Pumpkin cheesecake – whether it is fall, spring, summer, or winter – indulging in a rich, decadent dessert pie is always appreciated. Pumpkin cheesecake is one of those desserts that is loved by many.

It doesn’t have the strong flavor of a traditional pumpkin pie and has a more rounded flavor profile than your traditional cheesecake. It is a perfect combination, and is great to have for any event, party, or simply for yourself.

Where can you order this dessert online, and what places offer the most convenient shipping services and the most high-quality pies? This article is going to cover where you can order pumpkin cheesecake online and what it costs.

How We Choose our Ratings

coffee and pumpkin cheesecake

Image by Stephanie Albert from Pixabay

All of the places are going to be rated based on the quality of the product and how easy they design their ordering system. The easier it is to use and understand, the higher the store goes in our rankings.

We will also use customer reviews to determine how good of a product the store offers compared to its competition. Last but not least, all of our choices are unsponsored, meaning no one is paying us to make these choices.

This is simply the result of compiling online research into a comprehensive list. So, without further ado, where are the best places to order pumpkin cheesecake online?

Best Places to Buy Pumpkin Cheesecake: Comparison Table

Store Name


Our Rating


The Cheesecake Factory

the cheesecake factory website

Collin Street Bakery

collin street bakery website

Junior’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake

juniors cheesecake website

iGourmet Pumpkin Cheesecake

igourmet cheesecake website

Wolferman’s Tradition of Fine Baking

wolfermans website

Bake Me a Wish

bake me a wish website

Goldbelly Desserts

goldbelly website

​Grubhub, Doordash, BiteSquad, etc.

grubhub website

Review of the Best Places to Buy Pumpkin Cheesecake

1. The Cheesecake Factory

the cheesecake factory website

Image from The Cheesecake Factory website

Of course, this ranks number one on our list. The Cheesecake Factory specializes in creating all sorts of different flavored cheesecakes for any event. What makes this particularly unique is the fact that each order is made to order. Nothing is stock piled in the back waiting to be shipped out.

They make everything fresh to be delivered to you. You can choose to have it delivered right to your door, or you can choose to pick it up at a store in your city.

If you have Dashpass, you get free delivery on any order. This is something that you can get with any Door Dash account, an online delivery service.

If you know you live reasonably close to a Cheesecake Factory, type in your delivery address and place your order for pick up or delivery.

Let’s say you don’t live close to a Cheesecake factory. What are your options? You can get cheesecake delivered to anywhere within the United States using this online platform.

They have great reviews when it comes to the quality of their product. They are well known for producing some of the most decadent, rich cheesecakes on the market. Their pumpkin cheesecake does not disappoint.

Due to the ease with which their delivery service is found, the fact that it partners with other services to delivery to nearly any location, and the top-notch quality of their products, Cheesecake Factory easily takes our number one spot.

Their traditional 7-inch pumpkin cheesecake sells for 60 dollars. While this might be the most expensive option on the list, customer reviews attest it is well worth it.

2. Collin Street Bakery

collin street bakery website

Image from Collin Street Bakery website

This is another, great online bakery that lets you ship to nearly anywhere within the United States. Their pumpkin cheesecake is also fantastic, with universally loved ratings on nearly all customer reviews. It has a hint of pumpkin flavor in a rich, decadent cheesecake pie.

Their ordering process is relatively simple as well. Searching ‘pumpkin cheesecake order online’ brings you to Collin Street Bakery almost immediately.

Click on this link to get an order started. Once here, you choose who you want it delivered to. In other words, is this a gift or a personal order. You enter your address, payment, and viola you have a cheesecake on your way.

This is a fair bit cheaper than the Cheesecake Factory alternative. For one pie that serves 8 people, you only end up paying 33 dollars. These are not made fresh to order, but they are delicious, and one of the better ranked pumpkin cheesecakes online.

3. Junior’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake

juniors cheesecake website

Image from Junior’s Cheesecake  website

Juniors is a small New York and online bakery that has mastered the art of making and shipping baked goods to places across the United States. It was founded in New York City, and is known as one of the best cheesecake places in the huge, bustling city. 

It was built in the 1950s and has been a famous icon of the Big Apple ever since. They don’t just specialize in making cheesecake, however. They also serve savory treats alongside their most famous icon.

If you don’t live in New York city and are looking for some of the famous cheesecake, the home website offers delivery to anywhere within the United States.

Their pumpkin cheesecake goes for a very affordable 37 dollars. You can choose to the send multiple orders to multiple addresses, or simply send it to your own home for the holidays.

Their ordering service is simple, and their products get overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Their cheesecake is always rich, smooth, and creamy. Their pumpkin pie is supposed to have a light cinnamon taste, so it won’t be overwhelming for those not into the traditional pumpkin flavor.

All in all, this is a great place to stop at for ordering your classic pumpkin cheesecake pie.

4. iGourmet Pumpkin Cheesecake

igourmet cheesecake website

Image from iGourmet  website

This is a website that connects customers with good food from across the world. It is a connoisseur of all things unique, including cheeses, meats, oils, vinegars, fruits, vegetables, and coffees.

