Birthdays are special days. They should never be ignored. It is the most opportune time to celebrate the people that you love. Some celebrate birthdays by having parties and inviting close friends and family members. While others might take a trip or simply indulge in a spa day or will just have their favorite birthday cake. However, you chose to celebrate your special day, and we can all agree having a cake makes it even more celebratory.

Many of us have fond memories of our parents hosting parties, getting us gifts, and, yes, blowing out candles on our cake.

This is quite the decadent treat!

These cakes are not just great to have at a celebration. But who doesn’t want their cake to be the best, to taste good, and to look good as well? Well, today, we are going to explore some of the best birthday cakes out there on the market.

Learn More About the Birthday Cake

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Birthday cake came out of the traditions and practices of Germany. The practice of baking cakes and bread has been a tradition passed throughout time. However, when it comes to using these baked goods to celebrate someone’s birthday.

According to Hankering for History, “Until the industrial revolution, birthday cakes were almost exclusively for the wealthy, as they were able to afford such extravagance. The industrial revolution helped spread birthday cakes to the public as the advancement and proliferation of technology and materials made them cheaper and more easily produced.”

As it relates to lighting candles to adorn a cake, this “goes back thousands of years. But did not necessarily become associated with birthdays until much later.”Candles are a creative way of indicating a person’s age. “The addition of candles is also attributed to the Germans around the 1700s when Kinderfesten, birthday celebrations for children, became more common. The custom was to place a candle for each year of their life as well as extra candles to represent years to come.”

America’s History with Cakes

In every major supermarket and every bakery, you can see any number of baked goods in America. But, mostly, the standout items are cakes. It is even more exciting to note the attractively and creatively designed birthday cakes.

The Cider cake, Boston cream pie, and the Washington cake all go back to deep roots from many years ago. For example, “Pecan cakes, using milk as the liquid, began showing up in American cookbooks in the 1880s. In Kentucky, these nut cakes were typically made with the state’s most famous libation – bourbon,” says PBS. Then there is the sour cream coffee cake.“Following World War I, pasteurization in America became widespread and practically eliminated various old-fashioned homemade naturally-fermented dairy products. In cakes, instead of old-fashioned clabber and clabbered cream, Americans shifted to using commercial cultured sour cream.”

Sour cream became popular in America during that time. This was because “supermarkets introduced refrigerated cases and innovation led to sour cream prepackaged in small plastic containers. So, this venerable Eastern European necessity became a standard of the mainstream American kitchen and an ingredient in various baked goods.”

Other notable cakes produced in the USA include Lane cake, New York cheesecake, molten chocolate cakes, Black Forrest cake, and the German chocolate cake, which did not come from that country at all.

It is actually attributed to “Samuel German, an English immigrant, and employee of the Walter Baker & Company of Dorchester, Massachusetts.”

How We Choose the Cake Ideas

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Some of the ideas we choose are ones that are tried and proven. They also take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the person receiving the cake. Think about how much better your gesture would be if the person felt in some way that you gave the planning a lot of thought and consideration. And that you also used the knowledge of what you knew about their preferences. They would be feeling all kinds of warm feelings inside.

Reviewing Birthday Cake Ideas


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The best cake ideas are usually those that have some meaning and significance to the person. It is symbolic of their favorite sport, color, or theme. Therefore, even though we have quite a few that are good, if they are not suitable for the birthday boy or girl, just keep the previously mentioned principles in mind. For example, if your son or daughter loves Marvel Universe, then create a cake that reflects that theme.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Some guys are just easy to please, and they would greatly appreciate a spin on a traditional idea. So, how about a beer can cake? Not only would this be great for laughs, but also for those more macho males that prefer a good can of beer on pizza on their special day; this is the way to go. You simply get as many cans of beer to create the shape and shape of a cake. This can be enhanced with other beloved snacks like peanuts, Oreos, or even pizza. Your main man will be more impressed with your consideration of his preferred things than with the absence of a traditional cake that he would not overly indulge in any case.

For the music fan, a cake designed like his beloved instrument is a great way to go. Then there is the burger cake! This is an ideal option for the man that loves a Big Mac! If you are planning a celebration, you can order 50 to 100 burgers and stack them in the shape of a cake. Feel free to let your imagination guide you with the other additives.

