Kilwins Chocolate is a traditional Americana place where individuals may celebrate, vacation, and share the experience of life, family, and gifting. They are proud of their “family” legacy of providing high-quality items and a warm, welcoming customer experience. So, browse their website, shop online, or stop by the next time you’re in northern Michigan to taste the top-quality confections at a price that emphasizes being freshly produced fresh from premium ingredients and unique recipes.

Kilwins’ equipment dates from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Moreover,  Don Kilwin invented their candy-making methods in 1947, and they haven’t changed since. When you create candy the way Kilwins does, each piece is handled by Kilwins team members who care about making a high-quality product just for you.

Kilwins Chocolate Prices

Sweets of the Season Holiday Basket$149.99
Making Spirits Bright Holiday Basket$139.39
Tour of Kilwins Holiday Basket$114.99
From Our House To Yours Holiday Basket$74.99
Holiday Cuddles Basket$41.29
Tempting Tidings Trio Holiday Basket$37.59
Holiday Nutcracker Sweets Tin$54.59
Holiday Caramel Corn Tin$25.39
Holiday Peanut Caramel Corn Tin$32.99
Holiday Gift Card$25
Holiday Gift Card$50
Holiday Gift Card$75
Chocolate, Toffee & Caramel
Family Assortment$41.99
Family Assortment$31.99
Truffle Assortment$36.99
Katy Ann Cream Assortment$32.99
Truffle Assortment$16.99
Dark Chocolate Truffles$17.49
TUTTLE™ Nut Caramels – Milk Chocolate Pecan$19.99
TUTTLE™ Nut Caramels – Dark Chocolate Pecan$19.99
TUTTLE™ Nut Caramels – Sea-Salt Milk Chocolate$19.99
TUTTLE™ Nut Caramels – Sea-Salt Dark Chocolate$19.99
Truffle Assortment$36.99 / 10 oz.
Truffle Assortment$16.99 / 4.75 oz
Dark Chocolate Truffles$17.49 / 4.75 oz.
Round Cake
6 Inch Round Cake$65.00
8 Inch Round Cake$90.00
Sheet Cake
⅛ Sheet Cake$19.99
¼ Sheet Cake$21.99
½ Sheet Cake$45.99
Full Sheet Cake$55.99
Custom Cakesvaries

Kilwins Chocolate Cake Designs

Kilwins Chocolate, in addition to their chocolate specialties, offers cakes for any event, including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduation ceremonies, and many more! If you want to take a cake from the bakery and head to your party, Kilwins Chocolate also has readymade cakes with basic designs. However, if you order ahead of time, you have a lot more options. Kilwins also allow you to personalize your cake by selecting your favorite flavor, frosting, and fillings. So, Kilwins is the ideal bakery for your fantasy cake, particularly if you enjoy chocolate!

Wedding Cake

Kilwins Chocolate also provides personalized wedding cakes in all of their locations; your wedding cake will be magnificent thanks to their dedicated and professional cake designers. Traditional tiered wedding cakes with lacy, flowery decorations and a gorgeous cake topper are available. Kilwins Chocolate may also match your wedding cake’s icing colors and adorn it in unique ways. Then, you can change the design since they will let you choose what you want. Furthermore, Kilwins custom wedding cakes are far more expensive than their basic sheet or circular cake designs, so budget for several hundred dollars.

chocolate wedding cake

Birthday Cake

Kilwins Chocolates can produce unique custom cakes for themed birthday parties, or you can select from their preset selection. There are also many elegant designs with flowers and geometric motifs for adult birthdays. Fruit-filled types are extremely delectable and look great at birthday parties. They also provide popular choices for children’s birthday parties, such as Super Heroes, Disney Characters, and other kid-friendly designs! In addition, if you request it at least 24 hours ahead of time, the bakery can customize it with happy birthday greetings.

chocolate birthday cake

Baby Shower Cake

Kilwins Chocolate features a variety of beautiful designs suited for baby shower cakes. You can select a gender-neutral design with blocks and balloons or a traditional Kilwins chocolate cake with an accent for babies. If you’re holding a smaller baby shower and don’t need a large sheet cake, Kilwins may customize one of the circular cake designs to look like a baby shower cake.

baby shower cake

Have you ever bought a cake from them? If so, kindly share your opinion in the comment section below!

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