TCBY, also known as The Country’s Best Yogurt, offers a variety of frozen yogurt flavors. Some of their locations even carry frozen pies and TCBY cakes. According to their website, their frozen yogurts “are tested by the National Yogurt Association and got the Live and Active Culture Seal of Approval” making them not only delicious but also nutritious.

TCBY’s frozen yogurt cake prices range from $17.99 for a Small Round Crunch Cake to $32.99 for a Regular Cake. At select TCBY locations, the cakes are made on location, and you can request to customize them with personal details. Delivery is an option on a store-by-store basis. In certain regions, there are third-party services, such as, which make deliveries from select TCBY locations. Keep in mind that a third-party service charges its own fee on top of the cost of the cake. Also, there might be a minimum order for delivery. Read on to find out more about the TCBY cake’s prices, designs, and how to order them for your birthday, graduation, baby shower, or wedding party.

TCBY Cakes Prices

Check the table below for an overview of the TCBY cake prices.

Cake TypePrice
TCBY Layer Cakes
Medium Round Layer Cake$23.99
TCBY Round Cakes
Small Round Crunch $17.99
Medium Round Crunch Cake$23.99
TCBY Regular Cakes
Regular Cake $32.99
TCBY Frozen Pies
Deep Dish Pie$20.99

TCBY Cakes Designs

TCBY cakes are layer of cake design, then a layer of TCBY classic frozen yogurt, then another layer of cake. The frozen yogurt flavor selections are Low Fat Chocolate, Golden Vanilla, Low Fat Strawberry, and White Chocolate Mousse. The cake flavors available include white, yellow, and chocolate.

Another design of TCBY cakes is the Crunch Cake, which consists of a layer of crunched chocolate cookies, and a layer of frozen yogurt topped with another layer of crunched chocolate cookies. Crunch Cakes design with various toppings, including peanut butter swirl, fudge swirl, colorful sprinkles, or chocolate shavings. Unique flavors such as peanut butter fudge swirl and Oreo cookie crunch are available. Certain locations even stock pre-made cakes, which would be ready for pick up during store hours. More options are available on their website.

TCBY Birthday Cake

TCBY Regular Cakes are sold at many locations for $32.99. The design with a custom message to turn them into a birthday cake. The TCBY birthday cakes are topped with buttercream icing. Some TCBY locations provide a delivery service. The individual franchise location might even take special requests for decorative birthday cakes.

A Vanilla Celebration Cake from TCBY comes in either small or medium round, a layer of white cake, a layer of vanilla frozen yogurt, topped with another layer of white cake, and white frosting sprinkled with celebration confetti. Another cool and refreshing option for any birthday party would be their Vanilla Fudge Swirl Yogurt With Chocolate Cake.

TCBY Graduation Cake

TCBY Regular Cakes, which are sold for $32.99 at many store locations, request to customize cake to celebrate a Graduation party. Please contact your closest TCBY location to confirm that they offer delivery.

A White Chocolate Mousse Yogurt With Chocolate Cake could also be an option for a graduation cake. Available in a small or medium round crunch, these cakes with a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt, and another layer of chocolate cake and  with fudge and chocolate swirls. If the graduate that you are celebrating is a fan of Oreo cookies, an Oreo crunch cake with vanilla frozen yogurt and Oreo cookie crumbles blended in. Oreo cookie crumbles are also possible as toppings on TCBY frozen cakes and pies.

TCBY Baby Shower Cake

While TCBY does not stock any type of frozen cake specifically for a Baby Shower, you can request to customize a round layer cakes to a Baby Shower Theme. For a girl’s baby shower, a Round Layer Cake could be made with a layer of low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt to represent the pink theme. The cakes have a decoration with colorful sprinkles.
Be sure to consult your local TCBY to confirm that this is an option for your area. TCBY Round Layer Cakes sells for $23.99. Certain locations provide delivery services as well.

TCBY Wedding Cake

Since a portion of all TCBY cakes is to make with frozen yogurt, which could melt quickly. these cakes do not lend themselves well to a typical wedding reception venue. However, those who want an unconventional cake can customize either a TCBY Round Cakes or Regular Cake to a Wedding theme. These cakes sell for $17.99 to $32.99, and delivery is possible from certain locations.

The TCBY Tuxedo Mousse Cake could be an option for a wedding. The Tuxedo Mousse Cake consists of a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of vanilla frozen yogurt, with another layer of chocolate cake, and then with white frosting. You can request to customize the cake with a special message for the bride or groom.

How to Order TCBY Cakes

The easiest way to order TCBY cakes is to go online and find a location near you. Contact the location nearest to you, confirm that they sell cakes at that location, and ask about options for ordering a cake.

Online ordering is not possible at this time. TCBY has 350 locations in the United States and several locations stock pre-made cakes, which you can pick up directly from the store for a last-minute celebration.


While many know TCBY primarily for their healthy frozen yogurt flavors, they have much more to offer. Take a break from the traditional sheet cake for your next celebratory occasion and pick up a dreamy and creamy frozen yogurt cake. TCBY cakes come in a variety of unique flavors to add a delightfully cool element to any celebration.