Birthday Cake for Your Daughters or Girls

Young girls are often infatuated with princess themes and the color pink. As such, you can design a cake in the shape of a castle or use the theme of one of your child’s beloved Disney themes. Another of the latest trends is to use cupcakes. This trick actually makes cleaning up and sharing that much easier. It also allows you to get a variety of flavors and colors. Young children are fascinated with their toys. So, if you create a cake that is a replica of your daughter’s doll, she will be ecstatic!

Birthday Cake for Your Sons or Boys

One of the easiest cake ideas is to create a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite toy. In this way, they will greatly appreciate your effort. Fire trucks, racing cars, and planes are just a few of those items. So, if you create a cake that is a true replicate, you will be rewarded with their glee. Another common idea is to design a cake in the shape of a football, baseball, or basketball.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Wife

You can design a marshmallow with French macaroons cake. It is a way to incorporate two of her favorite treats. Then you can style the cake into whatever shape you prefer. If she is not a fan of sugar, you can opt for a sugar-free birthday cake. More and more people are watching their sugar intake and being especially discerning. So a sugar-free cake is a great way to celebrate someone who is possibly diabetic. Another great idea is to choose a caramel toffee cake. Who does not like the mix of savory flavors oozing down your throat? You can use a cheesecake filling and allow the caramel and toffee to work their magic. You can also opt for a more ethnic choice, like conical banana bread, swathed in honey buttercream.

Cake Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Sometimes, you just have to think out of the box to win someone’s heart. A great birthday cake idea is an M&M Cake. This you can have designed in a heart shape. It is an especially impressive idea if she is a snacker that loves chocolate. The core of the cake can be a traditional cake, and then you add cream icing. Finally, attach little M&Ms all over, and voila! You have your M&M Cake for your girlfriend. Another great idea is to get your girl a red velvet buttercream cake. Not only is this tasty, but it is a traditional favorite.

Cake Ideas for Your Husband

There are some stylish birthday cake ideas that you can use for your spouse. But the trick is to incorporate a flavor that he likes as well. So, opt to make a cake in the shape of his favorite car, jet, or yacht. Whatever tickles his fancy!

You can even pack the inside with other treats, like coconut shards with chocolate. When he cuts into it, there will be gooey and succulent additives. In addition, you can put chocolate M&Ms, strawberries, kiwis, and other delights at the center. You can make a cake that incorporates his preferred alcoholic beverage, like rum, vodka, or scotch. No matter what you choose, always keep your spouse’s likes and dislikes in mind.

Cake Ideas for Your Mom

Jazz up your darling gal’s party with a handbag cake! There are quite a few specialty cake designers who can pull off a great Chanel crochet or handbag.

For the type of cake, you can consider another longtime favorite of moms, a carrot cake. This totally healthy dessert is a good balance between a succulent treat and healthy richness. Your mom might not be as fussy as your spouse or girlfriend. But she still deserves the best cake money can buy.

Cake Ideas for Your Dad

And the number one cake ideas are for dads. It is all about Bond baby, James Bond. Your father is the perfect person to design a 007 or superman cake for. If you have the type of dad who has extended himself beyond the normal daddy sphere, then he is certainly worth these types of birthday cake. Suppose he is a simpler guy. You can opt for a cake with his face on it and have the ting say “World’s Greatest Dad. Or, if he is a football fan, why not get a helmet cake? In this way, you can celebrate his favorite team and guarantee one happy fan.

Buyer’s Guide for Birthday Cakes

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There are innumerable birthday cake ideas out there. At the end of the day, you want to get someone who can deliver what you want. Keep in mind your cake should be visually appealing and taste great. But, it should also be of a size to feed all persons present. This is true even if it is just for the two of you.

That is why they have mini cakes. Only the Best Birthday Cake Will Do Cakes are some of the most sumptuous desserts you can have. If you are planning a birthday celebration, consider getting one for that special person in your life. Remember the rules. Make the cake symbolic of their favorite sport, color, or theme. Think about their likes and dislikes. But most importantly, find out if they have any allergies if you do not already know them. Things like peanuts are common allergies with detrimental results.

Chances are, if you have been around them for a while, you would have already known that. Another factor to keep in mind is the cake size. People usually go for a larger cake if they are planning a celebration. Nowadays, especially with your children, it is easier to choose cupcakes instead. If your sweetie pie is more into coconut, why not try a coconut Bundt cake? The exterior can be designed in her choice of colors. Feel free to be creative! There are many great bakers who can design the birthday cake of your dreams.

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