You can count on the Harris Teeter bakery for a mouth-watering selection of cakes, all at a great price. Harris Teeter cakes are known for being some of the most delicious in North Carolina, but also in the other states where you can find Harris Teeter grocery stores. Harris Teeter birthday cakes, Harris Teeter graduation cakes, and more, all await customers for the special moments in their lives. Learn more about Harris Teeter cakes prices, designs, and ordering process in this useful guide.

Harris Teeter Bakery Cake Prices

Note: The prices below are approximate. Harris Teeter cake prices depend on the bakery you get them from, as well as on the level of customization.

Harris Teeter Sheet CakesPrices
1/8 Sheet Cake$8.99
1/4 Sheet Cake$21.99
1/2 Sheet Cake$37.99
Full Sheet Cake$47.99
Harris Teeter Round Cakes (8″)
Single Layer$8.99
Patti Cake$7.99
Triple Layer$16.99

Harris Teeter Bakery Cake Designs

There are so many types of cakes to choose from at the Harris Teeter bakery, that you might not know what direction to take. What customers are most drawn to is the bakery’s specialty – custom decorated cakes. Hence, the Harris Teeter bakery has a brilliant team of cake decorators who can make some of the most beautiful cakes you have laid eyes on. This lovely bakery is also a delightful choice for birthdays, baby showers, graduation, and wedding cakes alike. Although, let’s talk about the appetizing variety of cakes they offer before we get into detail about the custom category. I’m really looking forward to a classic strawberry cake.

Thus, if you love chocolate, you should look into their Chocolate Brownie Cake, Cookies ‘N Cream Cake, or White Chocolate Raspberry Bistro Cake. A unique choice is their Red Velvet Cake, which combines red cake and cream cheese icing. While there Carrot Cake is packed with walnuts, raisins, carrots, and cream cheese icing. The Harris Teeter bakery Coconut Cake is also a favorite among customers, with its rich taste and scent. They also have fondant cakes.

Birthday Cakes

If your Harris Teeter cake order is for a birthday celebration, you are making a wonderful choice. Besides, what makes the Harris Teeter bakery your go-to option for birthday cakes is that they are extremely open-minded. In addition, their masterful decorators are open to any kind of inscriptions and preferences. You can choose chocolate or white cake batters, according to your tastes. In addition to this, you have multiple types of icing available, from fudge to vanilla, or cream cheese. You can combine these icings and batters however you’d like.

Even more so, the Harris Teeter bakery also offers kit cakes for birthdays. Therefore, this is an exceptional choice if the birthday party has a particular theme. If not, you can go with traditional cakes, like the 8″ Celebration Four Layer Cake. Order you special birthday cake now.

Harris Teeter celebration cake in multiple colors

Graduation Cakes

If you have a graduation party approaching, and you don’t know what kind of cake to get, you can look into the custom Harris Teeter cakes. They have a few basic designs on their website, which you can customize at length.

For instance, for the cake of a graduation party, you can choose the blue-edged 1/8 sheet cake. You specify that you’re ordering it for a graduation party, and include a nice message for the graduate. Alternatively, you can ask Harris Teeter bakers if they can include items like graduation caps and gowns on the cake.

Harris Teeter sheet cake with blue icing

However, you can visit your nearest Walmart if you don’t have a Harris Teeter store near you.

Baby Shower Cakes

Another reason why customers love the Harris Teeter bakery for their local sweet needs is that they work on short notice. Everyone knows how difficult it is to order a custom cake in most places, but Harris Teeter will always do their best to meet your requirements. As for baby showers, the cake might be the last aspect you have considered, with so many other tasks to take care of. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry – you can customize a cake that the future baby boy or girl would adore.

The most popular options are cakes that announce the baby’s gender, so you can order a pink and green 1/2 sheet cake for a baby girl, or a blue 8″ single layer round cake for a baby boy. In announcing that gender is not something you’re into, we’re sure all the guests would enjoy an 8″ Assorted Variety Four Layer Cake.

Harris Teeter cake with pink flowers

Wedding Cakes

While Harris Teeter doesn’t offer specific wedding cakes, you can still order one of their cakes for your wedding, since they are budget-friendly, stunning to view, and a pleasure to taste. You can choose a sheet cake, a two-tier one, or a three-tier one for a fancy wedding. Coconut is always the perfect choice, as well as an all-white cake with pale color accents.

cake covered in coconut

No matter what kind of wedding cake you choose, you can rely on the top-quality ingredients used at the Harris Teeter bakery for the sweet centerpiece of your dreams. However, if you want a more complicated wedding cake, we advise you to contact your local Harris Teeter bakery sometime before the event, to ask if they can design the cake you want, and if it would be ready in time. You have to give a longer time allowance so they can make your cake flawlessly.

How to Order Harris Teeter Bakery Cakes

Harris Teeter offers two types of cakes, the pre-made ones you can find in stores, and the ones you can customize and order online. The in-store cakes can’t be ordered, so you’ll have to go to your local Harris Teeter to get one. The good news is that the customizable ones can be ordered online.

So, to order a Harris Teeter bakery cake, you need to go to their Cakes for All Occasions page. There, you will see a button labeled “ORDER NOW.” If you click on it, it will take you to a page where you are prompted to find your local store. Then after finding the store, pick the type of cake you want (decorated cakes or round variety cakes).

order here

Once you’ve seen a cake you like, press the “+” icon, and you can start customizing it. Furthermore, you can add details like cake flavor, cake icing flavor, cake icing color, cake event, and cake decoration color. If you have other specifications, there is a comment section where you can write them down. Then, add the cake to your cart, and follow the instructions on the screen to place the order.

Now that you know how to order Harris Teeter cakes, find a cake you like, and place your order. Have you ever ordered a cake from the Harris Teeter bakery before? How was your experience? Comment below!

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