Cakes at Denish are priced between $5.43 and $149.90 according to the size, the number of servings, and the amount of time put into decorating. From massive 8 kilogram wedding cakes to tiny confections for birthday celebrations weighing only a kilo, the bakers at Denish are dedicated to providing top service and quality for every single order. To find out how to order a Denish cake, and learn more about the Denish cakes prices and designs, read on.

Denish Cake Prices

Denish Birthday Cakes
Coffee Caramel Tinch Cake (Serves 6 to 8) $5.43
Black Forest, Butterscotch, or Pineapple Cakes (Serves 6 to 8) $6.98
Blueberry, Fresh Fruit, Tangy Orange Cakes (Serves 8 to 12) $7.49
Choco Chips, Magic Gel, or Hazelnut Cakes (Serves 8 to 12) $7.49
Royal Swiss, Royal Dutch, or White Forest Cakes (Serves 10 to 14) $7.49
Peach Cake or Red Forest Cake (Serves 8 to 12) $7.57
Dutch Marble Cake (Serves 10 to 14) $8.01
Almond Honey Cake (Serves 12 to 15) $8.87
Celebration Twist, Choco Moca, or Porcupine Cakes (Serves 12 to 15) $9.12
Denish Celebration Cakes
Dome Shaped Exotic One or Exotic Two Cakes (Serves 12 to 15) $8.01
Golden Valley Cake (Serves 12 to 15) $8.01
Purple Valley Cake or Purple Ring Ceremony Cake (Serves 24 to 30) $14.44
Celebration Hearts Cake (Serves 24 to 30) $14.44
Denish Anniversary and Wedding Cakes
Two Tiered Moon Light Themed Cake (Serves 28 to 36) $46.84
Three Tiered Golden Anniversary Cake (Serves 42 to 50) $55.67
Three Tiered Black and White Wedding Cake (Serves 55 to 65) $84.32
Four Tiered Custom Anniversary Cake (Serves 96 to 110) $112.42
Denish 3D, Cartoon, and Photo Cakes
Angry Birds Cake or Bunny Cake (Serves 12 to 15) $8.01
Angry Birds Slingshot Cake (Serves 12 to 15) $14.44
Personal Photo Cake (Serves 24 to 30) $17.02
Fishing Cake (Serves 24 to 30) $37.47
Two Tiered Children’s Car Cake (Serves 30 to 40) $46.84
Barbie Doll Cake (Serves 55 to 65) $57.38
Dholakpur Chota Bheem Cake (Serves 96 to 110) $149.90

Denish Cake Designs

Denish has cakes for any celebration on their site, divided by theme into collections. These collections include:

Almost every cake in these collections can be made without eggs. However, there is no information on cakes to work around gluten and lactose allergies, though you are invited to call the store and discuss the issue with their bakers.

Denish Birthday Cakes

Arranging a massive birthday bash for your child? A Barbie Doll Cake can wow 55 to 65 guests for $57.48; or go with a three tiered Boys’ Car Cake for $46.84 to feed 30 to 40 party people. Smaller adult gatherings would be accented by a sweet and crunchy Hazelnut Cake or a hot pink Magic Gel Cake, which both cost $7.49, feed up to 15 guests, and look utterly elegant.

Denish Graduation Cakes

A cheerful Pineapple Cake is perfect for a flower power theme or a grad who loves the island life, at the low price of $6.98 per 15 servings. Grads with a sweet tooth will devour a Royal Swiss Cake, which tastes like it costs ten times more than $7.49. If a custom cake is what you’re looking for, the bakers at Denish are prepared to astonish you. From personal photo cakes (which are the perfect place for embarrassing snaps from childhood) to cakes that look like massive donuts, Denish cakes is the place to go.

Denish Baby Shower Cakes

Expecting mothers have been wholeheartedly enjoying the ‘jungle and safari animals’ theme for baby showers in recent years, where an adorable pink elephant cake topper is the perfect way to announce your new girl. Woodland creature themed showers are also immensely popular on Pinterest, where a bunny cake often becomes the most complimented dessert on the table. Opting for a highly modern and elegant baby shower instead? A Butterscotch Cake from Denish looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine, but really only costs $6.98 for 12 to 15 servings.

Denish Wedding Cakes

An effortlessly minimalist winter wedding theme will be blown out of the water by a three tiered black and white wedding cake from Denish, while a golden cake with delicate white piping is a surefire way to satisfy a crowd of 50 at your autumn wedding reception for only $55.67. Spring flings and sweet summer receptions will be perfected by budding tulip cakes and purple moonlight themed creations – both can be sized by the bakers at Denish to serve intimate little wedding ceremonies or massive affairs with hundreds of guests easily.

How to Order Denish Cakes

You can walk into the Denish bakery to pick up a last minute cake, though it is suggested to call ahead so you can preview their offerings. Ordering Deinsh cakes online is a simple process: create an account with their site and pick your preferred creation, then prepare to pick it up in store or off your doorstep.

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Denish cakes can be delivered to the Mumbai arrea between 11 am and 10 pm on every day of the year, though they do not have same day delivery available. The Head Office for Denish can be contacted for queries at:

Denish Food Products
Gala No. 01 & 2, Building No. 162 & 171,
Indian Corporation Gundavali, Bhiwandi, Dapode, Thane
Maharashtra 421302, India
Phones: +91 9272 222495, +91 9272 222496, +91 9272 222497

Purchase a delicious cake at Denish for your next special occasion – then let us know how delectable it was in a comment! Don’t forget to also share your opinions of the Denish cakes prices.