Cedele Market is a premier vendor in Singapore for the delivery of groceries straight to your door. Then, Cedele Cakes are priced between $28.29 and $181.63, depending on ingredients, allergy requirements, and the number of servings. Also, all cakes can be customized by size, shape, candles, and icing announcements. Especially, making them the perfect confection for any celebration. Thus, in this article, we will discuss Cedele cake’s prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process.

Cedele Cakes Prices

Cedele Chocolate Cakes
7″ Round Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake (1 Kilo; Serves 12 to 16) $38.71
8″ Round Chocolate Matcha Cake (1.5 Kilos; Serves 15 to 20) $39.45
8″ Square Chocolate Velvet Cake (1.25 Kilos; Serves 14 to 18) $43.17
9″ Square Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake (1.5 Kilos; Serves 15 to 20) $55.83
10″ Round Black Forest Cake (2 Kilos; Serves 24 to 32) $75.18
10″ Round Chocolate Cherry Financier Cake (2 Kilos, Serves 24 to 32) $93.79
Cedele Classic Cakes
6″ Round Apple Cinnamon Olive Oil Cake (Half Kilo; Serves 6 to 8) $28.29
8″ Round Blueberry Maple Cake (1.5 Kilos; Serves 15 to 20) $38.71
8″ Square Caramel Sea Salt Tiramisu Cake (1.25 Kilos; Serves 14 to 18) $43.92
9″ Square Strawberry Fields Cake (1.5 Kilos; Serves 15 to 20) $55.83
10″ Round Red Velvet Cake (2 Kilos; Serves 24 to 32) $75.18
12″ Round Carrot Walnut Cake (3 Kilos, Serves 30 to 40) $93.79
Cedele Special Diet Cakes
9″ Square Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake (1.5 Kilos; Serves 15 to 20) $43.92
10″ Square Eggless Black Forest Cake (1 Kilo; Serves 12 to 16) $64.02
10″ Square Sugarless Carrot Walnut Cake (1 Kilo; Serves 12 to 16) $84.86

Cedele Cake Designs

First off, cakes from Cedele Market come in two main shapes – round and square. Also, the dimensions can vary substantially, allowing most cakes to be purchased in the following sizes:

  • 6″ Round
  • 7″ Round
  • 7″ x 8″ Square
  • 8″ Round or Square
  • 9″ Round or Square
  • 10″ Round or Square
  • 12″ Round or Square
  • 14″ Round or Square

Also, you can easily stipulate the number of candles or preferred message to leave on the icing on your cake. Moreover, this convenience is well suited for individuals who are busy party planning and have a clear image of their cake in mind. Then, if you are concerned about allergies, please inform the bakers so they can provide you with the safest product possible.

Cedele Birthday Cakes

Likewise, chocoholics will rejoice at the number of chocolate cakes available from Cedele Market. Also, from “pure” creations like Chocolate Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cherry Financier Cake to a Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake. Also, packed with glazed banana and toasted oats. Thus, whatever the tastes of the birthday individual, there is a confection to fit your needs.

Additionally, candles and salutations in icing are provided at no extra cost, to further streamline the process. Also, for intimate family gatherings, choose an 8″ round cake beginning at $38.71 to feed up to 16 guests. Moreover, gigantic birthday bashes are better suited to 12″ square cakes to serve 40, which are priced at $104.96.

Cedele Graduation Cakes

Besides, at a large party, those with dietary concerns are often taken into advanced consideration. Consequently, Sugarless or egg free Carrot Walnut Cakes are priced between $43.92 and $169.72 for 16 to 48 servings. But, no matter the size of the graduation gathering. Thus, you will be able to find a considerate cake to meet your needs.

Presently, perhaps your graduate is both a chocoholic and a tea lover? Then, the Chocolate Matcha Cake is your answer. Also, at only $49.60 for 16 servings, this is the perfect cake for small celebrations with close family and friends.

Cedele Baby Shower Cakes

Eventually, a trend among expecting mothers is to use the color of the cake for gender announcements at the baby shower. Then, for a boy, a Blueberry Maple Cake is a delicious option. Also, girls can be announced with a Red Velvet Cake.

In fact, another popular theme for showers is “woodland fairy tale,” where a Black Forest Cake is the centerpiece of the dessert table. Also, all cakes begin at $38.71 for 16 potions, making them economic options for a small shower.

Cedele Wedding Cakes

As a matter of fact, the wedding cake is, in the eyes of many guests, the most elegant element of the reception. Especially, considering that it is a way for the couple to express themselves through a singular and gorgeous component. In fact, serves as the highlight of the various food options that are being presented at the reception.

Presently, the wedding cake, which is made of the finest ingredients that can be found, is meant to be a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and fertility. Also, this is done in the hopes that the marriage will be successful and happy.

Alternatively, combine tart kiwis, sweet strawberries, an airy whipped cream frosting, and a sassy summer wedding with a Strawberry Fields Cake from Cedele Market. Also, all of your guests will be wowed by the fantastic flavor and bright pops of color, while your wallet will be grateful for the $38.71 price tag. Furthermore, for a floral spring fling, go with a Lychee Rose Cake instead to satisfy 16 of your guests’ sweet tooth for the conservative price of $46.90.

Also, elegant and refined winter weddings will be well provided for with an Espresso Hazelnut Praline Cake. So, an autumnal Apple Cinnamon Olive Oil Cake would be perfectly at home for your fall-themed bash. Moreover, for a large gathering, go with a 14″ square cake to be devoured by 45 or more guests. Additionally, prices begin at $150.36 for confections of such a size and max out at $181.63.

How to Order

Presently, shopping at Cedele Market is a simple process that mitigates most of the work on your end. Also, start by creating an account and choosing your groceries from their site. Then, proceed to checkout with your Paypal information.

order here

Also, their deliveries take a minimum of three days to process and are free for purchases amounting to more than $148.88. Then, check their online schedule for a rough understanding of delivery dates compared to orders. Moreover, there is also a helpful info-graphic on how to navigate a purchase from Cedele Market for visual learners.

Therefore, once you’ve received your delivery and demolished your Cedele cakes. Then, you have to drop us a comment to let us know what you had. Also, what do you think of the prices of the Cedele cakes?

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