Ele Cake Co began manufacturing in their home kitchen in 1997 as A Taste of Elegance. They did it because they enjoy baking cakes. Furthermore, as a result of their dedication to decadence, they currently have three locations in the greater Dayton area. Ele Cake Co’s West Carrollton, Beavercreek, and Austin Landing locations are dedicated to offering high-quality baked products and exceptional customer service. Moreover, they genuinely hope you will stop by and allow them to take some joy in the numerous life events you will be experiencing.

Ele Cake Co Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
6” Single 3-4 Serving$15
6” Double 6-10 Serving$26
8” Single 6-8 Serving$19
8” Double 10-12 Serving$30
10” Single 10-15 Serving$30
10” Double 20-30 Serving$54
12” Single 15-20 Serving$38
12” Double 35-45 Serving$65
14” Single 25-30 Serving$54
14” Double 50-60 Serving$85
1/4 Sheet 15-24 Serving$32
1/2 Sheet 30-48 Serving$56
Full Sheet 60-96 Serving$99
8”/6” Round 15-25 Serving$105
10”/6” Round 30-40 Serving$132
12”/8” Round 45-55 Serving$165

Ele Cake Co Offers the Following:

Ele Cake Co sells some pre-made round and sheet cakes with basic frosting designs, but most of their clients prefer to order ahead of time to receive a bespoke design. For an additional fee, you can select from a variety of traditional flavors, fillings, and icing types when ordering your cake. Furthermore, the bakery offers a variety of cakes for all occasions, such as birthdays,  weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and many more. So, Ele Cake Co can make any cake that you want!

Birthday Cakes

The bakery offers a wide range of options, making it simple to find the ideal cake for your birthday party. There are also numerous birthday cake designs available. The cakes may include decorations that you want to have in your cake. In addition, the bakery can create birthday cakes by including the celebrant’s name. You may now personalize your cake with your design and celebrate your day with your unique cake.

a birthday cake with chocolates as designs

Wedding Cakes

Ele Cake Co has many beautiful wedding cake designs to offer aside from customized ones.   As a result, the bakery’s wedding cakes fit a variety of budgets. In addition, their less expensive cakes have classic tiered designs with modest decorations and the bride and groom’s initials. If neither of the standard designs satisfies you, they may create unique designs in almost any design. Ele Cake Co will then cooperate with you to find a cake design that matches your budget, feeds all of your guests, and complements the style and colors of your wedding. Make your cake unique by asking the store to customize it for you. They can accomplish a good job for your special day using high-quality bakers. Cakes, in particular, play an important role in weddings, and everyone enjoys them.

a wedding cake with flowers on top

Baby Shower Cakes

To celebrate a baby shower, choose one of the bakery’s multiple cake designs. There are also numerous simple geometric designs and adorable animal-themed cakes in pastel colors that are appropriate for most baby showers. Ele Cake Co’s custom cake services can also be used to make a variety of lovely baby shower cakes. So you can order a cake with hand-painted nursery rhyme characters, a cake shaped like a baby basket, or any other design you can dream of. The newborn may not be able to see or taste the bakery’s offerings, but the people who are celebrating will undoubtedly enjoy them.

Ele Cake Co cakes are affordable and unique, making them suitable for those looking for a high-quality cake at a fair price. With so many frosting variations, they can create a design for any occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or other special event.

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