You’ve undoubtedly had a soft place for the wonderful gift of cake ever since your very first birthday or any special occasion. The cake is one of life’s little joys and an essential part of celebrations that are positively overflowing with energy. We should all indulge ourselves now and then in the experience of walking into a bakery and being surrounded by dozens of delicious treats. Are you starving at the idea of imaginative and unique cakes? Satura cakes can make your imagination come true! Satura Cakes is a bakery that specializes in custom cakes with a Japanese style in addition to traditional cookies and pastries. Their bakery is perfect for your choices!

Satura Cakes Prices

Prices may vary depending on the size of the cake.

List of Cakes


Satura Shortcake$59.00
Satura Dome-Flower$67.00
Chef Special Rose$76.00
Classic Chocolate$52.00
(New!) Yuzu Passion$55.50
Mango & Coco$52.00
Red Velvet$52.00
Original Tiramisu$52.00
Earl Grey$55.50
New York Cheese$69.50
Dome Bunny$69.50
Dome Chick$69.50
Dome Kitty$69.50
Dome Pig$69.50
Dome Dino$69.50
Dome Puppy$69.50
Dome Lion$69.50
Full Sheet Cakes (for larger crowds)up to $300

Satura Cakes Sample Designs

Wedding Cake

Are you planning a wedding? Satura Patisserie offers free tastings and consultations!

Satura’s wedding cakes are also well-known, following in the footsteps of its Japanese partner bakery Anniversary Co.,  Japan’s largest wedding cake supplier. Japanese wedding cakes began as inedible decorative emblems at weddings until Anniversary Co. began selling real wedding cakes, which they now make roughly 500 each month.

In particular, Strawberry shortcake, Mango coconut mousse, Shortcake with mango passion fruit fresh cream, and Green tea cake with vanilla bean cream are among their signature cake flavors. Additionally, there is a chocolate cake with caramel mocha cream, a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries and raspberries, a classic rich chocolate sponge with light and dark chocolate mousse, and a classic rich chocolate cake with bittersweet whipped ganache.

Wedding Cake Satura cakes

Chef Special Rose Cake

Chef Special Rose Cake is one of Satura’s signature cakes. This signature cake is an extra delicate Genoise sponge layered with signature fresh cream strawberries, and of course, it is nut free! Its cost depends on the sizes that you will order. Following, 6-inch (Serves 7 Round) for $76.00, 7-inch (Serves 9 Round) for $89.50, and 8-inch (Serves 12.5 Round) for $114.00. For more goodies, you can visit Marble Slab Cakes, Pie in the Sky Cakes, and Sweet Chariot Cakes.

Chef Special Rose Satura Cakes

Dome Bunny Cake

Dome Bunny cake is one of the animal cakes in Satura’s Patisserie.
This bunny cake is a nut-free variation of Satura’s signature strawberry shortcake. Moreover, Dome Bunny is available in two colors, which is pink and blue. The prices for pink are the following, 6-inch (Serve 7) for $69.50, 7-inch (Serve 9) for $83.00, and 8-inch (Serve 12) for $106.00. Also, these are the prices for the blue 6-inch (Serve 7) for $74.50, 7-inch (Serve 9) for $88.00, and 8-inch (Serve 12) for $111.00.

Dome Bunny Cake Satura cakes

Satura Cakes Brief Background

The word Satura is from an ancient Roman confection made of barley, raisins, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and sweet wine – it was a cake drenched in awesome things, hence the name. The word Satura is not Japanese in origin, but it has a Japanese sound, which is why the Japanese team members pick this name during the bakeshop’s name decision process. Furthermore, they chose the name Satura because of its connection to the past and new outlook on the future.

How to order?

You are lucky if you live in or around Los Altos, California. You can drive down to the shop and pick up some yummy treats. Besides, you can order one of their stunning wedding cakes or special occasion cakes online. Also, to book catering, a dessert bar, tasting and consultation, and other goodies don’t hesitate to contact Satura’s Patisserie. Through, emailing or calling (650) 559-0950. You can also visit their official website for more details.

Have you ever visited Satura and tasted delicious cakes? If not, try now immediately! You will not be disappointed after you try their delicious cakes. We want to hear about your experience at their shop because your opinion is valuable to us! Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.