It sources all of its foods from local bakeries, farms and producers, and is well known for hooking its customers up with the hidden, high quality goods of the world.

Its cheesecake, while one of the most expensive on this list, does not disappoint.This is an option for those who are looking for a finer dessert, something that boasts absolute uniqueness.

Their pumpkin cheesecake is from a small, southern family-owned bakery. It is handmade and also, made to order.

It comes in 9 inches and serves roughly 8 to 10 people. It is beautiful, rated as being absolutely delicious, and works as a perfect Thanksgiving dessert. This does cost 70 dollars, so be prepared to flush out your wallet a little bit more for this option than you would for the previously mentioned cheesecakes.

While the ordering is relatively simple, and the quality of the product is high, we don’t quite like how expensive it is. For this reason, we knocked it down the list.

You can get a similar quality pumpkin cheesecake for 10 dollars less at the Cheesecake Factory, so don’t be too quick to drop your money here. If you like that ultimate, unique origin story, however, then this is the place to order.

5. Wolferman’s Tradition of Fine Baking

wolfermans website

Image from Wolferman’s  website

These guys have been in the business for a long time. Starting out as a specialty foods store in 1888, Wolferman’s blossomed from a small corner grocery store to a well-known, national food store that specializes in fine foods.

Despite how old the chain is, they have evolved well with the times. They offer a comprehensive, streamlined delivery service of nearly any goods imaginable.

One of these goods is their delicious pumpkin pie. This dessert has wonderful views online. Customers attest to the quality of its taste how intact it was upon delivery.

Their prices are rather affordable as well. You can get a traditional, 2-pound cheesecake for only 30 dollars. They don’t seem to make their orders as they come in, however. Everything seems premade and stored.

This changes when they run out of their current stock. If this happens, you might bet some fresh cheesecake delivered to your door, although you might have to wait a little longer.

They also have two-day shipping, which is a nice guarantee that your product will be fresh and intact when it reaches your door.

6. Bake Me a Wish

bake me a wish website

Image from Bake Me A Wish  website

This is an online, gourmet food delivery service. They opened in 2005 as a birthday cake deliverer for customers across the United States. They make some of the finest baked goods that are tailored specifically to your occasion and ship them right to your door.

They also have a decent pumpkin cheesecake that you can choose to have delivered to a friend as a gift or to yourself as a holiday dessert. Their pumpkin cheesecake is a little more on the pumpkin side than other the other options on this list.

It seemed as if customers thought this dessert was okay, but not in any way phenomenal. This also sells for nearly 43 dollars a pie, which is inordinately expensive for a pumpkin cheesecake that is rated as being just okay.

You also have to fork over roughly 20 dollars for any overnight or next day shipping. This isn’t the best option on our list, but it does have a decent product to offer at a semi-decent price.

7. Goldbelly Desserts

goldbelly website

Image from Goldbelly  website

We have mentioned Goldbelly before in our reviews. They are an online dessert and sweets company that delivers anything you want to your door. They have decent reviews online for their shipping service and quality of products.

When it comes to their pumpkin cheesecake, it seems, like Bake me a Wish, they have a mediocre product to offer. Their pumpkin cheesecake pie comes in two sizes: a 6 inch and a 9 inch. The 6-inch sized pie feeds roughly 8 to 10 people, while the 9 inch sized pie serves roughly 16.

The smaller option sells for roughly 50 dollars a pie. Their ordering service, as mentioned, is streamlined and easy to use. The quality of the pie your get for that price, however, may not be worth it. All of their cakes are pre-made and put in storage.

This means you don’t get that ultimate, fresh taste you would with other delivery services. All in all, customers still liked this service enough to return on a regular basis, relying on Goldbelly to deliver their last-minute dessert needs.

8. Grubhub, Doordash, BiteSquad, etc.

grubhub website

Image from Grubhub  website

If you want something delivered to your door in a matter of minutes, or hours in some cases, than using a delivery service in your city is the perfect option. These delivery services will put you in contact with local restaurants that deliver pumpkin cheesecake.

Some will deliver whole pies, and others will deliver by the slice.This is the best option if you are looking to get your hands on this dessert right away.

All you have to do is search your local area. A delivery fee will be charged to the order, but in most cases, this is far cheaper than any shipping costs you might accrue otherwise.

This option also one works if you live in a larger metropolis. Smaller cities don’t offer delivery, and rural areas will most likely have to rely on national shipping service.

How to Choose the Best Service

As is usually the case, always look for positive customer reviews. Even if the store seems to be the most popular, sifting through customer reviews will always give you a different, insider’s look on a company’s services.

When it comes to pumpkin cheesecake, finding a store that makes the product to order will give you the highest quality, freshest tasting dessert.

Handmade is also another great tell-tale sign that the place you are ordering from is top notch. This all means you will have to wait a bit longer to get your sweets, but the wait will be worth it.

Well, there it is! Eight of the best ways you can get your hands on pumpkin cheesecake online.