For over a century, Morrisons Grocery has been serving the grocery needs of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1899 in Yorkshire, England, Morrisons has earned their customer’s trust, and is dedicated to supplying the British Isles with all of their daily household needs. Morrisons serves millions of customers each and every week.

No supermarket would be complete without a bakery, and Morrisons is no exception. While their bakery is not dedicated to cakes and they do not specialize in them, Morrisons Grocery is nevertheless proud to sell a variety of cakes, from creme-filled sponge cakes to decadent chocolate desserts. While they do not offer any sheet cakes, their selection of round cakes is quite diverse. What is more, Morrisons cakes prices are very reasonable.

Morrisons Cakes Prices

Type of cakePrice
Belgian Chocolate Fudge£2.65
Lemon Drizzle£2.65
Salted Caramel£2.65
Red Velvet£2.65
Coffee and Walnut£2.65
Caramel and Toffee£10.00
White Chocolate£8.00
Apple and Blackcurrant£2.65
Raspberry Cheesecake£2.00
Lemon Cheesecake£3.00
Chocolate Cheesecake£3.00
Raspberry Sponge£0.75
Chocolate Sponge£0.75
Coconut Sponge£0.75

Morrisons Cake Designs

In addition to their wide selection of round cakes, Morrisons also sells a wide variety of Swiss-style rolls, loaf cakes and a selection of tarts, the ever-popular dessert perfect for the European countryside.

That said, Morrisons would be severely lacking as a bakery if they did not provide a selection of decorated, specialized cakes, ready made for a variety of special occasions.

These theme cakes come in a variety of styles, from various animals to a bouquet of roses, a football, and other designs. A variety of character and themed cakes include R2-D2 from Star Wars, a Minion cake from Despicable Me, and various other popular franchises, including Barbie, Frozen and Spider-Man.

While many of the specialty cakes are intended especially for birthdays, they also feature cakes for other occasions. Morrisons cakes prices are very reasonable, and range from £4 to £10.

You can find a full list of their specialty cakes in the chart below.

Morrisons Cake Designs

Cake DesignSuitable Occasions
FootballBirthday/Sports Celebration
Rose BouquetValentine's Day/Anniversary/Baby Shower
CaterpillarBirthday/Baby Shower
Monty the MonsterHalloween/Birthday
Single RoseValentine's Day/Anniversary
George the Ginger CatAny Birthday
Sam the ScottyAny Birthday
FairyGirl's Birthday
Star Wars – R2D2Boy's Birthday
Doodle the DaschundAny Birthday
Despicable Me – MinionAny Birthday
Disney's FrozenGirl's Birthday
Paw PatrolAny Birthday
Teddy BearBirthday/Baby Shower
Spider-ManBoy's Birthday
PandaAny Birthday
BarbieGirl's Birthday

Morrisons Birthday Cakes

Morrisons features an assorted selection of birthday cakes, starting with simple chocolate cakes frosted with birthday greetings. If you’re looking for a special design particular to your unique child, there are a variety of character-themed cakes to choose from. Alternately, you can indulge the animal lover with specially-made cakes such as Sam the Scotty Dog and George the Ginger Cat.

Whether you keep it simple or spice up the party with a charming cake featuring Elsa and Anna, your kids will love their cake, and you will love Morrisons cakes prices! You also can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect birthday cake.

Morrisons Graduation Cakes

While Morrisons does not have any explicitly-themed graduation cakes, they do offer a number of beautifully decorated chocolate cakes themed with stars, the perfect thematic suite for your child’s academic accomplishments. Or you can set the stage for their days at university with a clever pizza-themed cake for the lighthearted graduate.

Alternately, you can always speak to the bakers at your local Morrisons and ask what they can do to help make your child’s graduation cake one for the ages.

Morrisons Baby Shower Cake

There are few things women love more than chocolate, and nothing celebrates a baby shower like a beautifully decorated chocolate cake. They have a large selection of celebratory cakes designed to create a festive mood. Morrisons’ Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake is particularly extravagant and sure to be a crowdpleaser.

Just as Morrisons does not offer specialty themed cakes for graduations, they also do not offer themed cakes for baby showers. However, you should check in with your local Morrisons store, as they may feature products not found on the website and may even be willing to customize a cake especially for you.

Morrisons Wedding Cakes

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. This traditionally involves an expensive, custom-made cake, but more and more couples are bucking the trend and pursuing alternate ideas.

Wedding cakes are generally an extravagant affair. If you’re looking for a traditional three-tier wedding cake, Morrisons is probably not the place to search. But non-traditionalists may find just what they are looking for. Scrumptious chocolate cakes, specialty cupcakes and perennial tarts can be a great alternative for those looking to buck the trend of the vanilla wedding.

They also have a wide selection of delicious, standard cakes. They can be a good fit for an open-minded bride working on a budget, as the Morrisons cakes prices are very affordable.

How to Order Morrisons Cakes

If you’re looking to buy a cake, you have more than one option. You can visit any of their more than 500 retail stores across the UK, or you can utilize their home delivery service and have the cake you’re looking for shipped right to your front door. It is also possible to contact your local store via telephone and call to see if your desired cake is available or to ensure its availability.

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For general customer service inquiries, you can call to 0345 611 6111.

If you have questions regarding Morrisons’ online delivery service, direct your call to 0345 611 6111.

If you need help finding a local store, you can find the store nearest you using Morrisons’ online store finder.

Morrisons Grocery has been serving the fine people of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland for well over 100 years. If you need a cake for a special occasion, Morrisons cakes are a great way to purchase a beautiful and delicious cake at a price you can afford.

Don’t hesitate to stop by your local store and speak with the bakery manager. They may just be able to help you craft the perfect cake for your occasion.