It is quite surprising to some people that local grocery stores produce fantastic birthday cakes. Often culinary school graduates will begin working in the bakery of a nearby grocery store and hone their skills providing the rest of us with beautifully decorated cakes. Alternatively, the established baker will take young people in and apprentice them in the art of cake decorating. That is why grocery and warehouse stores make up this list of the best places to order birthday cakes. Let us consider their prices, designs, and delivery timelines.

10. Harris Teeter

order birthday cakes - Harris Teeter

The bakers and decorators at Harris Teeter are serious about providing consistent, quality cakes no matter which location you choose. They will customize any cake with the inscription of your choice, which means there are endless combinations of cakes and birthday messages to highlight the special occasion. The Double Fudge Cake and Coconut Cake are two of their most popular flavors. Children will enjoy “kit cake,” which is typically celebrated with licensed characters. When you find your nearest store, you can order online or by calling that location directly. All customers should pick up their birthday cakes from Harris Teeter because delivery is not available.

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9. Food Lion

Food Lion prefers a hands-on approach to ordering birthday cakes. They offer many of the most popular flavor combinations but they vary by store so it is best to go to the nearest one and place your order in person. An online catalog is not available at this time. You can customize some of their designs with special birthday inscriptions thought to make your cake more personal. Since customers need to come into the store to order, they do not offer delivery. Fortunately, you will already be there so it is possible to pick up a personalized birthday cake at the last minute.

8. Albertsons

Even though this is a smaller grocery chain, they still carry a large selection of cakes with an even larger selection of fillings and frostings. The birthday cakes are baked and decorated in the store so you can combine your favorite flavors to create something unique for the birthday man or woman. Albertsons offers exotic fruit or Bavarian fillings alongside traditional chocolate and vanilla. You can combine these with a simple yellow cake or something fancier like an Italian Crème cake. It is best to plan to order your birthday cake at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to make sure it is ready for pick up on time since delivery is not available.

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7. Costco

order birthday cakes - costco birthday cake

Cheesecakes, cake pops, and traditional cakes are all available at this warehouse store. Whether you are having an elegant birthday celebration or a fun, kid’s birthday party, something at Costco will meet your sweet tooth needs. Baked goods are made off-site and brought into local stores. Custom orders are not available, but if you require a large quantity of any particular items, it is best to make arrangements several days in advance so the bakery items are ready and available when you need them. The chocolate fudge birthday cake is one of Costco’s most popular bakery items and is perfect for a party.

6. Safeway

Safeway prides itself on offering “fresh fruits, cheerful colors, and rich chocolates” to make any birthday cake special. Their website offers view other details about their cakes so it is best to contact your local Safeway to find out what they offer. A phone call or visit to your nearest Safeway will yield the best results in you want to order a birthday cake from them.

5. Walmart

With years of experience and hundreds of stores, Walmart is very good at providing a consistent bakery product. Ordering is easy if you access the online form. You can choose how many birthday guests you want to feed and then choose flavors and decorations. The licensed character cakes are very popular for younger birthday boys and girls. All birthday cakes need to be ordered a few days in advance and should be picked up since delivery is not available.

4. Nothing Bundt

order birthday cakes - nothing bundt cakes

A quirky concept coupled with clever plays on words leads to celebrating birthdays with fun bundt cakes. Cele’bundt’ing You is a popular design and it, along with all the other designs, is available in 10 flavors. There are two frosting choices – signature and drizzle – to please either those who love frosting or who want just a hint of it. Depending on the size of the party, you may choose an eight-inch, ten-inch, or tower cake to make sure you have enough to feed everyone. Nothing Bundt accepts online orders but you must pick up your cake because they do not deliver.

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3. Giant Eagle

A birthday cake from Giant Eagle can range from a small, round cake that serves eight to a large sheet cake that serves 40 or more. Online cake ordering is available, though you can order in the store at the bakery counter. Either way, you can customize the cake flavor, fillings, frosting, and design. There are popular ready-made designs or you can request something unique. Giant Eagle expects customers to pick up their birthday cakes and delivery is not an option.

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2. Kroger

The convenience of online ordering makes Kroger customers come back repeatedly to order birthday cakes. They mainly offer sheet cakes and cupcake cakes. Both of these are easy to serve at parties. Licensed characters are one option for decorating a Kroger birthday cake, but simple flowers are just as popular. Whether you order online, in-store, or over the phone, you will need to pick your cake up when it is scheduled to be ready.

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1. Sams Club

order birthday cakes sams club

As a warehouse club, all of Sam’s cakes come in larger sizes to feed a big, birthday crowd. Their chocolate fudge cake is very popular, but so are the cartoon, superhero, and princess cakes they sell. Of all the warehouse clubs, this one has the widest selection of birthday cakes, making it one of the best places to order birthday cakes. Delivery is not available but there are large carts to carry even the largest sheet cakes to your car. At least 24 hours’ notice is required for custom cakes, though they can often modify pre-made baked goods with your personal inscription or plastic toys.

The pricing of these birthday cakes varies by region. That may be something you want to consider when choosing the best place to order birthday cakes. If you have ever ordered from one of these bakeries, leave a comment to tell us about your experience.