For UK residents, Waitrose cakes are a fast and non-expensive alternative for birthdays, sweet congratulations parties, luxurious weddings, and cute baby showers. Their cost range proves their affordability, as Waitrose cakes have rates between £4.00 and £400.00 to £500.00. You can order Waitrose cakes online, or you can buy them directly from one of their 250 locations across the United Kingdom. In this article, we tell you more about Waitrose cakes prices, designs, flavors, and the ordering process.

Waitrose Cakes Prices

Since Waitrose can make so many different types of cakes, we only included prices for their most popular cakes and the general cake shapes they offer in the table below. Keep in mind that prices may vary, so it is always good to check with your local Waitrose bakery beforehand.

Cake Type Price Range
Birthday & Celebration Cakes
Waitrose Happy Birthday Cake£12.00
Waitrose Hand Finished Chocolate Cake£8.00
Waitrose caterpillar cake
Waitrose decorate your own cake£7.00
Waitrose Daisy Cake£8.00
Waitrose White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake£12.00
Waitrose Neapolitan Celebration Cake£15.00
Waitrose Millionaire Layer Cake£15.00
Fiona Cairns Golden Sponge Happy Birthday Cake£16.00
Chocolate Sponge Cake£12.00
Waitrose Entertaining Cakes
Chocolate Triple Layer Star Cake£25.00
Loaded Chocolate Drip Cake£30.00
Two Tier Chocolate Stars Parcel Cake£35.00
Different Shapes Cakesstarting from £30.00

Waitrose Cake Designs

cake design

The first thing you need to know about Waitrose cakes is that you can find them in two separate categories. There are the ready-made cakes that you can simply order instantly, which you can find in the Birthday & Celebration Cakes category of the Waitrose bakery. However, Waitrose also specializes in more sophisticated cakes, which they offer in their Entertaining category, under Cakes & Biscuits. Here, they have separate categories for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, and christenings.

Regardless if you want to thank someone or surprise them with a sweet present, Waitrose cakes are a fantastic option. Some of them are as cheap as £4.25, as the Thornton’s Smiles Gift Cake with white and milk chocolate. In addition to this, various parcels or sponge cakes it can offer as gifts, with prices between £10.00 and £35.00.

For example, you can purchase a Waitrose Parcel Cake for just £35.00. Other box-shaped cakes are the ones under the Fiona Cairns brand, like chocolate sponge cake for only £12.00.

If you want to surprise a friend or relative over a cup of tea, the Fiona Cairns Tea Party Birthday Cake (if available) is perfect for the occasion. It has filling like raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream and is a golden sponge cake.

Waitrose Birthday Cakes

birthday cake

This grocery store has cakes available for both child and adult birthday parties. For an adult party, one of the best choices is the classic Happy Birthday cake, with chocolate both inside and out. Its ingredients are also suitable for vegetarians and the cake itself costs only £12.00. Even though the number of servings isn’t mentioned, the cake weighs 1185 grams.

Children can benefit from one of the Waitrose cakes with characters or cartoon themes. Like Mario Celebration Cake, Dinosaur Cake, Safari Cake, and Space galaxy Cake prices range from £13.00 to £50.00. There are varieties appropriate for boys and girls alike, such as the Sparky Pony Celebration Cake or the Fiona Cairns Ladybird Cake (If available).

Naturally, you can transform any one of their party cakes into birthday cakes, even though you can’t customize the message. Nevertheless, there is a Decorate Your Own Cake option available for just £7.00. It weighs 890 grams and can be decorated as you please.

However, you can find some cakes like these at Market Basket if you happen to visit there and have some groceries there.

Waitrose Graduation Cakes

graduation cake

Want to congratulate a close one on their graduation but you’re not sure how? There are several champagne-themed Waitrose cakes that are ideal for the celebration. For instance, a Champagne Congratulations Cake only costs £40.00. It is appropriate for vegetarians, but it might contain peanuts and nuts (note to those allergic). Additionally, it contains a Congratulations inscription so you can get the message across.

You can also congratulate someone dear with a cute Waitrose Butterfly Cake. This Madeira sponge cake costs £35.00 and is also vegetarian-friendly.

You can also find cheap yet yummy cakes from Red Ribbon if you are really strict about your budget.

Waitrose Baby Shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes

To spark a smile, the Waitrose Star Cake is sure to bring joy and laughs to the mother-to-be and her guests. This Waitrose cake costs £8.00 and weighs 630 grams. It is filled with raspberry jam and buttercream, covered with white icing and edible decorations.

The Waitrose Neapolitan Celebration Cake is also a fine choice for a 16-guest party. With Strawberry flavor, chocolate, and golden sponge layers, filled and covered with vanilla buttercream, with a chocolate flavor glaze on top. Purchased it for £11.00, with good ratings on their website. For a fancier party, check out the Waitrose White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake (£12.00) or the Butterfly Cake (£35.00). You can also switch things around with a Beehive Cake at £40.00. These can make cute and original baby shower cakes.

But if you are in such a hurry but don’t have any Sam’s Club Bakery near you, try to run to the nearest Walmart Supermarket and you’ll find a bakery there which offers similar designs.

Waitrose Wedding Cakes

wedding cakes

Waitrose cakes offer a special category of wedding cakes, so you have plenty of cakes you can choose from. For a funky fresh get-together, we recommend the Naked 3-tier Wedding Cake, which is a vanilla sponge cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. This cake weighs cost £85.00.

Aside from the classic party cake, Waitrose also has a wide range of other wedding cakes for more extravagant parties. For example, the Tallulah 5-tier Wedding Cake (if available) will definitely woo all wedding guests. The base tier is made of fruit, while the other 4 tiers are a vanilla sponges. You have 4 choices of how the cake can be, but the decorations will definitely make you happy. This cake costs £499.00.

Waitrose Bakery Prices

In the Waitrose bakery, you can also find treats like muffins, pancakes, waffles, croissants, pies, cookies, teacakes, cupcakes, and so on. For instance, the Waitrose 8 buttermilk pancakes cost £2.25, and the essential Waitrose pains au chocolat cost £2.25.

For £1.30, you can buy a Chocolate Sweeties Cupcake, while for £2.00, you can get 2 Waitrose Strawberry Jam & Cream Scones. If you’re craving chocolate shortcakes, you can try the Thorntons Triple Chocolate Caramel Shortcakes (if available) for just £1.00.

How to Order Waitrose Cakes

Ordering Waitrose cakes is very easy, as the process is similar to many other online shops. Your order is placed online, and you can pay with most major credit cards. To order Waitrose cakes, simply go through the steps we have outlined below:

  1. Go to the Waitrose website.
  2. Choose between Bakery Cakes and Entertaining Cakes.
  3. Look through the available cakes, clicking on the product’s title for more info about it.
  4. Click the green Add button on the main page or the Add to Trolley button on a specific product page.
  5. Sign up for an account or log into yours directly, if you already have one.
  6. Finish your order and proceed to checkout to complete it.
order here

As for deliveries, you can shop online and have your products delivered for free if your order is at least £60.00. Also, if you shop online and you collect your groceries from a store, it’s free of charge if the products are at least £40.00 in total. For customer service, we recommend that you go to their Help and Support page. To contact this department on the phone, call 0800 188 884.


Waitrose cakes come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for any occasion. Their prices are also fit for most budgets, since they offer both affordable cakes and expensive, luxurious ones. Their products can be delivered right at your door, which is a great advantage. What was your experience with Waitrose cakes? What do you think of the Waitrose cakes prices? Share your thoughts below!

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