Every party needs a delicious cake that makes the party outstanding and unforgettable. You could just order any cake, but why do that when you could order the specialty Marble Slab cakes made from some of the most delicious ice-cream ingredients out there? There are many places to order these cakes, but perhaps one of the most exciting is Marble Slab Creamery.

Aside from offering ice cream and frozen yogurt, Marble Slab also offers some of the most delicious and extravagant cakes to consumers. These Marble Slab cakes are unique and can be customized according to your needs. In this article, you will find more information about Marble Slab cakes, how to order, and how much they cost.

Marble Slab Cake Prices

Marble Slab Round Cakes
SprinkleS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Classic Cookies N' CreamS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Chocolate HeavenS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Visit to the Candy ShoppeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Strawberry ShortcakeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Savannah Banana FudgeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Raving Craving SprinkleS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Cookie Jar ChaosS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Turtle CakeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Caramel DrizzleS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Pecan PerfectionS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Maggie's MudS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Other Cakes
Cupcakes6 Pc. $12.99/ 12 Pc. $24.99
Valentine's Heart Cake6" $32.99
Sweetheart8" $19.99
Mother's Day Polka DotS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Graduation CapS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Gift CakeS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99
Father's Day ArgyleS $28.99/ M $32.99/ L $46.99

Marble Slab Cake Designs

There are many different cakes and cake designs at Marble Slab. You can choose from the classic flavors and designs, or you can customize them to fit your event or celebration. From birthdays to graduations, you can find just the cake you need from your local Marble Slab Creamery.

Since there are so many cake designs to choose from, you can take a look at the Marble Slab cakes catalog to help you find the right cake for your big event or celebration. In the sections below, you will find a bit more information about the different customization options for common events.

Marble Slab Birthday Cake

Birthdays are a great time, and the birthday cake is something that no one ever forgets. Before that big birthday bash, you need to decide which flavor cake will make the best addition to the party. Luckily, Marble Slab offers many different flavoring options for their custom cakes, meaning you can get exactly what you need.

Customize the Marble Slab ice cream cake with the birthday boy or girl’s name to make it even more special. Marble Slab can easily make a traditional birthday cake or make one that stands out from everyone else’s with sprinkles, ice cream waffle cones, and more. Since birthday cakes are so important, Marble Slab works to make sure that you get the prefect birthday cake each time.

One of Marble Slab’s best birthday cakes is the Visit to the Candy Shoppe, which is full of sprinkles, frosting, candy treats, and delicious flavors. Your guests might be on a sugar high after they’re done, but they’re sure to never forget that cake.

Marble Slab Graduation Cake

When you are getting ready to celebrate the graduate, you might plan a big party for the occasion. In this case, you might want a delicious cake to make the celebration that much more exciting, and having a cake from Marble Slab Creamery might be one of the best options out there.

They can customize your cake with the graduate’s name, favorite flavor, or favorite toppings. Or, if you would rather, you can purchase a ready made cake in one of their delicious classic flavors that everyone has grown to love. Whatever your graduate chooses for their celebration cake, Marble Slab has just the thing.

Luckily, Marble Slab has the perfect cake just for graduations. It’s called the Graduation Cap cake, and it is designed with the graduate in mind. You can customize the name on the cake, the colors of the cap, and more just to make it more personal.

Marble Slab Baby Shower Cake

Another great event that Marble Slab makes delicious cakes for is baby showers. You can start by having the mom-to-be choose her favorite flavor or design. Then you can choose a size according to the potential guest list. Luckily, Marble Slab has many design, flavor, and size options for you to choose from.

You can customize the cake just like with the birthday and graduation ideas. By adding the name of the baby, the color of the gender, and more, you can customize the cake for any baby shower. The sky is the limit with these cakes for a baby shower.

Perhaps one of the best options for a baby shower cake is the delicious cupcakes that Marble Slab has to offer. They have a wide variety of classic flavors, like chocolate or vanilla, and you can customize the frosting colors on top to have the perfect addition to the shower. If you like frozen yogurt flavors, you might also consider the TCBY cakes.

Marble Slab Wedding Cake

It might not seem common at first, but having one of the Marble Slab cake designs at the big day can be something unique and fun for both the wedding party and the guests. Marble Slab has several classic cake styles that are perfect for groom’s cakes or even bridal cakes depending on the style of the wedding.

If you want to customize the cake, you can, but for most wedding ideas, the classic flavors and designs are just the thing needed to make the wedding unforgettable, at least when it comes to the food at the reception. For anyone who wants something non-traditional, these cakes are ideal.

Many people choose to order the Classic Cookies N’ Cream or the Strawberry Shortcake for their wedding celebrations. These are two flavors loved and adored by many customers, and your guests might even agree. Since they are classic flavors, they are sure to win over the hearts of customers everywhere.

How to Order Marble Slab Cakes

The only negative thing about ordering a Marble Slab cake is the fact that there is no delivery service. However, before you go to your local creamery to pick up your cake, you can go through the catalog to find your ideal cake design, customization, or flavor, then order the cake online.

When you are ready to order your Marble Slab cake, you need to visit their Online Ordering Portal. Find your local creamery to start the ordering process, then select the cake you want. Customize it, place the order, then wait for it to be done to pick it up.

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It only takes a few minutes to get the best Marble Slab cakes you need for your big event or celebration. With these cakes, your event will be one that no one will ever forget, and your Marble Slab cake won’t be forgotten either! What was your experience with Marble Slab creamery? Drop us a line in the form below!