The Vons bakery is a wonderful place to discover the potential of grocery store cakes. You can choose between birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, and cakes that celebrate any other event or milestone you can imagine. With Vons cakes prices you will surely be glad and amazed by its taste.

You will order Vons cakes in person, or by filling out an online form. Print it and bring it to the bakery, but delivery is unavailable.

Thus, Von’s cake prices are affordable, with pre-decorated Von’s cake prices starting at around $20. Moreover, in this article, we’ll discuss Von’s cake prices, designs, flavors, and more.

Vons Cake Prices

Vons cakes prices differ according to the location you order them from, and how customized you want the cake to be. As such, the prices below are just approximate.

In order to find out the exact sum you have to pay for a cake, you’ll have to place your order and talk to Von’s baker.

Cake TypePrice
8” Round Cake$19.99
1/8 Sheet Cake$18.99
1/4 Sheet Cake$28.99
Half Sheet Cake$44.99
Full Sheet Cake$54.99

Vons Cake Designs

Vons makes sure customers have a variety of cake designs to choose from. They also offer several character-themed cakes, alongside a wide variety of designs that feature flowers, balloons, or other creative elements.

Licensed cakes cost a little bit more due to royalty fees.

Their cakes are delicious and beautiful, but you will love to hear that Von’s cake prices are particularly affordable. These cakes are definitely priced for a grocery store budget.

Although, you will be able to find a design that helps you celebrate all great milestones. Thus, Von’s bakery catalog is not available online. So, be sure to visit your nearest Vons to find out what kind of cakes they offer, or to look for a specific Vons bakery on the website.

Birthday Cakes

The bakers and decorators at Vons understand how important birthday celebration cakes are. The smallest Vons birthday cake is an eight-inch round.

It can surely feed 8 to 10 guests, depending on how generous you cut the slices. If you are planning a large celebration, then a full sheet cake may be better, because it will serve 75 to 80 guests.

Vons cake prices of birthday cakes start at around $20 but can go as high as $200. If you want an especially large or custom-designed cake. In terms of designs, you can go for the classic route of a “Happy Birthday!” cake.

If you’re planning a birthday for a child, a cake decorated with their favorite characters, like the Frozen Olaf or the Finding Dory We Swim cakes, is well worth the money.

Vons Cakes Prices birthday cake with purple borders

Graduation Cakes

Graduation is one of the most important milestones anyone can experience. At Vons, you can choose the icing colors based on the school colors. This is a nice way to honor the graduate and carry your themed party decorations down to the last bite.

Vons cakes prices of graduation cakes start at $20 from their stock designs and add a special, congratulatory message.

On the other hand, if you plan far enough in advance, you can order a shaped or tiered cake to feed a larger group of people. Some of our graduation cake recommendations are the Grad-Follow Your Arrow cake, the Grad Smile Face cake, and the Graduate Keys cake.

Vons Cakes Prices  with blue borders

Baby Shower Cakes

You will definitely be able to find popular, floral decorated cakes that many baby shower planners choose at Vons. The availability of more complicated or specific designs will vary by store. This is why it is necessary to discuss the options in person.

If the baby shower is also intended to be a gender reveal party, then most Vons bakeries can accommodate that request by baking a blue or pink cake.

In terms of baby shower cake designs, you can choose a Girl Cake decorated in pink for a baby girl, or a Ducky Cake in blue for a baby boy. Another cute option for baby showers is Von’s cupcakes.

They will delight your guests with both their design and taste. You can choose the Vons 3D Baseball cupcakes or 3D Soccer Ball cupcakes for a boy. The Vons Barbie Sweet Sparkles cupcakes are a wonderful option for girls.

Vons Cakes Prices  blue duck cake

Wedding Cakes

In a time when wedding cakes are getting bigger and more extravagant, it is not common to get a smaller cake on your wedding day. However, Vons cakes are beautiful and would be most appropriate for smaller weddings.

A simple layer cake is a lovely way to celebrate. You can add flowers that match the theme or colors of the reception hall. You can also order a groom’s cake, which is a rich chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting.

In terms of specific wedding cakes, we have two examples that you can customize with any picture of your choosing: the Wedding-Gold Cake and the Our Wedding Day Cake.

Vons Cakes Prices  gold wedding cake

Vons Bakery Prices

Apart from their delicious cakes, Vons also offers other bakery treats that you can buy directly at your local Vons, or order through Instacart.

While the prices for each item you can order are only available after you create an account on the Instacart page, there is a wide variety of sweet treats you can order from the Vons bakery.

Among the most notable are the Edwards Triple Coconut Crème Pie, the Original Cakeri Gluten Free Dreamin’ Of Strawberry Cake, the Jon Donaire Ice Cream Cake in Caramel Turtle, the Father’s Table Chocolate Roll, and the Freed’s Bakery Gold Mini Cupcakes.

As opposed to the Vons cakes we discussed above, these are not customizable. What you order is what you get.

How to Order Vons Cakes

When it comes to the actual process of ordering Vons cakes, you have several options. First of all, you can find your nearest Vons bakery location by searching their website.

This will show you the location’s contact information. Then, you can visit the bakery and place your order in person, or you can call to settle the details and talk to a baker.

While you can order smaller cakes with 24 to 48 hours notice, larger cakes should be discussed with your local Vons bakery at least four weeks before the big event.

In terms of delivery, you will need to make your own arrangements to transport the cake from Vons to the party venue, since they don’t offer delivery.

Another option you have for ordering Vons cakes, especially if you want to see some of the designs they can do, is to search for your local Vons bakery on the website.

Not only will you see the wide range of cakes they have available, but you will also be able to fill in an order form that you can print and bring to the bakery in person.

If you are not interested in customized cakes from Vons, you can order pre-made Vons cakes and other sweet treats using the Instacart website, as we mentioned in the previous section.

Vons cakes are a high-quality and popular grocery store cake option. Guests are unlikely to be disappointed to hear you will be serving a Vons cake at your next party.

We would love to hear about your experience with the Vons bakery cakes, and what you thought of Von’s cake prices. Leave a comment below, and let us know.

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