Holmesburg Bakery is a longtime family-owned business that sells regular baked goods and customized cakes for special occasions. Customers place orders here for their birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baptism cakes, anniversary cakes, baby shower cakes, and other occasions. Holmesburg specializes in creating cakes exclusively for customers, and their cake prices start at $17 per serving. Holmesburg cakes cost more based on the size and difficulty of the design. Additionally, every order begins with an on-site consultation and tasting. This phase should start early in the event planning process to provide sufficient time for design and delivery.

Holmesburg Bakery Cakes Prices

Prices are only estimates; please visit one of your local branches in your region to be sure.

Cake type
Customize Cake$17+ per serving
Design or Theme Cake$500 (minimum cake order)

Holmesburg Bakery Cake Designs

Prices may vary for customized cakes depending on the size and the difficulty of the design you order.

Baby Shower Cake

Choosing a creative, interesting, and unique baby shower cake. It can turn your party snack into the center of attention that your guests will appreciate and talk about. Anyone looking for a cake might consider Holmesburg cakes. Additionally, it draws attention to the following baby shower they host. In addition to the customary sheet cakes for baby showers, also Holmesburg offers a wide selection of delectable and exquisitely crafted gourmet cakes. The divine delight is a crowd-pleaser. Holmesburg baby shower cake costs are reasonable whether you select a classic cake with a baby shower theme or a gourmet cake. As a result, you can customize your cake without paying extra.

Holmesburg Bakery Baby shower cake

Birthday Cake

The colorful kid-themed birthday cakes made by Holmesburg Bakery are popular with adult visitors. Thus, it has a lot of Disney characters and sports-related elements. These birthday cakes are available in quarter, half, and full sheet sizes in addition to the stacked circular cakes. It can accommodate 96 people. The cost of a birthday cake in Holmesburg includes the cake batter flavor of your choice, icing, and your choice of filling. Then, Holmesburg cakes are certain to delight all of your visitors. So, consider Holmesburg to create your dream birthday cake!

Holmesburg Bakery Birthday cake

Wedding Cake

The cakes from the Holmesburg bakery are ideal for your wedding. It specializes in making exquisite, individually designed wedding cakes. Numerous traditional, rustic, and contemporary wedding cake designs are available in Holmesburg. Also,  Holmesburg cakes are available in various flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, marble, and white. By choosing up to five layers with tier combinations, your wedding cake will have more personality. It can accommodate up to 160 people. Furthermore,  the cost of a wedding cake in Holmesburg typically includes lovely designs, edible decorations, and cake toppers. It also has initials, fresh flowers, and other things.

Holmesburg Bakery wedding cake

Graduation Cake

Surprise your family member who graduated after the ceremony by giving them one of the many specialty cakes created in Holmesburg. There are many flavors of cakes at the Holmesburg bakery. Additionally, you can choose a message for the graduation by using one of the many icing colors that are offered. Moreover, use the colors of their school or other preferred attire. Holmesburg graduation cakes are an inexpensive and efficient method to serve guests. Thus, it is appropriate for both a small family-only gathering and a large crowd during a graduation party.

Holmesburg Bakery graduation cake

How to Order in Holmesburg Bakery?

There isn’t an official website for Holmesburg Bakery, but you can reach them by phone at +1-215-624-1091. After speaking with the bakery staff about your requirements, place your order by phone. Before placing an order for a cake that will be picked up at a store, simply select the cake size, cake batter flavor, and kind of filling. Additionally, they are located at 7935 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136, United States.

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