The Lavender Bakery produces cakes priced between $38.83 and $181.20, depending on shape, height, customization, and detailing. Also, cakes from the bakery come in many delicious flavors, ranging from traditional chocolate and vanilla combinations to unique lemon or lavender creations. Thus, this article will tell you how to order from The bakery, as well as inform you about bakery cakes prices, designs, and more.

Lavender Bakery Cakes Prices

The Lavender Bakery Round Cakes
6″ Round Cake (Serves 6 to 8) $38.83
8″ Round Cake (Serves 12 to 16) $54.36
10″ Round Cake (Serves 24 to 40) $77.66
The Lavender Bakery Square Cakes
6″ Square Cake (Serves 8 to 12) $46.59
8″ Square Cake (Serves 16 to 32) $64.71
10″ Square Cake (Serves 40 to 60) $103.54
The Lavender Bakery Rectangle and Extra High Cakes
10″ x 12″ Rectangle Cake (Serves 50 to 70) $122.96
12″ x 12″ Extra High Cake (Serves 70 to 140) $181.20
The Lavender Bakery Miscellaneous Cakes
Moulded Cakes (Minimum 20 Portions) $90.60
Detailed Decorations, Pictures, or Logos $19.41

Cake Designs

Cakes from The Lavender Bakery come in five flavors:

  • Presently, signature lavender cake with lavender buttercream
  • Also, popular combination of chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream
  • Moreover, bright, refreshing lemon cake immersed in lemon buttercream
  • Also, nut free carrot cake with sweet maple syrup buttercream
  • Additionally, classic British vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam and topped with vanilla buttercream
  • Also, sweet vanilla cake with salted caramel filling and regular caramel buttercream

All cakes come standard with an inscription and border decorations, though you can opt for more elaborate designs for slightly higher prices. Also, allergy considerations such as gluten, egg,or nut free cakes can be taken into account. Moreover, to ensure everyone can consume a delicious cake from The Lavender Bakery.

Lavender Bakery Birthday Cakes

Whether your child is into trucks and buses or flowers and fairy godmothers, The bakery can provide just what they’ll adore. The older crowd will be equally as satisfied by cakes from the talented bakers; men will by enthusiastic about miniature golf courses piped onto the icing of their cakes, while women may admire intricate scroll work and flourishes.

For an intimate birthday party with less than ten friends and family members in attendance, grab a 6″ round cake for $38.83 to wow your guests. Gigantic birthday bashes will be better suited to a 10″ square cake to serve 40 to 60 party people for $103.54.

Lavender Bakery Graduation Cakes

A dairy free hummingbird cake or a trendy naked cake will surely bring an inviting, rustic vibe to your graduate’s big party. If looking for a more sophisticated affair, aim for a delicate lavender cake topped with swirls of silver and royal purple. Traditional cakes with mascots, university logos, and high school memorabilia can have the icing and decorations tailored to the graduate’s school colors with little issue.

Large graduation parties expecting up to 70 guests should prepare with a 10″ x 12″ rectangle cake for $122.96; smaller functions can slide with a 10″ round cake to serve 24 to 40, costing only $77.66.

Lavender Bakery Baby Shower Cakes

A cake flaunting sweet butterflies and flowers will work well with a garden themed baby shower. Especially, for a little girl. Also,  ocean and space themed showers will benefit similarly with spaceships or marine animals as decoration. Then, gender neutral parties would be best serviced by a 12″ x 12″ Extra High Sweet and Salty Caramel Cake . Also, priced at $181.20 – which can serve 140 guests at a time. Moreover, this cake is perfect for expecting moms anticipating a crowd at their baby shower.

Lavender Bakery Wedding Cakes

Presently, a new fad for wedding desserts are naked cakes that, while lacking in exterior icing. Also, often imply a certain sense of unpretentious love about the couple that blends spectacularly into a ceremony. Then, whether wreathed with berries for a sweet summer celebration, topped with blossoms. Also, for a spring fling, or sporting a stunning mix of fruits and flowers for a autumn soiree. Then, naked cakes from the bakery make a stunning addition to the big day.

Presently, wedding cakes do not have a set order price through the bakery. Moreover,  set up an appointment with a baker to figure out sizes and pricing.

How to Order

In fact, the baker does not have an online contact form that can be used for orders, so you should call ahead to the store or send an email. Also, it is advised to order at least 48 hours in advance for birthdays and two to three months before weddings. In fact, the bakers are willing to work with shorter time frames as well.

Clearly, those with dietary restrictions are asked to make allergies clear before ordering, so the bakers are able to prepare your cake to the highest standard. Also, orders can be delivered all over London with prices depending on your postal code – or simply picked up in their East Finchley location. Then, their bakery can be contacted at:

London N2 0SS
United Kingdom
East Finchley
Order Line: 07507 863502

Therefore, this article provided you with The Lavender Bakery cakes prices, designs, and ordering process. Then, once you finish your first slice of cake from The Lavender Bakery (or polish off the whole cake yourself). Also, drop us a comment to gush about your favorite part!

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