The first Pauls Bakery opened its doors in 1994. Pauls Bakery, a family-run business in South Hall, West London, was one of the first businesses that specialized in Fresh Cream Cake. In addition, they’ve always wanted to deliver the best cakes to their customers, and that objective hasn’t changed. Furthermore, they have always maintained their word from the day their doors first opened, so you can be sure that every delectable cake you buy from them is worth it!

Also, they have been providing services to several families for over 25 years, becoming well-known and constantly the top-choice cake shop in their regions. Pauls Bakery can provide every cake that you wish for your special day! They will make that cake into something that you will never forget.

Pauls Bakery Cakes Prices

Fresh Creamfrom £34.99
Chocolate Fresh Creamfrom £26.99
Black Forestfrom £34.99
Buttercreamfrom £46.99
Chocolate Buttercreamfrom £29.99
Icingfrom £54.99
Drip Cakesfrom £54.99
Half Cakefrom £33.99
Platterfrom £54.99
Square Shapefrom £45.99
Round Shapefrom £30.99
Heart Shapefrom £34.99
Number Shapefrom £34.99
Character Shapefrom £34.99
Doll Cakesfrom £34.99
Novelty Cakesfrom £34.99
Tiered Cakesfrom £200.99
Cake Trayfrom £150.99
Letter Shapefrom £34.99
Giant Cupcakefrom £34.99
Catering Eventfrom £34.99
Christmasfrom £34.99
Easter from £34.99
Eidfrom £34.99
Birthdaysfrom £34.99
Children’s Cakefrom £34.99
Anniversaryfrom £40.99
Graduationfrom £34.99
Baby Showerfrom £34.99
Christeningfrom £34.99
Mehndi from £50.99
Valentinesfrom £40.99
Father’s Dayfrom £45.99
Mother’s Dayfrom £45.99

Available Types of Cakes

Pauls Bakery can make every special day extra special. Everyone will love the taste of the best cake you can bring from their bakery! Additionally, because they provide customized cakes, you can choose the flavor and design. Everyone loves the custom cakes from Paul’s Bakery, and they keep coming back to buy more of them! You can visit their official website and purchase cakes from them.

Birthday Cakes

For customers who are in a rush, the bakery has a large selection of ready-made birthday cakes. Round cakes with birthday wishes with simple designs on top are among the pre-made cakes. Also, they provide custom birthday cakes if you want a unique design. You can give the cake designer a picture of your preferred cake, and they will make it. However, the custom cakes’ prices depend on the difficulty of their design. You can also request your favorite flavor and fillings. Then, you can add some decorations for an additional charge. For more birthday cakes, Marble Slab Cakes, Pie In The Sky Cakes, and Kitchen Cuisine Cakes can give you more options and ideas.

minimalist birthday cake

Wedding Cakes

Paul Bakery specializes in cakes that are designed for big occasions like weddings. Therefore, you can purchase your lavish dream cake since the bakery specializes in wedding cakes. However, they can also provide you with a straightforward cake if you only want one for your small wedding. A three-tiered cake that closely resembles a miniature version of a traditional wedding cake is also available. Therefore, purchase a cake from Pauls Bakery to share your special day with your loved ones.

minimal wedding cake at pauls bakery

Graduation Cakes

The readymade cakes from Pauls bakery have designs ideal for congratulating a graduate. In many situations, the cake decorator at the bakery can ice the cake with the graduate’s name while you wait. Pauls Bakery can make custom sheets and round cakes to match your needs if you’d want something more distinctive. The graduate’s school colors or frosting decorations that reflect the graduate’s academic or athletic interests are popular ideas for graduation cakes.

creative graduation cake at pauls bakery

Try every single cake at Pauls Bakery to satisfy your sweet cravings! Don’t forget to get a cake from them for your special day or even a big occasion! Pauls Bakery can make you happy and satisfied with its creation!