Swadeshi Plaza, located in Irving, Texas, is a no-frills Indian grocery store with a tiny counter-serve cafe serving traditional dishes. Furthermore, Swadeshi Plaza stores provide customers with slices of bread, delicious cakes and pastries, pickles and chutneys, snacks, and sweets. These Swadeshi cakes are ideal for any occasion. Customers can order customized birthdays, baby showers, or holiday cakes from Swadeshi. This Swadeshi cake article will show you the prices and designs for sheet cakes and round cakes, as well as the ordering process.

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Swadeshi Plaza Cake Prices

Cake TypePrice
1/8 Sheet Cake$8.99
1/4 Sheet Cake$15.99
1/2 Sheet Cake$25.99
Full Sheet Cake$45.99
8 Inch Single Layer Round Cake$7.99
8 Inch Double Layer Round Cake$14.99
Ice Cream Round Cake$16.99

Swadeshi Plaza Cake Designs

Wedding Cakes

Swadeshi Plaza creates modest wedding cakes at a reasonable price. They make traditional tiered patterns with white frosting and floral and lace accents. In addition, Swadeshi cake tops are often left plain to place a bride and groom cake topper on the wedding cake. Swadeshi Plaza also offers custom icing designs that match the theme and colors of your wedding. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose a single, double, or triple-tiered cake. However, order your wedding cake several months in advance to ensure that you get the desired design and taste!

Wedding Cake in Swadeshi Plaza

Baby Shower Cakes

Purchase a cake from Swadeshi Plaza to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family. They make classic baby shower cakes with white frosting and pink or blue accents. Swadeshi can also make baby shower cake designs like bottles, diaper pins, baby booties, blocks, or baby carriages. You can also insert a message congratulating the new parents on top of the cake. In addition, parents can get a gender reveal cake from their store, which includes cake colored to match the gender of the new baby. Cupcakes covered with pastel icing are another delightful Swadeshi option for baby showers.

Baby shower cake

Graduation Cakes

Swadeshi offers a variety of cakes to commemorate a loved one’s graduation. You can get a Swadeshi round cake or a sheet cake customized in the graduate’s school colors. Round Swadeshi cakes are ideal for smaller gatherings, although full sheet cakes may feed a large group. Apart from this, the bakery team will also write a congratulatory greeting to the new graduate if you request. You may be able to order a themed Swadeshi cake decorated with diplomas, graduation hats, or books in some places. When the big colleges graduate, certain Swadeshi stores may even supply cakes decorated with the school’s logo for nearby schools.

Elegant Graduation cake

Birthday Cakes

Swadeshi birthday cakes are great for your birthday parties because they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Swadeshi’s small round cakes are ideal for an intimate family celebration, while the bakery’s full-sheet cakes can satisfy a large group of friends. Swadeshi even offers simple cupcake packs if you don’t want to cut the cake and split it out. Customers can buy any of these Swadeshi cakes in the birthday person’s preferred cake taste, and the staff will help you with bespoke embellishment options. Simple Swadeshi cake designs, like roses and balloons, are reasonably priced.  When you order any Swadeshi cake, you can optionally pick frosting colors and a happy birthday message.

birthday cake black, white and silver

How to order in Swadeshi Plaza?

To order Swadeshi’s products, you can go to their official website, call them at 9724096551, or send an email to irving@swadeshiplaza.com.

Swadeshi Plaza’s inexpensive cakes and unique decorations make it simple to create a party. Swadeshi cakes are not particularly elaborate, yet they taste delicious and look pleasing. Have you ever ordered a cake from Swadeshi? Please leave a comment below to let us know how it went for you.