Kroger Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

If you ask families across the U.S. which their favorite custom cakes are, it’s very likely that a large number will point to Kroger cakes. This respected bakery has it all. Kroger birthday cakes can brighten the special day of your little one. With the Kroger wedding cakes, you can make tying the knot a truly delicious experience. Kroger baby shower cakes can turn into the centerpiece of a lovely party. If you’re interested in getting a Kroger licensed cake, Kroger special occasion cake, or any other Kroger cakes, read more about the Kroger cake prices, designs, and ordering process below.

A Bit of Information About Kroger

In 1883, Barney Kroger used his entire life savings to open up his own grocery store. Despite his entire future being dependant on the success of his new business venture, he refused to allow any dips in quality just to make a quick sale. He truly believed that anyone who entered Kroger’s should be so pleased with their shopping experience that they become a repeat customer who is always happy with their purchases and experience within the store. Barney Kroger was sure to ensure all employees knew that they shouldn’t sell any product that they wouldn’t be willing to purchase themselves. The dedication to high quality still remains in Kroger’s stores to this day and is especially evident in the bakery department.

Kroger Cake Prices

You will be happy to find out that Kroger’s cakes are not only delicious but very affordable too. Kroger cake prices vary for custom products, but you can see their range below. The prices in this table are approximate, and they can differ according to the location you visit or order from.

Cake TypeCake NamePrice
Kroger Bakery Licensed CakesKroger Star Wars Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Cars 2 Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Minnie Mouse Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Hello Kitty Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Thomas Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Despicable Me 2 Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Monster High Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Paw Patrol Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Princess Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Angry Birds Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Frozen Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Marvel Spiderman Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Doc McStuffins Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Moose Toys Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Batman v Superman Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Captain America Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
My Little Pony Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Disney Little Mermaid Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Mario Brothers Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Kroger Special Occasion CakesBaby Blocks Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Baby Special Delivery Stork Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Over the Hill Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Baseball Batter Up Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Summer Flip Flops Cake$23.49 - $46.99*
Kroger Dessert CakesStrawberry Crunch Cake$8.99*
Kroger Build-a-Cake Service8 inches Round (double, serves 8-12)$10.99 - 39.99*
1/8 Sheet (Serves 10-12)$10.99 - 39.99*
1/4 Sheet (Serves 12-15)$10.99 - 39.99*
1/2 Sheet (Serves 25-30)$10.99 - 39.99*
Full Sheet (Serves 50-60)$10.99 - 39.99*
Kroger Wedding Cakes2 Tier Wedding Cake$89.50
3 Tier Wedding Cake$119.00
Kroger Cupcake Cakes12 Count$24.50
24 Count$35.00

* Suggested retail price shown does not include taxes or discounts, according to

Kroger Cake Designs

The scrumptious Kroger custom cakes that we have grown to love today are produced in one of the many Kroger bakeries, which are based in the following cities: Anderson, South Carolina; Clackamas, Oregon; Columbus, Ohio; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Denver, Colorado; La Habra, California.

Cakes at Kroger come in all shapes and sizes, and for various occasions. One of their most attractive features is the build-a-cake option, which allows you to make your own selection of Kroger bakery cakes. You can choose between flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mocha, or marble, and decorations like balloons and roses. They’re also reputed for their Kroger licensed cakes, which are both beautiful and tasty.

In addition to cakes at Kroger, you can also enjoy some other wonderful desserts, such as brownies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cookies, pudding cake, cheesecake, and other gourmet desserts.

Kroger Birthday Cakes

Kroger bakery cakes are fit for any memorable occasion. Some Kroger cake designs are licensed and contain cartoon characters your children adore. You have a wide variety of Kroger birthday cake designs that you can choose from, suitable for boys and girls alike. A Kroger birthday cake is a great value for families, as it brings quality, taste, and affordable prices together.

Kroger bakery birthday cakes are an excellent choice for your child and their party guests. Not only are these cakes decorated with their favorite superheroes or princesses, but they’re also highly affordable. At the Kroger bakery, a birthday cake can cost between $29.99 and $59.99, according to the size of the cake. Kroger’s cakes for birthdays come for parties of 12-50, 25-30, or 50-60, so you can easily choose which one is the most appropriate for your child’s special day.

Kroger Baby Shower Cakes

If you or a close friend has a baby on the way, what better way to celebrate that than to put together the perfect baby shower party? Of course, no baby shower is complete without an adorable cake to make the day even more memorable. You can look into more Kroger cakes for your baby shower, but the Baby Blocks and Baby Special Delivery Stork cakes are the most recommended. The Kroger baby shower cakes have the same price range as their birthday cake options.

Kroger Graduation Cakes

Aside from Kroger birthday cakes, you can also look into their gorgeous selection of other special occasion cakes, or even their signature dessert cakes. What really makes Kroger’s cakes stand out is their Build-a-Cake service. This wonderful feature allows you to make your very own Kroger sheet cake from scratch. Thus, you can customize your Kroger graduation cake, choosing the flavors, icing, and cake type (round or sheet). 

A good idea is to add a congratulatory message for the new grad in your family. You can add other beautiful symbols as well, such as a graduation cap, a champagne bottle, or the name of the school.

Kroger Wedding Cakes

You deserve to mark the most significant day by the side of the love of your life with a picture-perfect cake you and your guests will adore. Kroger’s cakes for weddings are either 2 or 3 tier, and cost $89.50 and $119.00, respectively. Not only are their wedding cakes mouth-watering, but you can decorate them so beautifully that they will certainly leave everyone in awe. Before making an appointment to discuss the details of your Kroger wedding cake, you can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake.

Kroger Bakery Cakes & Cupcakes

Aside from the cake ordering feature Kroger offers, where you can build your own cake from scratch, or customize it as much as you wish, the Kroger bakery also offers pre-made cakes and cupcakes. In this category, you will find delicious treats like carrot cake, vanilla celebration cakeKimberley’s Bakeshoppe Red Velvet CupcakesBakery Tiramisu Layer Cake, and more.

The good news is that you can order these treats as well. All you have to do is sign into your account, select a store to view the specific price of the product you want to order, then place your order.

How to Order Kroger Cakes

After admiring and reading about all the customization options you have for Kroger’s cakes, you might want to order one for your next special occasion. The best way to do so is online, through their official website.

  1. Select the category of Kroger cakes you are interested in from the left side of the page. These are your options:
    • Build-a-Cake;
    • Licensed Cakes;
    • Dessert Cakes;
    • Special Occasion Cakes;
  2. Choose the size of your cake and any other relevant details. Your price will automatically be updated based on the details you set.
  3. Add any message or special instructions, if necessary, and optionally change the quantity.
  4. Click Add to Cart and complete the checkout process.

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In the 1930s, Kroger became the first ever store to monitor product quality and apply quality-control techniques. From a manufacturing viewpoint, Kroger branched out to dairies, grocery items, meat plants, and, of course, bakeries. Today, we all know and love the Kroger bakery cakes.


Have you ever ordered a cake from Kroger’s? What was your experience like? What do you think about the Kroger bakery cakes prices? Please leave your comments below! Your feedback is important to us!

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