Pine Garden cakes prices range between $0.6 and $1.50 per piece, and between $38 and $152 per kg of cake. This establishment is the heartland bakery for freshly baked cakes that delivers quality goods at an affordable price.

Pine Garden cakes are pocket friendly, and can be ordered online, as well as picked up from their bakery. Below are some details about the Pine Garden cake prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process.

Pine Garden Cakes Prices

Basic Cakes
Strawberry/vanilla/chocolate/coffee cake – 0.5kg $26
Strawberry/vanilla/chocolate/coffee cake – 1kg $38
Mini Cakes
Mini Moist Brownie $0.70 per piece
Mini Marble Cheese Cake $0.75 per piece
Mini Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch $1.50 per piece
Mini Black Forest Cake $1.20 per piece
Mini Lychee Martini Cake $1.20 per piece
Mini Citrus Drop Cake $1.20 per piece
Mini Strawberry Cake $0.90 per piece
Mini Baileys Chocolate Crunch Cake $1.50 per piece
Mini Brandy Cherry Cake $1.50 per piece
Mini Cranberry Cream Cheese Cake $1.50 per piece
Mini Mango Passionfruit $1.50 per piece
Mini Kyoho Grapes & White Choc Cake $1.50 per piece
Mini Nutella Choco Crunch Cake $1.50 per piece
Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake $1.50 per piece
Special Creations
Apple Vera Martini $33
Baileys Chocolate Crunch $33
Brand Cherry $33
Baked Cheese Cake $48
Premium Creations
Black Forest $28
Chocolate Fudge $28
Pulut Hitam $28
Citrus Drop $28

Pine Garden Cake Designs

Pine Garden has numerous cake designs, and they are designed to celebrate a number of special occasions and random celebrations. Based on the complexity of the design, they charge an Artistic Labor Charge, and have a minimum 2kg order requirement for a 2-tier round cake. The toy figurines for the cakes are to be provided by the customer.

Pine Garden innovates various cake designs, such as the TPG nostalgic drip cake and the ombre cake, which are for celebrating adult birthdays. They also have the unicorn, safari animals, and dropped ice-cream drip cake designs to celebrate children birthdays.

If you want to celebrate weddings and romantic occasions, Pine Garden presents you with a hearts design and tiered cakes. Other designs include flowers for feminine celebrations, and water color and presents for various occasions.

Pine Garden Birthday Cakes

Pine Garden cakes for birthdays are amazingly baked to suit both children and adults. If you want to celebrate your little niece’s birthday, we suggest you go with the unicorn or the safari animals designs.

On the other hand, if the birthday celebration is for an adult, feel free to choose the ombre, TPG nostalgic drip cake, or the present 2-tier cake designs to grace your marvelous occasion. Depending on the type of birthday cake you want, you should expect to pay between $63 and $136 per kilo of cake.

Pine Garden Graduation Cakes

Pine Garden has a lot of graduation cakes that you could pick from to add delight to your big day. They can cover a wide range of designs that are deliciously baked, such as the Pulut Hitam cake, the Black Forest, or the Chocolate Fudge cake.

More graduation cakes that you could get from Pine Garden include the strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or coffee cakes. Pine Garden gives you a choice of strawberry or blueberry jam with fresh cream as well. The price ranges between $38 and $48 for each kilogram of cake.

Pine Garden Baby Shower Cakes

If you are looking for a cake for a baby shower, Pine Garden has some delightfully tasteful products just for you. For a baby girl, you can go with the Shou Taos Cherry Blossom cake, while a baby boy will be best celebrated with a Mountain of Shou Taos cake.

Pine Garden Wedding Cakes

If your wedding is coming up, Pine Garden has a variety of cakes that you could choose from. The varieties range from the modernized wedding tiered cake to the traditional Guo Da Li cake sets. There is no limit as to what you can buy, because you can select from a 2-tier wedding cake to a 10-tier wedding cake.

Pine Garden Cake does not provide price specifications for their wedding cakes, but they encourage you to email them at to ask for more information.

How to Order Pine Garden Cakes

For you to make an order to Pine Garden, you can go online to their website. There, a free delivery is made for orders above $280. For anything below $280, however, the delivery charges apply. When ordering, you get to select the weight of the cake, the flavor, and the shape, as well as write a customized message.

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You can also visit Pine Garden to get your cake at the address below:

529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 569933

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 08.30 – 21.30
Phone: +65 64595507/64563552

If you are looking for a cake that makes every occasion special, we hope that you can get it from the diverse list of Pine Garden cakes above. All Pine Garden cakes are available at affordable prices. The bakery has been operational in Singapore for over 30 years, incorporating all the exciting tastes of the local communities, as well as the preferences of their esteemed customers.

The standard 1kg Pine Garden cake size serves between 12 and 15 people, with its delivery being charged an additional $18 per trip to any location. Make sure to leave us a comment down below with your opinion on the Pine Garden cake price, designs, flavors, and more.