The HEB cake prices range from $8.98 to $49.98, depending on what type of cake you buy. Additionally, HEB custom cakes are one of the bakery’s specialties, with various base designs that you can tailor according to your event. Among the occasions that HEB bakery cakes are appropriate for our birthday parties (adult and child), also for weddings, graduations, and baby showers, to name a few. Moreover, you can order your HEB cakes online, or directly at your local bakery.

Therefore, to find out everything you need to know about HEB cakes, including the prices, designs, and how to customize your very own treats, read more in the sections below.

HEB Cakes Prices

Note: HEB cake prices may vary according to location and design. Thus, the prices below should be viewed as approximate.

Custom CakesSheet Cakes1/8 sheet12$8.98
1/4 sheet24$25.98
1/2 sheet48$34.98
Full sheet96$48.98
Cookie Cakes12 inchesN/A$12.98
2-tier Cakes6 & 10 inches43$49.98
Theme CakesCharacter Designs1/4 sheet24$19.98
1/2 sheet48$28.48
Full sheet96$48.98
CupcakesSingle CupcakeN/A1$2.66
Cupcake PackN/A12$3.48
Gourmet CakesRound & Bar CakesVarious12$16.46

HEB Cakes Designs

The HEB cake selection is quite large, so you have plenty of cake options to choose from, for a variety of occasions. Besides, the best thing about their cakes is that you can fully customize them. You can customize the frosting, flavor, filling, and text color on the cake, as well as the message. Thus, here are a few examples of options:

  • Frosting – Elite, Buttercream
  • Flavor – Marble, Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate / White, Yellow, White
  • Filling – Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, None
  • Text Color – White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown

They also offer specific cake designs in their theme cake selection, most including themes like Star Wars, Frozen, Disney, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and so on.

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes at HEB include designs that are perfect for both adult and kid parties. If you are interested in an HEB birthday cake for either one of these categories, then we recommend that you customize one of their elegant sheet cake designs.

Surely, adults will enjoy HEB birthday cake designs like Balloon parties or Gift celebrations. Children, on the other hand, would prefer a theme cake-like Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman, or Star Wars. Furthermore, to see more designs look for the catalog.

HEB cake shaped like a gift

Graduation Cakes

Sheet cakes from HEB are also amazing for graduations. According to the size of the graduation party, you can also get a 12-serving cake for a few close friends, and up to a 96-serving cake for 3 to 4 classes in your year. Thus, you can try out designs like Floral, Texas A&M, as well as Swirling Floral, among quite a few others. Like HEB cakes for birthdays, any of these can also be customized with your school colors.

HEB White cake with dark red writing and roses

While, their products vary from a 1/8 sheet to a full sheet, which can cover parties that range from 12 to 96 guests. A 1/8 sheet custom cake starts at $13.98, while a full sheet costs between $37.98 and $48.98. In addition, mid-sized options are ¼ and ½ sheet cakes, which cost between $19.98 and $28.48, respectively.

You can also enjoy an HEB cookie cake if the graduate is planning on celebrating with just a handful of classmates or best friends. Their HEB cookie cakes can also have customized messages, and cost between $3.58 and $12.34. Both the Original Message and Texas A&M cookie cakes are 12 inches in diameter.

Baby Shower Cakes

A cute and delicious way to celebrate the coming of a baby is together with cupcakes. The HEB bakery also sells cupcakes, single or by the dozen. A few select designs can be bought individually for $2.66 a piece, but their 12-count packs are more appropriate for baby showers. Each pack costs $5.13 and surprisingly features colors like purple, green, or red, among others. In addition, all of these cupcakes are white and contain buttercream frosting in various shades.

Of course, you can always get one of their gourmet cakes as a quick and elegant option. They are either round or baked in a bar shape and can serve 12 guests. They cost accordingly between $16.46 and $27.49, depending on the design. Some popular options are round Heavenly Delight and Sensational Chocolate and Fudge cakes, but also Sensational Carrot or German Chocolate bar cakes.

Thus, if you prefer a more traditional baby shower cake alternative, you can go for a Gift Celebration cake with blue polka dots, borders, and a bow for a baby boy, or the same option in pink for baby girls.

HEB white and blue cake

Wedding Cakes

If you’re planning to tie the knot soon, HEB wedding cake could be the ideal option for you. They have many wedding cake designs online, but you can’t order the cakes online as well. Instead, you have to contact your local HEB and inquire about the possibility of designing one for your wedding.

Although, HEB recommends scheduling an appointment with their wedding cake experts for a consultation. There, you can choose the size of the cake, the flavor, the decorations, and so on. Then, you can place the order at your local HEB.

white wedding cake with 3 tiers

Alternatively, especially if the wedding party is small, you can choose one of their sheet cakes, and customize it with a lovely message. Cakes like the White Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Icing, or the Buttercream Dream Cake are surely perfect for weddings.

How to Order HEB Cakes

If you have decided that HEB cakes are just what you need for your special event, you can proceed with the HEB cake ordering process. To place an HEB cake order online, simply follow the steps described below:

  1. Go to their bakery website.
  2. Click the Cakes category.
  3. Choose your preferred Type (i.e. Custom Cakes, Theme Cakes, Cupcakes, etc.).
  4. Select your options, if you chose a custom cake. Choose your desired Frosting, Flavor, Filling, Text Color, and Cake Message.
  5. Change the Quantity, if necessary.
  6. Click Add to Cart to complete your HEB cake order.
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In conclusion, HEB cakes can be a fantastic choice for basically any special occasion. Whether you choose to customize a sheet cake, order a fresh batch of cupcakes, or indulge in a cookie cake, HEB has you covered. Even though they don’t have as many options as competitors like Wegmans, they have the advantage of ordering online, from the comfort of your own home.

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