Candle Light Bakery is a perfect place for someone who’s planning to buy a cake. The bakery offers a wide variety of readymade cakes with different flavors and designs. Plus, they offer custom cakes for any occasion. You can request your dream cake design to the bakery with corresponding prices. Moreover, the prices of custom cakes at Candle Light Bakery depend on the difficulty of the design.

Popular cakes at Candle Light Bakery include wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and cakes for baby showers. These cakes are in demand because of their taste and the cake’s quality.

Candle Light Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
8 Inch Single Layered Round Cake$6.99
8 Inch Double Layered Round Cake$14.49
⅛ Sheet Cake$12.00
¼ Sheet Cake$19.49
½ Sheet Cake$31.99
Full Sheet Cake$42.00
Custom Cakesup to $300

Cakes You Can Order

Every occasion can be enhanced by one of the many custom cakes that Candle Light Bakery offers.  Additionally, the variety and originality of the designs are incredible. Although the bakery offers a wide variety of toppings, you can also request your own. Specialty cakes are also available for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and other significant events. Further, the bakery’s policy for elaborate cakes is the order should be placed three weeks in advance to avoid rush orders.

Birthday Cake

If you’re looking for a simple and delicious birthday cake, consider purchasing a sheet cake or a round cake from Candle Light Bakery. In order to choose the birthday person’s preferred flavor while still choosing a cake that looks good, you can do it with any of these alternatives. Also, cakes with a customized birthday greeting can even be purchased by those who make early reservations. In addition, you may tie in the theme of a child’s birthday celebration with all of the fun character cake options. So, think about getting one of their stunning fondant cakes for adult birthday celebrations.

birthday cake at candle light bakery

Wedding Cake

Candle Light Bakery offers a wide range of terrific designs for wedding cakes.  You can request any flavors, frostings, and fillings for your wedding cake at their bakery. Then, your ideal wedding cake can be crafted by a skilled baker. So, order a wedding cake that is completely customized or order from their readymade designs. However, the price of a Candle Light Bakery cake varies significantly depending on what and how you order. Additionally, there are more choices, such as different cake colors and decorating toppers.

minimal wedding cake

Candle Light Baby Shower Cake

Cake toppers with adorable baby themes are available if you order one of Candle Light Bakery’s themed cakes. You can have a cake with an “Oh Joy!”, “Little hands, little feet and I can’t wait ’til the day we meet”, “Diapers and Pins, the Fun Begins”, or any other wordings that match the baby shower. The cake word toppers will then appear festive when placed atop any round or sheet cake in a soft color. When ordering a baby shower cake from their bakery, the majority of customers would go for pink or blue icing designs. But there are a lot of other hues that would look beautiful on a cake for a baby shower. Therefore, everyone will admire the bakery’s cake design because it is unique.

Candle Light Baby Shower Cake

Final Word

You can never go wrong with Candle Light Bakery because they will give you the best cake for your special occasion! The cake’s quality and taste will make all of the guests pleased. So, we know that you’re now craving one of their cakes. After you experience buying their items, don’t forget to share your experience with us!