Costco cakes are known for their prices and for being family-friendly choices for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and any other special occasions. Costco birthday cakes are customizable; they are available as Costco sheet cakes, which they can make easily match the memorable event about to take place.

Costco wedding cakes are just as sought-after, as well as the adorable Costco baby shower cakes.

In our guide here, you will learn everything you need to know about Costco cakes. From Costco cake designs to Costco cake prices and much more.

Costco Cakes Prices

As you can easily see in the table below, Costco cake prices are very affordable.

However, keep in mind that the prices in the table below are approximate and may vary depending on the location and the design you want for your cake.

Costco Cake Design Price
Balloons $29.99
Smiling Sun $29.99
Clown/Princess Clown$29.99
American Flag$29.99
Carriage (Baby Shower) $29.99
Roses/Bouquet/Chocolate Bouquet$29.99
Lattice Heart$29.99
Scored Rosebuds$29.99
Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Skateboard)$29.99
Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake $54.99
Birthday Espresso Cake$21.99

Note: All the cakes mentioned above are 1/2 sheet custom cakes that serve around 48 people.

Costco Cake Designs

Costco cakes are appropriate for numerous occasions. Of course, you can get a Costco wedding cake or Costco birthday cake, but you can also explore Costco custom cake options for other significant events.

The versatile Costco cake designs can help you celebrate a graduation, a sporting event, or a special holiday or season, all for a wonderful price.

In other words, the designs for Costco cakes cover pretty much any kind of event you could imagine.

You can get a Costco dinosaur cake for your son’s party, the tuxedo cake Costco offers for a bachelor’s party, or one of the cute baby shower cakes at Costco for your mother-to-be best friend.

Costco cakes are baked in their in-house bakeries, together with quite a few other delicious products. Customers have a wide variety of ingredient options for Costco sheet cakes.

From vanilla cheesecake mousse, chocolate mousse, and white or chocolate buttercream, Costco bakery sheet cakes come in numerous different shapes, sizes, and tastes.

In addition to Costco bakery cakes, at Costco, you can also find other treats like cookies, scones, brownies, cake pops, tarts, crumb bars, or animal crackers.

Costco Birthday Cakes

Costco birthday cakes are one of the bakery’s specialties. With the help of the Costco cake order form, you can customize your cake according to the event you are celebrating. That is so easy.

There are a great number of birthday themes and categories to choose from for your design, and you can also choose up to four rose colors for decorations.

birthday Cakes Princess

If you want something classic and classy, you can always get the Costco chocolate cake for an adult birthday party. In addition, you can look into their birthday espresso cake for another adult party favorite.

Costco custom birthday cakes – as well as the rest of the custom cakes they offer – are only available in one size: a half sheet that serves 48 people.

However, this should be more than enough for most birthday parties. When you fill out the order form, you will be able to select the base, design, decorations, and writing.

Costco Graduation Cakes

graduation cake custom

Costco graduation cakes are a wonderful way to celebrate the new graduate in your family. They are affordable, delicious, and customizable. Thus, you can order a Costco sheet cake and personalize it with a memorable message, the school’s colors, or a graduation cap.

A Costco sheet cake can serve up to 48 people, while the Costco designs are countless. Costco graduation cakes are one of the best options to celebrate this important rite of passage.

Costco Baby Shower Cakes

Baby on the way? Celebrate the upcoming event with a mouth-watering and affordable Costco custom cake. The best design for baby showers is the carriage one, which is available for a boy or a girl.

baby shower cakes

Balloons, rainbows, and smiling suns are also great designs to choose from for a baby shower cake from Costco. Don’t forget; the Costco half sheet cake serves 48 people, so you don’t have to worry about there not being enough cake to go around. Or if you want, just order a bigger sizer.

Costco Wedding Cakes

costco wedding cake

If you are planning a small wedding with your closest friends and family members, you don’t need to go all-out with a two or three-tier cake. In this situation, you can opt for a beautiful half-sheet cake baked by Costco.

We recommend the roses, bouquet, scored rosebuds, or chocolate bouquet designs for a simple yet meaningful treat for your guests. You can choose the colors of the roses to match the theme of your wedding. Personally, I would love to have a wedding cake with red velvet chiffon on the inside.

If you want to find out what to look for when ordering a wedding cake, you can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake.

10 Facts You Should Know About Costco Cakes

1. Costco Cake Prices Are Incredibly Cheap

A Costco cake will set you back less than twenty bucks in most cases. There’s a good chance that you wouldn’t be able to beat that price anywhere else, even if you chose to make the cake yourself.

The cost of buying all of the ingredients needed would set you back more than the cost of a Costco cake. Costco beats out the competition too on the majority of cake prices.

It’s well worth knowing that they are one of the best-priced cake providers.

2. They Feed A Lot Of People

With one of Costco’s half sheet cakes (one of their most popular options), you can serve 48 guests. With that in mind, once you’ve sliced and dished out the cake, it has only cost you 39 cents per person.

