Conti’s Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

With cakes starting at as little as $7.00 (and topping out at only $24.65), it comes as no surprise that Conti’s Bakeshop is a favorite among the locals in Manila, Philippines for cakes, pastries, and pies for all occasions. Conti’s cakes can be purchased in a variety of forms, including regular sized, mini, by the slice, and on a sample platter. This article will talk about Conti’s cakes prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process.

Conti’s Cakes Prices

Conti’s Bakeshop Regular Frozen Cakes (Serves 8 to 12)
Mango Cheesecake $10.55
Blueberry Cheesecake $10.84
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake $12.32
Almond Choco Sans Rival Cake $13.17
Bananalicious Pie or Choco Cashew Torte Cake $14.39
Choco Walnut Torte or Peach Walnut Torte Cakes $14.49
Sansrival Cake $14.69
Turtle Pie $15.58
Mango Tart Cake $18.53
Mango Bravo Cake $26.62
Conti’s Bakeshop Mini Frozen Cakes (Feeds 4 to 6)
Mango Tart Mini Cake $12.92
Mango Bravo Mini Cake $15.38
Conti’s Bakeshop Regular Chilled Cakes (Serves 8 to 12)
Chocolate Mousse Cake $12.92
Moist Chocolate Cake $13.11
Mocha Tiramisu Cake $14.69
Salted Caramel Cake $15.68
Strawberry Shortcake $17.35
Choco Overload Cake $17.94
Black Velvet Cake $21.20
Viennese Mocha Torte Cake $24.65
Conti’s Bakeshop Mini Chilled Cakes (Serves 4 to 6)
Moist Chocolate Mini Cake $7.00
Black Velvet Mini Cake $10.25
Choco Overload Mini Cake $11.04
Viennese Mocha Torte Mini Cake $14.10

Conti’s Cake Designs

Conti’s Bakeshop provides plenty of information on their flavors and designs for all of their confections, including their seven signature mini cakes, on the Fabulous Cakes section of their site. All cakes can have candles, a card, and an icing inscription added to them for no extra cost, so long as you ask at checkout.

For dietary and allergy restrictions, it is advised to call your nearest Conti’s Bakeshop location to arrange the specifics – their bakers are always willing to work with you.

Conti’s Birthday Cakes

Intimate family birthday celebrations are well suited to a mini cake from Conti’s Bakeshop, which can satisfy 4 to 6 at a time. A $7.00 Moist Chocolate Mini Cake or $11.04 Choco Overload Mini Cake are both perfect options for chocoholics; more health conscious birthday bashes may be better suited to a Mango Tart Mini Cake for $12.92 or Mango Bravo Mini Cake for $15.38, both of which capitalize on fresh fruit and a lack of super sweet icing.

All cakes ordered from Conti’s come with complimentary candles, card, and an inscription in icing, so you won’t need to swing by the supermarket after picking up your cake to grab any odds and ends.

Conti’s Graduation Cakes

A graduation is always a big deal for both the parents and the graduates. It is often celebrated with a menagerie of family members, close friends, distant cousins’ friends’ families, and copious amounts of cake. If you’re looking for an elegant, affordable confection for a black tie themed affair, choose a Salted Caramel Cake for $15.68. It can feed 16 at a time, which makes it easy to narrow down the number of cakes you will need for truly massive parties, and mitigate waste.

Chic, trendy confections like the Almond Choco Sans Rival Cake ($13.17) and the Cookies and Cream Cheesecake ($12.32) are both economical ways to cater to the cravings of the grad at their party.

cheesecake with cookies and cream flavor


Conti’s Baby Shower Cakes

A relatively new trend for large baby showers is to get multiple smaller cakes to line the dessert table, so everyone can choose their favorite flavors. Regular sized cakes from Conti’s Bakeshop are capable of feeding 16 hungry well-wishers, so a baby shower with 50 guests will need three to four cakes. Top cakes to select include:

If you are planning a smaller affair aimed towards your closest female family members, a mini cake is perfect to do the job. A luxurious Viennese Mocha Torte Mini Cake is priced at $14.10 to serve a total of six guests, if you are feeling ritzy. Or, choose a simple crowd pleaser like the Black Velvet Mini Cake for $10.25, so even the pickiest attendee will come back for seconds.

Conti’s Wedding Cakes

An upcoming summer wedding with a sweet, country theme will be completed by a Peach and Walnut Torte Cake for $14.49. Thinking about more of a spring fling? Choose a Strawberry Shortcake for $17.94 and listen to the cooing of your guests. A Mocha Tiramisu Cake is perfect for a fall feast – and a steal at only $14.96!

The warmth and nuttiness of a Choco Cashew Torte Cake is perfectly suited to a winter wedding, while the $14.39 price tag is a boon to your wallet. Regardless of the season, Conti’s Bakeshop is more than happy to create a wedding cake that fulfills your needs, at the highest quality for the lowest possible price.

How to Order Conti’s Cakes

Browse through their comprehensive online menu to get an idea of your cake needs and prices, or go to their “Order Tray” section to select your preferred cake flavors and designs. Upon purchase, you can request a complimentary card, candle, and inscription on your cake – as well as notify the bakers of dietary substitutions.

order here

Delivery fees begin at $1.58 and rise based on your distance from the bakery and order size. Note that there is no cost to picking up your cakes in the nearest Conti’s Bakeshop – top locations include:

1107 G/F Corte de las Palmas, Alabang Town Center,
Ayala Alabang, City of Muntinlupa
Phone: 556 7720

Unit L-102 Blue Bay Walk, EDSA Corner Macapagal Blvd.,
Metro Park Bay Area, CBD
Phone: 842 5265

224 Katipunan Avenue Extension,
Brgy. Blue Ridge, Quezon City
Phone: 646 3306

The next time you find yourself craving a cake in the Manila area, you need to hit up Conti’s Bakeshop and devour one of their regular or mini confections – then let us know just how much you enjoyed it! We’d also like to know what you thought of the Conti’s cakes prices.


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