Kitchen Cuisine has become a gathering place for connoisseurs of great food and good times in the area of Lahore, Pakistan. All their baked goods are prepared fresh every morning to ensure the utmost of quality and flavor. Kitchen Cuisine cakes come in two categories: To-Go and custom. In this article, we’ll discuss the Kitchen Cuisine cakes prices, their flavors, designs, as well as the ordering process.

Kitchen Cuisine Cakes Prices

Most Popular Kitchen Cuisine Cakes
Lemon Cheese Cake (1 Pound; Serves 6 to 8) $6.41
Double Chocolate Fudge Cake (1 Pound; Serves 6 to 8) $7.73
Brownie Cake (2 Pounds; Serves 12 to 16) $13.28
Chocolate Fudge Cake (2 Pounds; Serves 12 to 16) $15.47
Death By Chocolate Cake (2 Pounds; Serves 12 to 16) $15.47
Kitchen Cuisine One Pound Cakes (Serves 6 to 8)
Plain Cake $3.04
Almond, Plum, or Banana Bread Cakes $5.98
Chocolate Fudge Delight, Mixed Fruit, or Speckled Cakes $7.73
Kitchen Cuisine Two Pound Cakes (Serves 12 to 16)
Chocolate Marble Cake $10.54
Dark Chocolate or Devil’s Food Cakes $12.34
Strawberry Sponge Cream or Pineapple Sponge Cream Cakes $13.28
Coffee Éclair, Coffee Mocha, or Caramel Coffee Log Cakes $15.47
Chocolate Coffee Log or Best Ever Chocolate Cake $15.66
Red Velvet or Chocolate Mousse Log Cake $16.61
Kitchen Cuisine Luxury Cakes (Serves 12 to 16)
Lemon Crunch Cake $16.61
Kit-Kat Chocolate Cream Cake $18.03
French Black Forest, Walnut Caramel, or After Eight Chocolate Cakes $19.93
Ferrero Rocher or Chocolate Pistachio Cakes $21.82

Kitchen Cuisine Cake Designs

Aside from their basic To-Go Cakes, as listed above, bakers from Kitchen Cuisine have mastered the art of custom cakes. From confections shaped like guitars, cars, and sharks, to licensed Disney characters, the bakers have tackled it all.

You will need to visit your nearest Kitchen Cuisine location to order a custom creation, so be forewarned. Dietary and allergy requirements for custom or To-Go confections are a piece of cake – just let them know over the phone or within the online contact form, and rest assured your cake will be delivered in perfect condition.

Kitchen Cuisine Birthday Cakes

If your little girl is into Dora or Disney Princesses, you will make her day with one of the many licensed character cakes from the talented bakers at Kitchen Cuisine. Planning a birthday party for a young boy? Famous characters from Cars, Spongebob, and Finding Nemo can all be faithfully reproduced onto a cake – great to match the theme of any young man’s birthday bash.

Adults may want simpler creations, like a Chocolate Cake with Glazed Fruits or a Walnut Caramel Cake; both confections cost $19.93 for 12 to 16 servings. Intimate family parties may be better served by a one pound Almond Cake, Plum Cake, or Banana Bread Cake, to serve 8 family members for $5.98.

Kitchen Cuisine Graduation Cakes

Some graduates desperately want a cake that reflects their interests to be the centerpiece of the grad party. Faithful fans of sports like FIFA soccer and WWE Wrestling can show off their love, while gardeners can display flowers, and aspiring musicians can invite others to literally take a bite out of their guitar.

Parents looking for a more economic (but no less delicious) option will prefer a two pound Death By Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Fudge Cake. Both cakes are among the most popular flavors to come out of the Kitchen Cuisine bakery, and cost a wallet friendly $15.47 for 16 portions. Health conscious families can choose from many flavors of fruit cakes, including blueberry, peach-orange, pineapple, and plum, for prices between $11.96 and $13.28.

Kitchen Cuisine Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers with nostalgic themes have always been a popular choice for expecting mothers. Memorable Disney classics like Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, and the Aristocats have become the harbingers for a whole new generation of children, especially when immortalized on a custom cake from Kitchen Cuisine.

If you are instead looking for simple, elegant cakes that won’t reveal the baby’s gender, choose a one pound Lemon Cheese Cake for $7.73, or a two pound Luxury Lemon Crunch Cake for $16.61. Alternatively, use a Red Velvet Cake ($16.61) to announce your sweet little girl or a Blueberry Puff Cream Cake ($19.93) for your incoming little man.

Kitchen Cuisine Wedding Cakes

Kitchen Cuisine is more than happy to create a custom cake for your wedding needs, from darling pink roses on buttercream to pure white roses with pops of red, if that is what you want. But in the last few years, a new trend for the dessert table has begun to rise; instead of going for a single large cake, couples have opted for multiple small cakes in a range of flavors, to ensure each of their guests get something to enjoy.

Choosing three popular cakes from Kitchen Cuisine will satisfy 50 guests. Suggested flavors include:

  • Ferrero Rocher Cake, priced at $21.82
  • Walnut Caramel Cake, priced at $19.93
  • Chocolate Coffee Log Cake, priced at $15.66
  • Strawberry Sponge Cream Cake, priced at $13.28

How to Order Kitchen Cuisine Cakes

Visit the Kitchen Cuisine site to get an idea of their custom cake options and specialty/To Go cakes. You can arrange appointments for custom cakes or walk right into your nearest bakery to pick up a cake To-Go. The top locations in Lahore are:

Shop No 37, Ground Floor, Allama Iqbal Rd,
Asif Block, Allama Iqbal Town,
Lahore, Punjab, Lahore 54000, Pakistan

Canal Bank Road,
Near Muhafiz Town, Mohlanwal Road,
Lahore, Pakistan

Street 12,
Lahore, Pakistan

The online order form at Kitchen Cuisine is not currently working, so you must peruse the Food Panda delivery site for To-Go deliveries. Delivery fees with Food Panda begin at $0.95 with a minimum order of $4.74, meaning just about any cake can be shipped on its own.

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Whether your cake was shipped straight to your door or you picked it up at a local Kitchen Cuisine, you are gonna be blown off your feet by the bold flavors. Once you take your first bite, you need to drop us a comment below! We want to know what you thought of the Kitchen Cuisine cakes prices and flavors.