Baby showers are always fun events. The guest of honor may not yet be present in the body, but they have made their presence known and it is time to celebrate. As Pinterest holds onto its popularity for organizing party planning ideas, it provides lots of inspiration for choosing the best baby shower cake. Whether you are planning a low-key event or a shower suited for royalty, here are several tips to help you know how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

Tip 1 – Set the Budget For The Perfect Baby Shower Cake

New life is a great reason to celebrate, but every family is going to do so with a different budget in mind. There are several categories to plan for in any party situation. Doing that ahead of time makes it easier to pick a bakery and cake style. When you decide on a budget ahead of time, no one has to guess how much money there is to spend on the cake.
Here are the budget categories to consider:

  • rental fee for party location and furniture,
  • party food, whether for a sit-down meal or finger foods,
  • party favors,
  • games and prizes,
  • decorations, and
  • cake.

All other decisions will flow from this knowledge. It is much easier to commit to a bakery when you know how important a role cake is going to play in the party budget.

Tip 2 – Build the Guest List

Are you hosting a couples’ shower? Is this one for the ladies only? Will children be welcome? Not only will knowing how many people are coming help but knowing who they are making a big difference. An extremely fancy cake may not be appreciated at a party with lots of children present to help celebrate. If it is a couples’ baby shower then you will want to consider the tastes and appetites of the extra people.

Here is a good rule of thumb to follow when planning the amount of cake for people you expect.

  • 8-10 guests: standard round cake.
  • 15-20 guests: quarter sheet cake.
  • 35-40 guests: half sheet cake.
  • 70-80 guests: full sheet cake.

If you choose to have cupcakes instead, then one per person is generally enough. To ensure you do not run out, plan for 20 percent more people than actually RSVP. So if 15 people say yes, they plan to come, then buy enough cake for 18-20 guests.

Tip 3 – Select a Baby Shower Theme

boy baby shower cake and girl baby shower cake

This is a fun time of celebration and the wide range of themes to choose from can be overwhelming. But when deciding how to pick the perfect baby shower cake, you need to know the party theme. You can choose from the list below, or come up with your own creative idea.

  • Color Play: Usually, baby shower cakes for girls play will all shades of pink. Obviously, baby shower cakes for boys are most of the time blue. If you do not know the gender, you can host a pink and blue party and have a cake with frosting to match.
  • Floral Fun: Spring baby showers mean plenty of fresh flowers and that can help with decorating the venue and the cake.
  • Baby Central: You can choose a wide variety of baby items to decorate and then give them to the parents to use after the baby is born. And of course, why not have a cake shaped like a baby? It does not matter if it is creepy to cut into the baby-shaped cake if the parents have a sense of humor.

Tip 4 – Pick a Bakery For The Perfect Baby Shower Cake

pink baby shower cake for girl

Once you have a solid idea of what you want and how much money there is to spend, it is time to find a bakery to meet your needs. There are different types of bakeries, so consider these points as you make phone calls or visit before making a final selection.

  • Decorating Abilities: If you are dreaming big of your baby shower cake, can the bakery deliver it? Have they created similar cakes in the past? You may request a look at the portfolio of a custom bakery. At a grocery store bakery, like Safeway, you can usually assess their abilities by browsing a catalog. Porto’s also has an awesome selection of baby shower cakes.
  • Budget: Have you decided to make the cake the centerpiece of your event? Then you need to choose a bakery that can match that lofty goal and you should expect to pay for that privilege. However, if the cake is just the sweet thing you want to serve to keep the kids happy, then it is probably okay to choose something less expensive. That is unless the kids on your guest list have highly discerning palates. For instance, Vons baby shower cakes start at $20 and can go up to $200. At Charm City, a sculpted baby shower cake will cost a minimum of $500. Walmart baby shower cakes start at $30 for a 1/2 sheet.
  • Availability: The most famous bakery in the world can be in your budget, but if you do not plan early enough, they may not be available. Big box bakeries will have a shorter lead time of 24 to 72 hours for most cakes. However, custom bakeries often want you to commit at least four to six weeks before your shower.

Tip 5 – Complete Design and Flavor Choices

blue baby shower cake for boy

You have set the budget, chosen a theme, selected a bakery, and now it is time to finalize your cake dreams. You ought to do this as far in advance of your baby shower as possible, especially if you chose a custom bakery. It should not be an inconvenience to make one final visit or phone call to check on the important cake details.

  • Are the colors correct?
  • Have you checked all of the words for proper spelling?
  • Is the pickup or delivery date and time accurate?

Conclusion For The Perfect Baby Shower Cake

Everyone comes to a baby shower ready to celebrate. It is hard to disappoint guests who are all excited about a growing family, but with these tips, you should know how to pick the perfect baby shower cake. Leave a comment and let us know how your baby shower cake turned out. We would love to read the details.