3. One Cake Weighs More Than A Newborn Baby

If you place one of Costco’s half-sheet cakes on a weighing scale, you will find that the cake weighs around nine-and-a-half pounds.

According to the Costco cake order form, two pounds of its weight consists of the mousse filling.

4. There Are Only Two Flavors Offered

You can either order a chocolate cake or what Costco refers to as a ‘white cake,’ which is just vanilla flavored. The chocolate version of the cake contains chocolate mousse filling and has chocolate buttercream icing.

The vanilla version of the cake has a vanilla cheesecake mousse filling and is iced with white buttercream icing.

5. Customers Used To Have More Options

There was once a time when carrot cake was an option on the Costco cakes menu. This came with an apricot mousse filling and cream cheese icing, which was sprinkled with slivered almonds.

In international Costco’s, there are even more options available. The Australian Costco gives customers the option to mix and match a raspberry filling with either a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake.

6. You Can Take One Home On The Spot

Costco keeps its bakery filled with a wide selection of ready-made sheet cakes. Some of those are plain cakes, and others have birthday messages. Around the holiday season, they even have some cakes with festive designs readily on them.

7. Some Custom Orders Require Advanced Planning

If you need something specific such as a unique message or a specific design, then you will need to give the bakers a day or two to prepare the cake for you.

It’s good to know that the option is there though if you would like something special and unique to put on your cake.

8. Bakers Can Decorate The Cake In More Than Two Dozen Different Ways

A typical sheet cake order from Costco reveals almost thirty designs to choose from. Some of the designs feature classics such as roses or balloons. However, there are also some more interesting designs.

An example includes a pirate ship design, a party owl, and even a skateboard.

9. The Dinosaur Design Was Part Of A Scandal

In 2015, a story by The Inquisitr broke about a woman who had complained that the dinosaur design on her child’s birthday cake only had three legs, each resembling the number “6”.

The woman claimed that the bakers had purposely hidden this demonic “666” message in her child’s birthday cake (see picture to the right).

However, after some research, it was found that the article had been written by the mother’s boyfriend, and the Costco location that had been mentioned in the story confirmed that there had never been a complaint regarding the cake.

10. They’re The Perfect Blank Slate

Costco’s sheet cakes are perfect for when you want to customize a cake yourself at home. No matter how you slice them, they can look incredible. You can pick up a cake from Costco that has only been frosted with a base layer, and then you can add whatever design you like at home.

Holiday and Every Day Treats With Costco Cakes

During the holiday season, cooking tends to be was of the biggest stresses. In addition to hosting a holiday meal or party for families and friends alike, many people attend various parties at other people’s homes, and this usually requires guests to bring an item.

Instead of spending hours in the kitchen baking and cooking for these various events, Costco cakes can help to make your life that little bit less stressful during the holiday season.

Costco sells a variety of holiday-themed cakes, which can be purchased and taken away on the day of the event, or they can even be ordered in advance.

Costco cakes are a delicious treat for everyone, and they won’t set you back too much money either. The reasonable prices that Costco offer on their cakes allow families and friends to enjoy a restaurant-quality dessert at a very small fraction of the cost.

Each Costco offers a wide variety of options. You can choose from different flavors, including a white cake with berry compote or a chocolate espresso cake.

All of these cakes are ready-made in the bakery and can be picked up at any time that’s convenient for you. This makes Costco cakes a great option for those who are busy and are also perfect for someone who needs to pick up a last-minute dessert.

How to Order Costco Cakes

Unfortunately, you can’t order Costco cakes online in the United States. The only places that have Costco cakes online order options are the UK and Australia.

If you live in one of these areas, you can visit their websites for UK and Australia to order. If you live in the United States, you need to complete the Costco cakes order form.

The U.S. order form is the most recent order form available online. If you are unsure of whether it will work in your local Costco, you can contact the bakery before completing the form.

Start with the base of your cake: white or chocolate. You can find out more about the ingredients used in the descriptions under each category. After that, select one design from the list of Costco cake decoration ideas.

If you choose the Costco carriage baby shower cake, make sure to mention if it’s for a girl or boy. Costco graduation cakes can be decorated in the school’s colors, while the Costco rose design cakes have color options too. If you’d like a seasonal design, there’s also a dedicated category for that.

Make sure you print the writing on the cake and enter your personal information at the bottom of the form (member name, phone number, pick-up date, and time).

Then, take the order form to your local Costco. One of the best parts about Costco cakes is that they can be ordered on short notice. The bakery asks to be notified just one day in advance to bake the cake for your event.

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Costco Cake Prices: Conclusion

Costco cakes are designed, manufactured, and sold by Costco, the biggest warehouse club that’s membership-based in the United States. How was your customer experience with Costco cakes?

Have you ever ordered Costco cakes for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or graduation party? What do you think of the Costco cake prices and designs? Share your yummy story in our comments section below!

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