Stone offers comes in various shapes and sizes, including the following:

  • Petite – 4″ – serves 2
  • Small Round – 6″ – serves 8
  • Large Round – 8″ – serves 14
  • Small Rectangle – 8″ x 12″ – serves 25
  • Large Rectangle – 12″ x 18″ – serves 50

You can get round or rectangle Cold Stone cakes for occasions like:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Baby showers
  • Holidays
  • Family reunions, etc.

In addition to this, you can customize a cake according to the details of your event or order a 6 pick of cupcakes. We’ll get into specifics about what cakes work for certain occasions below.

Cold Stone Cakes – Birthday Cakes


If you or an adult friend are planning to celebrate a birthday, Cold Stone cakes are a refined and delicious option. Even though flavors, ingredients and custom options vary depending on the store, you can pick the ice cream flavor and cake layer. Sweet Cream or Cake Batter Ice Cream are some wonderful choices for ice cream flavor. Also, you can explore Yellow or Red Velvet cake layer options at some stores. A small round cake costs between $24.99 and $35.00 and serves 8.


Themed cakes are the most popular Cold Stone cakes for children. From Spiderman and SpongeBob SquarePants to Avengers or Disney Princesses, you will most likely find the perfect option for your child. Unfortunately, themed cakes cannot be ordered online on the Cold Stone cakes website. The reason is that toys, designs and availability vary depending on location. If you want a themed cake for your child’s birthday, contact your local Creamery.

Cold Stone Cakes – Graduation Cakes

Although they do not have a special graduation cake, the Signature Cold Stone cakes like Midnight Delight, Cookie Dough Delirium or Cake Batter Confetti can be adapted for graduations, family celebrations, holidays and more. When you order online, you get to choose special messaging and its color, like pink, blue or red. A 4″ Petite cake that serves 2 is perfect fora romantic celebration, while a Large Rectangle (12″ x 18″) serves 55 and is ideal for large gatherings.

Cold Stone Cakes – Baby Shower Cakes

The cute Cold Stone cupcakes make perfect baby shower cakes. While some Cold Stone cakes stores offer signature cupcake packs with 2 each of their well-known varieties, others provide custom options for cupcake orders. Their signature designs are Sweet Cream, Cake Batter Deluxe and Double Chocolate Devotion. The custom cupcake option allows you to choose the ice cream flavor (like Cheesecake Ice Cream), cake layer (like Devil’s Food Cake) and frosting (Fluffy White or other colors).

Cold Stone Cakes – Wedding Cakes

The only category the Creamery doesn’t seem to cover is Cold Stone wedding cakes, but you should check with your local store to see if they can make one for your reception. Contact your nearest location to see if it is possible to order a wedding cake.

How to Order Cold Stone Cakes

You can order online or visit one of their Cold Stone cake locations to speak directly with a representative. To order Cold Stone cakes online, go to the order page. Enter your ZIP code and see what location is closest to your area. This is the same page where you will get the working hours and contacts for your nearest store. After that, choose your desired cake category (like Signature Cakes, Ready for Pick Up Now or Create Your Own Cake) and select the specifics:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Ice cream flavor
  • Cake layer
  • Frosting, etc.

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To conclude, Cold Stone cakes are a refined choice for any celebration with your loved ones. The ice cream sets them apart from numerous other competitors in their field, as well as the abundance of ingredients (like candies). Even though they might be pricier than others, the final result is worth the money.