Carvel cakes cost between $18.00 and $89.99, depending on the cake you’re interested in, and where you live. But you can order Carvel ice cream cakes in grocery stores and online, in select locations on the eastern side of the U.S. and in California (Los Angeles).

Generally speaking, Carvel cakes are also perfect for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, or holidays. You can also pick up your Carvel ice cream cake prepared at the location you ordered from. So, in this guide, we’ll talk about the Carvel cakes prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process.

Cakes Prices

Custom Message Sheet Cakes
Small Sheet $49.99
Medium Sheet $59.99
Large Sheet $94.99
Custom Message Round Cakes
8″ Round $39.99
10″ Round $54.99
Custom Message Square Cakes
Small Square $12.99
Medium Square $22.99
Signature Cakes
Hug Me the Bear $54.99
Small Fudgie the Whale $44.99
Large Fudgie the Whale $54.99
Cookie Puss $49.99
Small Football $24.99
Large Football $39.99
Holiday Cakes
Pumpkin $39.99
Bunny $39.99
Tom the Turkey $39.99
Santa $39.99
Snowman $39.99
Christmas Tree $39.99
Witch $49.99
Nutty the Ghost $49.99
Cookie O’Puss $49.99
Menorah $49.99

Cake Designs

Carvel is happy to decorate any of their cakes with custom designs. And to make things easier, Carvel has also created several templates to choose from, like Mother’s Day Cameo, Mother’s Day Heart, Easter Egg, Burrowing Bunny, Football Field, Valentine’s Square, Father’s Day Tie,Stars and Stripes, Back to School, and more. So, check out for more and find the best cake for your special occasions.

So, different locations have slightly different menus. However, the basic catalog for Holiday Cakes, Celebration Cakes, Carvelog Cakes, and Signature Cakes can be viewed on the main Carvel website. Also, you can get an idea of what you can find.

Some locations, which function as ice cream shops, as well as cake makers, also have different ice cream flavors. So, if you ask what flavors are available to be included in your cake creation, you can call the respective store.

Then, when ordering a deluxe custom cake, you’ll have the option to coat the sides of the cake with these candies for $5: Chocolate Crunchies, Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Oreo Crumbles, M&M’s, Peanuts, and Heath Bars.

You can also add an edible image to the surface of your cake for $8.00. So, just simply include the photo in your order.

Carvel Birthday Cakes

There are also two basic templates for birthday cakes: the Happy Birthday Balloon Cake and the Happy Birthday Round Cake, which range from $39.99 to $89.99, depending on size.

Carvel birthday cakes are all customizable. It also come in various shapes (square, sheet, round) and sizes (from 4 servings to 40 servings). But the most popular Carvel birthday cake is the sheet variety, which comes in three distinct sizes. A small sheet cake serves 14 to 16 guests, and then costs between $40.00 and $49.99, depending on your location.

Moreover, a medium cake for 20 to 24 people costs between $50.00 and $59.99. Lastly, a large Carvel ice cream cake costs from $75.00 to $94.99. So, it serves a party of 35 to 40 people.

Their Balloon Cake or Rainbow Cake design are also examples of how your birthday cake can look. So, since all Carvel birthday cakes are customizable, even though some options only apply to certain stores. So, a few of the customization options you might have are:

  • Inscription – with or without a custom message.
  • Color of inscription – blue or red.
  • Photo image – optional (+$10.00).
  • Cake crunchies – vanilla or chocolate.

Carvel Graduation Cakes

Furthermore, there are two decoration templates that are school-specific. Also, it would be perfect for a graduation celebration. Carvel also suggests using an edible image of your favorite grad on top of a nice sheet cake, which can range in price from $13.99 to $89.00. Then, match the frosting border colors to the school colors, and add the nice graduation hat decoration as a cake topper. So, Carvel offers different sizes, depending on how many people you are feeding.

The second design suggestion also starts with the Back To School template. It is also decorated to look like school supplies. So, simply change the written message on the cake from ‘School Days’ to ‘Congratulations, Graduate’.

In addition, their prices for round image cakes are $39.99 (for 8 inches) and $54.99 (for 10 inches). Then, their sheet cakes range from $40.00 to $94.00, depending on the size.

Carvel Baby Shower Cakes

Square and round Carvel ice cream cakes are also perfect for baby showers. Like their sheet cakes, they are also customizable, and come in different sizes to accommodate any party. Also, you can include an edible image of your ultrasound on top of the cake. 

A small square cake is ideal for celebrating with your immediate family. It serves 4 to 6 people, and costs just $12.99. So, if your party is a bit larger, you can get a medium square cake for $22.99. But this option will serve 6-9 guests.

However, if you’re more interested in round cakes, an 8 inch round cake serves 10 to 12 people, and costs from $30.00 to $39.99. Also, you can get a 10 inch round cake if you are expecting 14 to 16 guests. It is available online in select stores, and costs $54.99.

A great baby shower option use the race car template, which can also be decorated in blue or pink. This option is also a cute way to make a statement at a Gender Reveal Party.

Carvel Wedding Cakes

The landscape of wedding cakes has changed dramatically in the last decade. Couples are no longer relegated to the traditional, multi-tiered cake. But one option, if you are looking for an ice cream wedding cake, choose any of the sheet cakes available. Then work with your local Carvel store to design the cake. Also, prices range from $13.99 to $89.99.

So, consider having one cake per table that fits the theme of that table (i.e. the Star Wars table gets a cake decorated with a light saber). Another thing to consider is the giant ice cream cupcake available at Carvel. Surely, it’s fun, it’s different, and it can be decorated with the theme colors of your wedding.

How to Order Carvel Cakes

So, if you are planning a special occasion, or just want to treat yourself to a delicious cake, head over to the Carvel website and then find the nearest location to order the cakes you want. Also, you can customize your cake via the website, or you can go into the store.

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Since each location will have different options apart from the basic Carvel menu, you  might want to call or visit the store regardless, to make sure you are aware of all the options available to you.

Carvel has been around since the 1930s. It has also become a unique option for every celebration. Each location has slightly different offerings, but Carvel cakes prices remain pretty much within the same range. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the online ordering templates, simply call the nearest location and see what they can do. Don’t forget to also share your thoughts and opinions on Carvel prices down below! Surely, we’ll be glad to hear your feedback.