Porto’s Bakery and café has been in business since 1960, and they continue to serve up amazing cakes and goodies. There is an awesome selection of Portos cakes, designed to serve any occasion.

Most Porto’s cakes prices start at $23.00. The cheapest Porto’s cake costs $8.75, and the most expensive round Portos cake is $31.00, with the rest falling somewhere in between. Thus, the price of Porto’s sheet cakes depends on what size you order. At least 24 hours must be given for advanced notice of an order. Although, depending on the cake, more notice may be necessary. Not all Portos bakery cakes are available at all locations. So, it still depends on the branch on what they serve.

Portos Cakes Prices

Porto's Whole Cakes
Type of CakePrice
Tres Leches Cake Box$8.75
Pumpkin Pie 9"$10.95
Apple Pie 9"$11.95
Pumpkin Cheesecake 9"$26.50
Carrot Cake 9"$24.75
Milk'n Berries Cake 8"$31.00
Parisian Chocolate Cake 9"$27.75
Red Velvet Cake 9"$28.00
Mango Mousse Cake 9"$27.00
Chocolate Rashberry Cake 9"$27.75
Fruit Cake Tart 11"$26.75
Tres Leches Cake 10"$21.75
Tiramisu 9"$27.00
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake 9"$27.00
New York Cheesecake 9"$23.00
A La CartePrices
Crumb Cake 8"$7.55
Chocolate Twist$1.90
Butter Croissant$1.95
Chocolate Croissant$1.95
Mix Berry Muffin$1.75
Pumpkin Muffin$1.75

Portos Cakes Designs

Portos cakes

The bakers and cake designers at Porto’s can create a wide variety of custom cakes to suit any occasion. Moreover, the amount of creativity and the wide range of designs are truly amazing. With a collection that ranges from iguanas to tractors, Mickey Mouse heads, and also a wide variety of other amazing designs, there is no shortage of unique and innovative ideas. Words don’t do these cakes justice, so take a look for yourself.

In addition, specialty cakes are available for a variety of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and holidays. Due to the complicated and expensive nature of these cakes, orders need to be placed two or three weeks in advance, and full upfront payment is needed to ensure orders are not canceled.

Portos Birthday Cakes

portos cake

If you are looking for a unique birthday cake, there are many Porto’s cake designs to choose from. They have cakes specially designed for boys and girls alike, and they even have a line of birthday cakes more suitable for adults.

Boy’s and girl’s cakes include pandas, Noah’s ark, Tweety Bird, Legos, and a pink crown and tiara.

Furthermore, cake designs aimed at adults include sports jerseys, handbags, beer cans, alcoholic bottles, and even a box of cigars.

All Portos birthday cakes must be ordered and paid for in advance. The website does not give the price of specialty cakes, so you will have to contact them by telephone or in person.

Portos Graduation Cakes

graduation cake

Porto’s bakery has surely a wide selection of graduation-themed cakes to choose from. Do you want to go with a traditional graduation cap atop a buttercream-frosting cake? Maybe you’d prefer a double-layer sheet cake designed to look like textbooks topped with a cap and tassel? You can also opt for a simple cheesecake with a Graduation Party text, or get personal with a cake featuring a print of the special graduate.

Whichever option you choose, it is sure to be a special memory for your son or granddaughter, and a delicious one as well. Porto’s graduation cakes are a delicious way to celebrate the occasion, and Portos cakes prices are very reasonable.

But if there is no available Porto’s Bakery near you, you can just immediately run to the nearest Walmart to buy one.

Portos Baby Shower Cakes

baby shower cake

Baby showers are a special occasion for moms-to-be, especially if it is their first child. Thus a customized baby shower cake is an awesome way to celebrate the occasion. Portos cake selection in this regard is awesome. Some of the wonderful designs to choose from are both pink and blue bassinets, a cake frosted to resemble a bib, cakes topped with strollers, and even an adorable cake featuring a teddy bear tucked into a bed.

These customized baby cakes are an excellent way to congratulate a new mom on her child and eat some delicious treats while you’re at it.

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Portos Wedding Cakes

wedding cake

The wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is also a great occasion to share an indulgent cake (and smear it on your husband’s face).

Porto’s bakery has an incredible variety of choices to choose from when designing the cake. Choose from nine flavors, fourteen different fillings, and four different types of icing. Order a wedding cake from an existing template or customize your dream cake down to the finest detail.

Although, Portos cakes prices will vary a lot depending on how and what you order.

There are a variety of other decisions to choose from as well, such as the color of the cake or decoration toppers. Deliveries are also available for an additional fee. Expect a higher rate if you are distant from their store.

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How to Order Portos Cakes

If you want to order a cake, you have several options. You can visit one of the three stores in Glendale, Burbank, or Downey. You can call an individual store and place an order over the telephone, or you can send a request via e-mail.

To contact Portos Bakery in Glendale, you can call them at (818) 956-5996 or shoot them an e-mail at glendaleorders@portosbakery.com. Alternatively, you can visit their store at 315 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91203.

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat 6:30 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Remember, there are two other locations that can serve you as well.

Final Word

Cakes are a special way to celebrate any number of special occasions. Porto’s Bakery is proud to serve a wide variety of custom cakes, and they would love to hear from you. Please talk to them and let them know how they’re doing! Whether you get a customized cake or a ready-made cake, Porto’s will add a beautiful touch to each and every celebration that you have. Just be sure that if you’re looking for a personalized cake you give them enough time to design and create your perfect cake. Have you ever tried Porto’s cakes before? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below!

There are so many choices of cake brands you can find. Try checking out our website so you can choose which store suits you, or what store is easy to find near your area.