Charm City Cakes started as a custom cake bakery in Baltimore. They achieved worldwide fame when the Food Network decided that Duff Goldman, the owner of the Cakes, deserved his own show. Since then his bakery has expanded to a second location in Los Angeles. The bakery’s success has created quite the waitlist. That is why customers who want to order the delicious cakes should contact them as soon as possible.

The cake’s prices start at $65 for cakes that serve six to eight. There are 22 designs to choose from. Customers can order these online. No appointment is necessary for their design.

Charm City Cakes Prices

Type of cakePrice
Charm City Lil’ Cakes
Modern Lemon$65
Penguin Love$65
Animal Print$100
Flower Pot$100
Pink Dot Black $125
Graduation Hat$125
Storm Trooper$125
Crab Bushel$125
CCC Autographs$125
Box O’ Chocolates$125
Tiffany Box$125
Holiday Present$125
Festive Present$125
Pink Polka Dot$150
Grill Time$150
Custom Cakes
10-15 Servings$300
Classic Wedding Cakes$6.50/serving
Signature Wedding Cakes$8.50/serving
Premier Wedding Cakes$10/serving
Sculpted Cakes$500

Charm City Cakes Designs

If imagination had a limit, cakes have blown past it. Their inventive designs enchant people from all over the world. Duff is a down-to-earth guy and has tried to make his cakes accessible to as many people as possible. The Lil’ Cakes line is an affordable way for most people to access the creative cakes. The prices start at $65.

Charm City also offers three levels of pre-designed wedding cakes. The Classic, Signature, and Premier cakes prices start at $6.50 per serving. Of course, most people really want to have a custom cake and those start at $300. Prices can jump quickly as the design gets more complex and delivery fees are added.

Charm City Birthday Cakes

Many of the confections in the Lil’ Cakes collection would make an excellent birthday cake. Confetti, Zebra, or CCC Autographs are just three off the 22 designs that are available. If a customer is planning a custom birthday cake design, then they need to use the online form to make their needs known. The earlier they can plan, the better as the Fall and Spring cake calendars fill up quickly.

Delivery is not necessary for the smaller cakes, but anything with more than two tiers should be delivered and set up by the Charm City staff. Those who are planning a kid’s birthday might also find very useful our tips on how to pick the perfect birthday cake.

Graduation Cakes

Graduation is a major milestone in the lives of many people. Celebrating in style is an important way to mark the occasion. Charm City offers a variety of Lil’ Cakes that may be appropriate for the planned festivities. The Graduation Hat cake, which is $125 is an obvious favorite, but many of the other Lil’ Cakes represent varied facets of life that might match up with the graduates interests.

It does not matter if the pomp and circumstance are for a high school or college graduate, a custom Charm City cake can also be a great idea. For as little as $300, family and friends can nosh on something unique and well suited to the one they gather to celebrate.

Baby Shower Cakes

It is fun to celebrate babies. It is even better when guests know there will be an amazing custom creation from Duff and his team at Charm City. A sculpted baby shower cake will cost a minimum of $500. But it is hard to put a price on celebrating a new life. This type of cake is incredibly customizable. That means, however, that you need to request it far in advance because of the popularity of this bakery.

If the hostess does not have enough time, there are several Lil’ Cakes that may be appropriate. Pink Polka Dot, Pink Black Dot, or Tiffany Box might all be appropriate for a baby shower. Depending on the gender of the newborn, you can change the colors of the polka dots. All of these Charm City cakes can be delivered for a fee, but due to their smaller size and less complicated design. Also, most customers will choose to pick them up themselves.

Charm City Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes were meant to be delivered. They should be large enough to have ample portions and make a statement. The best cake decorators can make a simple design pop and that is what Charm City has done with their Classic Wedding Collection. Almost all of their pre-designed wedding cakes are three or more tiers. Also, promise to wow wedding guests with their subtle approach to the art of cake.

There are three levels of pre-designed wedding cakes and these Charm city cake’s prices range from $6.50 to $10 per serving. Custom cakes are available for more and prices start at $500. Due to their size, these cakes should not be picked up by customers. Instead, they should rely on the capable staff of Charm City Cakes to ensure that the wedding cake arrives safely at the proper destination.

How to Order

The ordering process is incredibly easy. Customers will have to go to the order page, and choose between the Charm City Cakes Los Angeles and the Charm City Cakes Baltimore locations.

order here

Each type of cake has a different form to complete. Also, the Wedding Collection order form asks for details about the venue, budget, and number of guests at the event. Then, there is a separate link for ordering custom cakes. Moreover, it asks for details about the type of event, budget, and location. Also, details about ordering deadlines are also available at this link as well.

For customers with additional questions, they can reach out by sending an email to or giving them a call at 410-235-9229.


Therefore, while they love creating unique, custom designs, the decorators at Charm City have made their artistry accessible to a wider audience by offering their Lil’ Cakes and Wedding Collection options.

Also, we would love to hear about your experience with the Charm City Bakery, be it Charm City Cakes Los Angeles or Charm City Cakes Baltimore. Then, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.