Wegmans cakes are highly customizable to fit many special occasions, from birthday and graduation parties to weddings and baby showers. Clients can simply create their own Wegmans cakes online, with just a few clicks. Sizes available go from quarter sheet to round 2-layer. Wegman’s bakery offers multiple decorations and delicious filling options, like raspberry or chocolate ganache. If you have a favorite photo that you want to add to your special occasion cake, this is possible with both Wegmans celebration cakes and cookie cakes. Learn more about the Wegmans cake prices, designs, and ordering process below.

Wegmans Cakes Prices

The costs for Wegmans cakes begin at $12.00 for the Round 1-Layer cake, and go up to $59.00 for a Full Sheet cake. Even though Wegmans cake prices can be different from one store to another, it’s usually only by a couple of dollars. This might be owing to the fact that the bakeries are concentrated along the East Coast, in the following states:

  • Massachusetts;
  • Maryland;
  • New Jersey;
  • New York;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Virginia;

The Wegmans cake prices also differ according to how much you decide to customize your cake. In the table below, we provide the starting prices for all of the cakes available on the Wegmans website.

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A Bit About Wegmans Cakes

In 1915, the Wegman brothers worked in their parent’s shop which sold fresh produce and distributed it around Rochester in New York on a pushcart which was even sometimes horse-drawn. By 1931, the Wegman brothers we doing outstandingly well in business and stunned everyone when they moved away from their humble beginnings into their own 20,000 square foot shop. They introduced many new innovations into the business such as refrigerated sections for the produce, and an in-store cafeteria which was able to seat up to 300 people. Wegmans currently continues to revolutionize the grocery industry. They offer high-quality produce, gourmet cheeses, and, of course, their amazing cake selection.

Wegmans Cake Designs

Wegmans cake designs can be customized for an additional price, but their foundations are suitable for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and other family gatherings. Their website doesn’t expand that much on Wegmans cake designs for specific occasions, but you can ask your local bakery about different options.

You can create your Wegmans cake online, then go to the closest store in your area to pick up your cake. Wegmans offers two types of cakes: celebration and cookie. Upon accessing your preferred link, you can choose the size of the cake you want, the flavors, decorations, and message.

Wegmans Birthday Cakes

All Wegmans birthday cakes are customizable, both online and in stores. For celebrating with close family or a few friends, you can get a round vanilla Wegmans birthday cake. A single-layer cake will cost about $12.00, while a double-layer one will be around $22.00. If you choose to customize your birthday cake, Wegman’s offers decorations such as roses, balloons, messages, and photos. These decorations are available on Wegmans sheet cakes as well.

The Ultimate Cakes at Wegmans are also a fantastic idea for a birthday party. When you go to any of the product pages for Wegmans cakes, you will see a full list of ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts. Additionally, you get a full list of Wegmans cake reviews from customers that will help you make your final decision.

Wegmans Graduation Cakes

There are numerous graduation cake options at Wegmans. For instance, if you just want to congratulate the person who has graduated, you can get them a Mini Ultimate cake in chocolate, white, or carrot with walnuts. The first two Wegmans cakes we mentioned will cost $9.50, while the carrot cake with walnuts will be $10.50 for the additional ingredients.

However, if you plan on celebrating with family and friends, a large ultimate cake might be more appropriate for serving your guests. Choose the graduate’s favorite flavor and get a 54 oz. cake for just $22.00.

If you plan on celebrating with the whole class, a Wegmans sheet cake will most likely work the best. Wegmans sheet cakes are available in ¼ sheet, ½ sheet, and full sheet sizes, all with buttercreme filling. A ¼ sheet cake costs about $27.00, while a ½ sheet one is $39.00 in select bakeries. You can get a full sheet cake for about $59.00. For an extra fee, you can add a custom message to congratulate your grad.

Wegmans Baby Shower Cakes

One of the best ways to host a baby shower is to treat your guests to cake that reminds them of childhood. In this regard, we recommend a Wegmans cookie cake. The cookie cake Wegmans bakes is actually one of the store’s specialties, and comes in a variety of sizes. You pay $21.00 for a ¼ sheet. Larger Wegmans cookie cakes exceed $40.00, with a full sheet cake costing $47.00.

Of course, round Wegmans cakes always work wonderfully for baby showers as well. You can customize them with blue or pink frosting, depending on whether you’re expecting a baby girl or boy. Remember that you have both 1 layer and 2 layer options, for Wegmans cake prices that range from $12.00 to $22.00.

Wegmans Wedding Cakes

If you want a budget-friendly and delicious option for your wedding, Wegmans is the bakery for you. Wegmans sheet cakes are affordable and are some of the best-tasting cakes available on the market. A pre-designed wedding cake from a similar bakery start at $150.

For a smaller wedding, you can go for the Wegmans round cakes, which are equally delicious. The best thing you can do is discuss the decoration details and prices with your nearest Wegmans store. Before scheduling a tasting session, you can take look at our tips on picking the perfect wedding cake.

Wegmans Bakery Prices

Even though the Wegmans bakery specializes in cakes, with a focus on customers creating their own personalized cakes, they also offer a variety of other sweet treats and baked goods that are equally delicious. You can find their selection on the Wegmans bakery website.

They divide their bakery into several departments, such as: bread, breakfast, celebration cakes, cookies, desserts, rolls, special diets, and more. For instance, in the desserts section, you can find treats like Assorted Cupcakes, 12 Pack for $13.001 Layer Fruit Topped Shortcake for $14.00, or Mixed Fruit Tart for $8.00.

In the cookies section, we must mention the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies pack for $10.99, while the special diet section is perfect for people who have allergies and intolerances, since it offers products like the gluten-free Vanilla Cake with Buttercreme Icing for $8.49 or the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies for $4.99.

How to Order Wegmans Cakes

Finally, we will cover the ordering process for Wegmans cakes. Customers can visit the online cake ordering page to order. The process is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve accessed the page, choose the type of cake you want to order (celebration or cookie). Then, choose the size of your cake, the flavor, frosting, filling, theme, color, and, finally, message to be printed on the cake (optional). The next thing you need to do is head out to checkout in order to finalize your order.

order here

An extremely important thing you need to be aware of is that Wegmans does not offer cake delivery services. While you are able to order and pay online, in order to get the cake, you will have to pick it up yourself from the bakery you ordered from.

As for those who want to order face-to-face, they can find their nearest Wegmans bakery with their store locator. Once you place your order, you will be able to speak with your local baker about custom options, pick up times, and other aspects relevant for your customer experience.


Whether you prefer the Wegmans celebration or cookies cakes, they are all a classy, tasty, and inexpensive option for your special occasion. The good part about the Wegmans cakes is that they are easily customizable, so you can really create the perfect cake for your party. What was your experience with Wegmans cakes? What did you think of the Wegmans cake prices? Leave your comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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