Prices for Price Cutter cakes range from $6.99 to $49.99, depending on size and customization options. Also, as a result of a commitment to providing the best quality and service at the best price. And, it is not surprising that cakes are frequently less expensive than the confections of competitors. Moreover, this article will detail the cake’s pricing, ordering procedure, and available flavors.

Price Cutter Cakes Prices

Price Cutter Round One Layer Cakes
8″ Round 1 Layer White Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $6.99
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $6.99
8″ Round Specialty Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.99
Boston Cream Cake, Yellow (Serves 6 to 8) $8.99
Butterfinger Crème Cake (Serves 12 to 15) $13.99
Price Cutter Round Two Layer Cakes
Coconut Cake 2 Layer (Serves 10 to 12) Serves 18 to 30
Chocolate Cake 2 Layer 8″ Round (Serves 10 to 12) $12.99
White Cake 2 Layer 8″ Round (Serves 10 to 12) $12.99
7″ Round Chocolate Mousse Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $12.99
7″ Round Tiramisu Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $13.99
Price Cutter Sheet Cakes
One-Eighth Sheet Cake, White (Serves 10 to 14) $10.99
Quarter Sheet Cake, White (Serves 20 to 25) $19.99
Quarter Sheet Cake, White with Roses (Serves 20 to 25) $23.99
Half Sheet Cake, Chocolate (Serves 40 to 50) $27.99
Half Sheet Cake with Custom Picture (Feeds 40 to 50) $32.99
Full Sheet Cake, Chocolate (Serves 90 to 100) $41.99
Full Sheet Cake with Custom Picture (Feeds 90 to 100) $48.99
Price Cutter Café Valley Cakes
Café Valley Triple Chocolate Cream Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.89
Café Valley Root Beer Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.89
Café Valley Mississippi Mud Glazed Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.89
Café Valley 7-Up Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.89
Café Valley Chocolate Fudge Ring Cake (Serves 8 to 10) $8.89

Price Cutter Cake Designs

The Price Cutter bakery also provides both customized creations through free consultations. Especially confections that are ready to be carried right out of the store. On the other hand, sugar-free cakes are consistently available at Price Cutter. Of course, those with dietary restrictions can enjoy sweets too. Furthermore, regardless of whether your celebration is last minute or has been planned carefully for months. Also, price Cutter is there to cater to your every culinary need, providing round cakes, tiered cakes, and sheet cakes.

Price Cutter Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are always special. Also, adding a delicious cake to the celebration makes it even more enjoyable. So, everyone gathers a number of items for a celebration, but a cake is always the top priority. Thus, a celebration is incomplete without cake, as it is regarded as one of the best elements. And, whether they are an adult or a child, indeed, people of all ages anticipate a delicious cake.

Birthday parties at Cafe Valley are sure to be a hit with the chocolate-loving members of the family. Yes, thanks to delectable treats such as the triple chocolate creme cake and the chocolate fudge ring. Additionally, each cake costs only $8.89. It can, however, serve eight to ten people, making it ideal for low-cost family birthday parties. So, a round white cake with a single layer and a diameter of 8 inches costs $6.99, and a quarter sheet marble cake costs $19.99. As a result, it can serve up to 25 people, making it a good choice for slightly larger celebrations.

Price Cutter Graduation Cakes

Graduation day is an exciting occasion for both students and their parents. Also, it implies progression, development, and accomplishment. More importantly, the significance of the event is frequently subjective and largely determined by your current life stage. Moreover, a graduation cake amplifies the significance of the occasion by indicating that it is worthy of celebration. In addition, cakes are frequently associated with celebrations.

It’s possible also that a Cafe Valley Root Beer or 7-Up cake is exactly what your graduation party needs. Also, if the graduate in question is notoriously known for their love of soda pop. Therefore, one of these Cafe Valley cakes will only set you back $8.89. In addition, this makes them an excellent choice for graduation parties with ten to twelve guests. Also, larger parties with guest totals reaching the nineties might need a full sheet cake, which would cost $41.99 before any customization is done to it. Also, Sheet cakes that are personalized with a photo of the graduate will cost an additional $48.99 each.

Price Cutter Baby Shower Cakes

As soon as expectant mothers enter the third trimester, they become ecstatic because the day they will hold their child is rapidly approaching. Also, the expectant mother deserves a memorable baby shower to commemorate the long-awaited birth. And every baby shower is highlighted by a delicious cake. Moreover, the cake is of great significance because it spreads sweetness and joy throughout the day. Also, it serves as the party’s showpiece, and some expectant parents use it to reveal the gender of their child.

Preparing a slightly more refined baby announcement? Consider including cakes with rich and, also, savory flavors that are encased in elegant exterior designs. In addition, a 7-inch, sweet, dense Tiramisu cake costs only $13.99 and can feed up to ten people. Also, for only $6.99, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake is a sophisticated take on the classic flavor combination that can serve the same amount of people.

So, have you considered doing something less formal? Furthermore, the best choice for a more straightforward. In addition, for a larger baby shower, you could buy a white quarter sheet cake for $19.99, which would feed 20 to 25 guests. Moreover, a half sheet cake for $24.99 will serve up to 50 people.

Wedding Cakes

In recent years, the wedding cake industry has witnessed cakes that are smaller but more distinctive and versatile. Additionally, cake designers are having a great time reimagining and incorporating all sorts of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials to meet the personalized, one-of-a-kind demands of newlyweds.

Planning a wedding with a fall spice theme, especially one that will not be overrun by guests? Also, for only $6.49, a moist, delicious cinnamon spice cake with walnut chunks can serve eight to ten guests. Also, perhaps you’re planning a party with a relaxed, southern theme? However, the Mississippi Mud Cake will be ideal for your tastes, feeding 8 to 10 guests for less than $7.

Couples who order a custom cake from Price Cutter can also benefit from the company’s free wedding consultation. Also, to get a sense of the level of expertise possessed by its bakers. As a result, the customized cake prices will be slightly higher. However, the precise amount will be determined by your requirements.

How to Order

Cakes from Price Cutter can thus be ordered online for home delivery or pick-up, as well as purchased in-store. However, for couples with custom wedding cakes, a free wedding consultation can be arranged. As a result, to ensure that their big day is as memorable and stress-free as possible. Furthermore, the Price Cutter bakery recommends that customers who want a photo cake discuss the details with their bakers. As a result, all parties are pleased with the end result.

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Also, check the Price Cutter store locator to find a location near you. Also, learn what amenities are provided in each location. For example, the only two branches offering both pickup and delivery of groceries are:

Price Cutter of Springfield – South National
4228 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65810
Phone: (417) 889 3828

Price Cutter of Joplin
1850 S. Maiden Lane
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: (417) 626 0850

Above all, after spending the afternoon sampling cakes at Price Cutter. Also, let us know which cake you bought and what you thought of the prices!

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