Naas Bakery is an old-school bakery that serves a variety of donuts, pastries, cupcakes, and customized special-occasion cakes. Naas’ pricing, which ranges from $8 to $120, reflects the different customization choices available. What’s more? Their cake normally includes one of the four standard cake flavors next, two frosting kinds, various colors, and a free written message. Furthermore, Naas shows its appreciation for its consumers by offering them several options. The price will increase somewhat if you choose specific decorations, toppings, or cake fillings. This article will provide you with additional information on Naas cakes and others, such as prices, designs, and how to order.

Naas Bakery Cakes Prices

Prices are only estimated to verify that you can visit one of the closest stores in your area.

Cake TypePrice
8 inch One Layer Round Cake$8.79
8 inch Two Layer Round Cake$16.49
⅛ Sheet Cake$19.99
¼ Sheet Cake$21.99
½ Sheet Cake$45.99
Full Sheet Cake$55.99
Two-Tiered Wedding Cake$89.99
Three Tiered Wedding Cake$119.99
Special Wedding Designs$160-$1,000

Naas Bakery Cake Designs

Once you order a cake from Naas Bakery, you can choose between a pre-decorated cake and having one of their cake decorators design one for you. Naas Bakery may decorate cakes with frosting, chocolate, or candy. Some Naas cakes have plastic toppers to make the design concept even more appealing. It all depends on your preferences. Also, their cakes are available in a variety of sizes, including round cakes, square sheet cakes, and others. Since their cakes are so customizable, the bakery can make cakes for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, school graduations, and other special events. You may also read Market Basket Cakes, Central Market Cakes, and Mark and Spencer Cakes.

Wedding Cakes

The customization options at Naas Bakery even let you order a wedding cake. They provide both a straightforward two-tiered cake and a highly cost-effective three-tiered cake option. Most of these designs are plain white icing and delicate piping in either white or wedding colors. However, if you choose smaller wedding cakes with simple decorations, you can have one for as little as $90. But it doesn’t necessarily lower the quality of their cakes.

Moreover, if customers are ready to spend more money, they also provide considerably more elaborate cakes. They come in a wide range of shapes and are decorated with complex designs, fresh fruit, fresh flowers, or others. The typical cost of a wedding cake in Naas is about $250 for a cake that will serve 100 people. Just bear in mind that you must place your order at least a month or so beforehand if you want the perfect wedding cake.

Naas Bakery Wedding Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Naas can adorn a typical cake in blue, white, pink, purple, yellow, or green for a classic baby shower. You can request an icing pattern like toy alphabet blocks or anything you like to put in baby shower cakes. Additionally, a variety of plastic toppers are available, including tiny babies, shoes, and strollers. If you prefer, they can write a note or congratulations on the cake’s top for the newborn and parents. The bakery has several more sizes available for baby showers that are extremely big or tiny. The standard baby shower will require at least a 14-sheet cake (for 15–18 attendees).

Naas Bakery Baby Shower Cake

Birthday Cakes

If you need a birthday cake urgently, you can choose one of Naas’ pre-decorated cakes and have them put a free birthday message on it. At Naas, you can also create your personalized design. Their customized cakes may be slightly more expensive than the basic cakes, depending on the number of added decorations. Additionally, if it has any plastic toppers or toys on the cake, the price of their birthday cake may rise a few. But it’s a little price to pay for such lovely extras.

How to Order?

You can visit their store at 3527 Tidewater Dr, Norfolk, VA 23509, United States. You can use your Credit Cards for payments. However, the bakery doesn’t have deliveries. For more details, you can call them at their contact number +1 757-623-3858.

If you’ve experienced a Naas cake already, please leave a comment and tell us about it.