Buying a cake made by a celebrity baker can be surely expensive. Although, it will give you the pride to afford one of their cakes. And thankfully, the Cake Boss has surprisingly franchised his brand, Carlo’s Bakery, to seven states. Moreover, these franchises offer a more affordable celebrity cake experience. Thus, cake Boss cakes prices for simple, round cakes that serve six to eight people start at about $30. All locations feature “Grab & Go,” which allows customers to pick up pre-made and also pre-decorated Cake Boss cakes. Customers can also pre-order their cakes online with 24-hour notice.

Although, delivery service is only available for special consultation orders. Still, customers will find decorated cakes appropriate for a wide range of events – birthdays, harvest celebrations, Christmas, weddings, and more. Furthermore, this guide looks at the Cake Boss cakes prices, designs, flavors, and as well as the ordering process. Likewise, for the sample, you see more below.

Cake Boss Cakes Prices

Cake Boss Basic Cakes Prices
Cookies & Cream Cake $35.95
Red Velvet Cake $35.95
Strawberry Shortcake $29.95
Peanut Butter Cake $35.95
Chocolate Mousse Cake $35.95
Vanilla Buttercream Celebration Cake $29.95
Caramel Cake $35.95
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Fudge $29.95
Chocolate Fudge Celebration Cake $29.95
Cannoli Cake $35.95
Cake Boss Buttercream and Whipped Cream Cakes
Textured Turquoise $81.95 (9″)
Textured Soft Peach $81.95 (9″)
Textured Fuchsia $81.95 (9″)
Textured Green $81.95 (9″)
Buttercream Bloom $100.00 (1/4 sheet)
Flower Power $39.95 (9″)
The Dotty Blue $65.00 (1/4 sheet)
The Dotty $65.00 (1/4 sheet)
Green Garden $65.00 (1/4 sheet)
Rosette Bouquet $115.00 (10″)
Two-tier Ombre Buttercream $450.00 (serves 50)
Edible Image Cakes
10 inches approx. $65.00
12 inches approx. $80.00
Quarter sheet approx. $65.00
Half sheet approx. $100.00
Full sheet approx. $175.00
Fondant Cakes
9 inches approx. $81.95
14 inches approx. $215.00
Two-tier Cakes
Neon Ribbon $225.00
Many Blessings $500.00

Note: Thus prices above may vary from location to location, as well as from one design to another. Therefore, as a result, the prices are just estimates. Regardless of this, you can visit their website.

Cake Boss Cake Designs

Surprisingly, there are hundreds of pre-designed cake options available from the infamous Cake Boss bakery. For instance, they offer buttercream and fondant frosting in all styles. As well as edible image cakes, where you can choose any memorable photo for your celebration. They have informal cakes for last-minute parties available from Grab & Go.

Customers will also find holiday-themed cakes to match the seasons – colors like oranges and browns with leafy designs in the fall, red and green Christmas cakes with familiar holiday characters in December, spring flowers, and light colors as the weather turns warmer, and brighter designs for the hot summer.

Before browsing for the cake they want, customers will have to choose their location to see the local menu, because prices and designs can vary.

Cake Boss Birthday Cakes

It is surely a special treat for a loved one to receive a birthday cake from the Cake Boss bakery. Because of that, some people have even traveled to the original location for the chance to meet the celebrity owner, Bartolo Jr. “Buddy” Valastro.

Indeed, customers choosing birthday cakes from one of their franchise locations will not be disappointed with the options. Thus, you can personalize nearly every cake in their catalog with birthday wishes. With 24-hours advance notice, they can also customize the cake flavor and fillings. Certainly, these do increase the cost of the cake by $5 to $20, depending on the details. Hence, all of these cakes are available for pick-up only.

Furthermore, for a special birthday celebration, we recommend The Dotty cake, with adorable colored dots and a cheerful birthday message. You can also go for The Dotty Blue if you’re celebrating a guy, or the Flower Power cake if the birthday is for a child.

Cake Boss  dotted birthday cake

Graduation Cakes

Just like the birthday cakes, the majority of the current cake designs can also be customized for graduation celebrations as well. Customers may also be interested in ordering something simpler, in the colors of the school. For this reason, they will need to call their local bakery to discuss the customization process. We also recommend cakes like the Paging Doctor Sweet Tooth cake, for graduates who want to be doctors.

Cake Boss  Cake shaped like scrubs

In addition, if the point of the graduation celebration is to eat great cake, using the bakery’s Grab & Go option is probably best. Unless you have ordered a custom cake ahead of time, this is the only way to get your hands on a Cake Boss cake.

Baby Shower Cakes

Unlike some bakeries, Cake Boss does not present their cakes by theme, but rather by shape or style. For this reason, customers will need to browse through the various cake categories to find the one that best matches their baby shower theme. Also, fresh as a Daisy features a three-dimensional baby bump and is a popular choice for baby showers.

Additionally, if you want your baby shower cake to announce the gender of the baby, we recommend something like the Neon Ribbon cake for baby girls and the Many Blessings cake for a baby boy.

neon ribbon cake

Placing a phone or online order a minimum of 24-hours ahead of time is the only way to guarantee that the cake you want will be available for you when you arrive to pick it up at the specified location.

Wedding Cakes

If you’re a future bride, certainly you might be intimidated by stories of a $30 million cake created by Valastro. However, that is not necessary. Although, there are many more reasonable price options available. While the average wedding cake from Cake Boss might be around $5,000, they really can range in price from $100 for a simple sheet cake, up to several thousand dollars for a custom design with pyrotechnics or moving parts.

Thus, consultations for a wedding cake design ought to take place as far in advance as possible. Therefore, brides may want to pick up their cake if it is small and does not require multiple layers or excessive design elements. ( However, wedding planners always assume that delivery is part of the wedding cake costs. Surely, leaving that job to the experts is a good choice.

Cake boss wedding cake designs are no less than impressive. We recommend browsing through the selection they offer, then book a consultation to put the finishing touches on the desired cake. Moreover, you can purchase a cake on their website, like the Stacked Presents one for $300.

cake that looks like stacked presents

How to Order Cake Boss Cakes

Surely, cake Boss cakes can be ordered online. Furthermore, you need to select the location closest to you first. Furthermore, it is possible to customize the flavor and filling of nearly every cake in their Grab & Go catalog. The designs remain the same unless the customer calls or visits the location to request changes to the design or color of any catalog cake.

order here

In addition to that, the Cake Boss cakes prices are clearly stated on their website. Each change made to flavor or filling has the matching price increase right next to it, so there are no surprises at check out.

Before ordering a cake online, customers will need to make sure they are on the right page for the bakery closest to them. Customers cannot switch their orders to another location once the payment has been processed. For that reason, if the online ordering form cannot get a customer what they want, they need to call their local bakery for a phone consultation.

Certainly, the very act of ordering a Cake Boss cake is a special event for many people. As well as, the cakes are truly delicious and crowd-pleasing. We indeed would love to hear about your experiences with the Cake Boss Bakery. Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the Cake Boss cakes prices, also designs, flavors, and more.

Furthermore, you can visit our website, for more information about the cake prices of multiple stores.