Pink Box cakes are priced between $5.45 and $28.05, depending on weight and flavor specifications. From basic buttercream cakes to opulent, fondant coated designer dreams, Pink Box is more than happy to provide a baked good for any and all occasions. Look below for comprehensive breakdown of Pink Box cakes prices, flavor options, design capabilities, and ordering process.

Pink Box Cakes Prices

Pink Box 1/2 Kilo Cakes (Serves 6-8)
Pineapple Cake $5.45
Black Forest or Butterscotch Cakes $6.23
White Forest, Chocolate Silk, or Divine Chocolate Cakes $7.01
Chocolate Nougat, Vanilla Strawberry, and Vanilla Blueberry Cakes $7.79
Chocolate, Mango, or Blueberry Mousse Cakes $9.35
Red Velvet Cake $12.47
Pink Box 1 Kilo Cakes (Serves 12-18)
Butterscotch Nougat Cake $15.58
Chocolate Evasion and Double Chocolate Mousse Cakes $18.70
Kit-Kat and Gems Cake $24.93
Ferrero Rocher Cake $28.05
Pink Box Customized Cakes Per Kilo (Serves 12-18)
Customized Cream Cake $21.82
Photo Cake $21.82
Designer Cake $28.05
Rainbow Layered Cake $28.05
Pink Box Substitution Cakes Per Kilo (Serves 12-18)
Eggless Chocolate Evasion Cake $20.26
Flourless Fudge Cake $21.82

Pink Box Cake Designs

Basic cake designs from Pink Box are anything but basic, with their attractive designs and low prices. Custom cakes can be so widely varied it is a little astonishing, coming with cream or fondant frosting in any shape imaginable. Pink Box’s website is ripe with pictures of completed custom orders, and the menu pages are excessive simple to navigate, leading to a perfect inspiration and design loop for customers.

Flour and egg free cakes cater to allergies and food preferences, making their designs suitable for everyone. Below is a brief guide to different design applications for Pink Box cakes.

Pink Box Birthday Cakes

Young children will adore Mickey Mouse or Despicable Me cakes, complete with Minnie or a mess of Minions, for their themed birthday party. Older children will be excited to see Frozen’s Elsa or even an astonishing mini fondant version of themselves on a cake. Adults may veer towards alcohol references, motorcycles, or makeup adorning their cake, instead.

For a small birthday celebration with close family and friends, you will want to order a kilo of custom cake at $28.05 to serve 18 party people. A basic double chocolate mousse cake of a similar size will only cost $18.70.

Pink Box Graduation Cakes

Planning a graduation party with a Pinterest-inspired garden theme? A bird cage cake from Pink Box may just do the trick. If looking for a sports themed cake instead, perhaps a soccer cake touting team colors and insignia is more to the grad’s taste. Both of these are designer cake examples, which will cost $56.10 for 2 kilos of cake to serve 34 guests.

A rainbow cake, where every layer is a different color wrapped in airy white frosting, is a different alternative that comes at the same price. Basic cakes will be marginally less extravagant (but no less mouthwatering) for a more manageable price. You can purchase 2 kilos of tasty pineapple cake for $21.80, an elegant white forest cake for $28.28, or a delicious chocolate evasion cake for $37.40.

Pink Box Baby Shower Cakes

Fairy tale and princess themed baby showers for girls have always been a favorite for expecting mothers; why not go with a fondant masterpiece in pale pink, complete with pearls and a crown, to show the world that your princess is coming? Baby showers for boys are traditionally blue with cartoons like Thomas the Train or simple stuffed animals. Pink Box has become very proficient at crafting adorable cakes for boys, complete with railroads and velveteen rabbits.

Ordering a custom cake for a large baby shower should only cost you $112.20 for a 4 kilogram cake to serve 72 well wishers, while a basic butterscotch nougat cake of a similar size will only cost $62.32.

Pink Box Wedding Cakes

Looking for a cake that can roll with the punches or make people laugh as hard as the happy couple does? Why not go for a fondant bride and groom in a hilarious predicament to keep it casual. Perhaps you wish to be a touch more formal on the big day? Pink Box can create gorgeous tiered cakes with elegant fondant roses or delicate miniature daisies to fit your color scheme.

For a small wedding, a 3 kilogram cake can serve up to 48 guests and costs between $32.70 and $84.15. Larger weddings with 150 or so guests will need a 6 kilo cake, priced between $98.10 and $252.45.

How to Order Pink Box Cakes

Online orders for Pink Box are relatively simple. Visit their online order menu, choose your preferred cake portions and flavors, choose a pickup time or drop off location, specify allergy issues, and then proceed to checkout.

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There is a feedback option, if you prefer to hash out cake details before making a purchase, though the preferred option for custom cakes is to visit their store and discuss it with their bakers. Pink Box can be found at:

Hauz Khas
B 1/30, Near Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas
New Delhi
Phone numbers: 01143852443, 01141605055

Once you place an order, pick it up, and then put up pictures of your awesome Pink Box cake on Instagram. Then, make sure to drop us a comment on how delicious it was and what you thought of the Pink Box cakes prices!