Red Ribbon Cakes Prices, Designs and Ordering Process

Red Ribbon Cakes has a unique story. They are born from a love of baking that spread first from family, then to friends, eventually culminating in a full-fledged business that crosses the continent, and includes Hawaii. Red Ribbon Bakeshop sells Filipino inspired cakes fit for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, baby showers, wedding receptions, anniversary events, or just celebrating the good food in life.

Red Ribbon Prices do vary by location but most round, layer cakes cost about $19.99. Customers can ask for customization of this bakery’s “Dedication Cakes,” which makes the cakes suitable for a variety of occasions. Red Ribbon only allows pick up from one of their 34 United States locations.

Red Ribbon Cakes Prices

All Red Ribbon cakes prices represent an average, and will vary by location and season. Check out a Red Ribbon Bake Shop price list in the table below:

Type of cakePrice
Round, Layer Cakes
Mango Supreme$21.99
Ube Overload$21.99
Chocolate Mousse$19.99
Ultimate Chocolate$16.99
Ube Coconut$22.49
Black Forest$19.99
Choco Mocha Crunch$19.99
Rocky Road$19.99
Coffee Crunch$22.49
Sans Rival$19.99
Sheet Cakes
Chocolate Dedication Cake$25.99
Mocha Dedication Cake$25.99
Rolled Cakes
Brazo de Mercedes$11.99
Ube Brazo de Mercedes$11.99
Mango Roll$11.99
Ube Coconut Roll$11.99
Mocha Roll$11.99
Triple Chocolate Roll$11.99
Sans Rival$12.99

Red Ribbon Cake Designs

red ribbon cakes designs


There are 10 different Red Ribbon round cake designs, and two sheet cake designs. These 12 cakes make up the entire cake menu at Red Ribbon. Some of the round cakes have frosting all over, like the Ultimate Chocolate Cake and the Coffee Crunch Cake. The Red Ribbon Mango Supreme cake take a modern approach and leave the sides unfrosted. So guests will be able see the layers and fillings. None of the cakes are alike in approach, so it makes for a beautiful display should a customer choose to serve multiple cakes at one event. The flavors of each Red Ribbon cake have a wide range too. Ube to Coffee or Rocky Road to Coconut, they please a wide variety of palettes.

Red Ribbon Birthday Cake

To celebrate birthdays, Red Ribbon offers two quarter sheet cakes. The Chocolate Dedication Cake has a fudgy frosting layered with chiffon chocolate cake. The colorful decorations make it suitable for any themed birthday party. The Mocha Dedication Cake is a mocha chiffon cake layered with mocha icing for an extra punch of coffee flavor. It has a simpler design. However, it will still work with just about any themed party, especially if the guest of honor enjoys this flavor combination.

Both cakes are customizable, with a special message such as Happy Birthday or Feliz Cumpleanos. Customers should plan to pick up their cake the day before or morning of their party to ensure it is available as custom orders and delivery are not available. The average price of the Dedication Cakes is $25.99 but will vary by location.

Red Ribbon Graduation Cake

Celebrate graduation Filipino style! The variety of cake flavors and designs make these cakes appropriate for any graduation celebration. The Chocolate Mouse and Black Forest cakes are especially decadent for this exciting occasion. The Rocky Road cake has room for lettering if customers want to put the name of the graduate or school on top of the cake.

Ranging in price from $18 to $25 depending on the season and selection at the local bakery, these cakes are good for a family on a budget who does not want to sacrifice taste or style. Families could also choose to serve one of the six cake rolls offered by Red Ribbon Bakeshop, which cost about $12 a piece.

Red Ribbon Baby Shower Cake

The Red Ribbon roll cakes make for a fancy presentation at any baby shower. The rolled swirls reveal bright yellow, deep purple, or chocolate flavor when the host slices and presents them to the mother-to-be and her guests. Special requests to write on the top of the roll the name either of the mother, her babies, or a sweet congratulation are possible. The flavor profiles are pre-determined by the bakery, which allows them to perfect their offerings, and consistently bring their best to all of their 34 locations.

Average prices for the cakes rolls are $12, and they are available for pick-up only. Hosts with larger orders should consider calling ahead of time to make sure the type of roll or cake they want is available. Mothers-to-be can also check out our tips on how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

Red Ribbon Wedding Cake

Weddings are a special time, and the happy couple wants to serve their guests the best flavors, even when they need to keep costs down. Each Red Ribbon round layer cake serves 12 people, which makes the cost per serving about $1.67. The cake rolls serve 6 people, which makes the cost per serving about $2. Those responsible for catering can serve one cake per table, or us it as a groom’s cake to offer something special to the wedding guests.

If a wedding planner expects to order more than a couple of cakes for the event, then they should call ahead of time to make sure there will be enough cakes to serve everyone. Remember that Red Ribbon wedding cakes must be picked up as delivery is not available.

How to Order A Red Ribbon Cake

All Red Ribbon cakes are picked up from the bakery closest to the customer. They need to use the store locator to find the nearest Red Ribbon bakeshop. It is always best to call ahead of time to make sure the cake a customer needs is available in the case. Larger events require that cakes be ordered ahead of time to ensure adequate quantities. Phone orders are possible but if a customer is unsure about flavors they should visit their Red Ribbon local bakery to buy a slice of cake for sampling. This only costs a few dollars.


The flavors of the Philippines inspire Red Ribbon bakery’s custom creations. Ube, coconut, and mocha are all featured prominently on their menu. Serving these unique flavors will make any occasion special.

We would love to hear about your experience with the Red Ribbon Bakery’s cakes. Leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

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