Whole Foods Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

Whole Foods Cakes generally cost between $12.99 and $132.99 based on the size and shape.  Famous for using natural ingredients, Whole Foods bakes cakes that are ideal for adult celebrations like birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. Also, they have a wide variety of signature cakes with chic designs that you can choose from. The most popular Whole Foods signature cakes are the delicious Chantilly cake, the Chocolate Ganache Cake, the Boston Cream Cake, or the Strawberry Buttercream Cake, to name just a few.

The Whole Foods cake menu contains both round and sheet cakes in sizes that range from 6 to 32” x 48” for full sheet cakes. Even though orders cannot be placed online, you can search for the closest Whole Foods Market in your area and speak to the local bakers about your custom choices.

Whole Foods Cakes Prices

Cake TypeSizeServingsPrice
Round (1 layer)8"8 to 10$12.99
Round (3 layers)6"6 to 8$26.99+
Round (3 layers)8"8 to 10$32.99+
Sheet (1 layer)1/4 (8" x 12")12 to 20$16.99
Sheet (3 layers)1/4 (8" x 12")12 to 20$55.99+
Sheet (3 layers)1/2 (16" x 24")40$76.99+
Sheet (3 layers)Full (32" x 48")80$132.99+
Chocolate Cake (2 layers)N/AN/A$18.99
Carrot Cake (2 layers)N/AN/A$18.99
Seasonal Cheesecake6"6 to 8$26.99
Seasonal Cheesecake8"8 to 10$36.99
Chocolate Mousse Cake6"6 to 10$18.99
Signature Cakes*6"6 to 10$18.00
Signature Cakes*9"10 to 12$26.00

Whole Foods Cakes Designs

There are plenty of wholesome cakes you can choose from when exploring this bakery. For example, the signature Whole Foods bakery cakes below are just some of the options for your next special event. To explain, these Whole foods custom cakes are round and can be purchased in sizes of 6 or 9 inches. They work for parties that range from 6-10 guests to 10-12 guests.

The bakery is very transparent about the ingredients they used, so we have listed our findings from their official website below. You can also ask about the possibility of a Whole foods gluten free cake at the bakery in your area.

Signature Whole Foods Cakes

Cake NameIngredients
Strawberry ChortcakeWhipped cream, strawberries, vanilla cake
Boston Cream CakeVanilla pastry cream, vanilla cake, chocolate ganache
Carrot CakeCarrot cake, cream cheese frosting, walnut garnish
Chocolate Truffle CakeFlourless chocolate cake
Devil's Food CakeDevil's food with chocolate, vanilla buttercream frosting and filling
Chocolate Ganache CakeChocolate cake, ganache fill, chocolate buttercream frosting, ganache coating
Seasonal Lemon Cake (Winter)Vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, buttercream frosting
Lemon Coconut Cake (Seasonal - Summer)Vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, coconut buttercream frosting, coconut flake garnish
Black & White CakeChocolate cake, vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting and filling, chocolate ganache topping
Chocolate Raspberry CakeDevil's food, raspberry jam, chocolate buttercream frosting
Vegan Chocolate CakeApricot jam filling, vegan ganache
Vegan Vanilla CakeFresh fruit filling or vegan frosting
Strawberry Buttercream CakeStrawberry jam, strawberry buttercream, vanilla cake
Chocolate Buttercream CakeDevil's food cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream
Cannoli CakeVanilla cake, cannoli filling buttercream, cannolis
Cookies and Cream CakeDevil's food cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, cookie crumbs
Peanut Butter Chocolate CakeChocolate cake, chocolate ganache, peanut buter chocolate frosting
German Chocolate CakeChocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, pecans, caramelized sugar, toasted coconut
Mocha Butter Cream CakeChocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate-coffee buttercream
Whipped Cream Angel Food CakeAngel food cake, fruit filling, whipped cream, fruits

Whole Foods Birthday Cakes

Possibly the best aspect about Whole Foods cakes is that they can be easily tailored to the theme or purpose of your event. For example, Whole Foods birthday cakes for adults can be made from any one of the signature cakes listed above. In this situation, you should choose a Whole Foods birthday cake with the favorite flavor of the celebrated one.

For instance, chocolate lovers will adore a Chocolate Ganache Cake or a Chocolate Buttercream Cake. Fruit fans will enjoy the Whipped Cream Angel Food Cake or a Vegan Vanilla Cake. Any one of these choices start at $18.00 for a 6-inch cake and range to $26.00 for a 9-inch one.

Whole Foods Wedding Cakes

The Whole Foods cakes menu contains alternatives for both small and medium weddings. A Chocolate Eruption cake is ideal for those who love chocolate, while a Fruit Chantilly cake is great for those who like vanilla combined with fruits.

Moreover, the best Whole foods wedding cake for a larger wedding is a full sheet cake. It serves 80 guests and starts at $132.99. Furthermore, Whole Foods wedding cakes for half these participants are 16” x 24” (1/2 sheet) and cost $76.99.

Whole Foods Graduation Cakes

Whole Foods is one of the best providers for celebrating the new grad in your family! The Whole Foods bakery can not only guarantee you a stylish and delicious graduation cake, but they also can cater the entire party. The Whole Foods graduation cakes are made only with natural ingredients. You can choose together with the Whole Foods decorators the design that best suits your party, depending on your tastes, and number of guests. Both sheet cakes and round cakes are available. Whole Foods may even organize graduation cake tastings, so that you can be sure that everybody will like your cake!

Whole Foods Baby Shower Cakes

If a baby is on the way and you’re planning on a small get-together, a round Whole Foods cake is perfect. As a result, you can spoil your guests with a smooth Seasonal Cheesecake or Chocolate Mousse Cake.

On the other hand, you can a get a 6″ inch cake that costs $26.99 or $18.99 for small parties. In addition, for 8-10 guests, an 8″ cheesecake at $36.99 will be amazing. Of course, you can also explore any of their signature cakes, depending on the size of your party. Before discussing with the Whole Foods decorators, you can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

How to Order Whole Foods Cakes?

Unfortunately, the bakery currently does not offer an online order option. You can only get Whole Foods cakes at your local store. Their order forms vary from location to location, but here are three for Philadelphia, Florida or a general one. You can also consult their signature cake menu prior to ordering.

The best way to make sure your cake reaches you in time is to talk to your local Whole Foods bakers. At the store in your area, you can talk about custom details. Also, you can see what recommendations the specialists have and what seasonal ingredients are on stock. Finally, to contact Whole Foods customer service for any inquiries, use the customer information page. What was your experience with the Whole Foods cakes? Have you ever ordered the signature Whole Foods cakes for a special event in your life? Share your opinion with us, using the form below. We love to hear from our readers!

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