Sylvia Weinstock Cakes began in the humble setting of a country home but now spans the globe with gorgeous, custom-designed cakes for any occasion. Clients purchase her cakes to celebrate weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, themed birthday parties, baptisms, and retirements.

Custom-designed cakes are their specialty, and Sylvia Weinstock cake prices begin at $17 per serving. Sylvia Weinstock costs go up based on the complexity and size of the design. Delivery is handled by Ms. Weinstock’s staff and begins at $200 for local deliveries. All orders begin with an on-site tasting and consultation. This process should begin early in the event planning process to ensure adequate design and delivery time.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Prices

Type of cakePrice
Custom Cake$17+ per serving
Design or Theme Cake$500 (minimum cake order)

Cakes Designs

The custom nature of Ms. Weinstock’s cake business means that they never duplicate a cake design. Each client can stretch his or her mind to envision the most fantastic work of cake art. Floral cakes are an especially strong suit for this bakery. It takes the average artist about one 40-hour work week to create 100 roses.

They also create edible art to adorn the nearly unlimited combinations of Sylvia Weinstock cakes and filling flavors. Past edible art designs have included handbags, families, hobbies, and more. Sylvia Weinstock mini cakes are also popular, allowing slight customization for each guest at the celebratory event.

Sylvia Weinstock Birthday Cakes

A birthday celebration with a Sylvia Weinstock cake is special. Lots of time and thought go into making each design perfect for the birthday boy or girl. Some cakes can be created with a short three to four weeks’ notice, but it is best to schedule a consultation as early as two months before the event to ensure placement on the calendar.

When planning a birthday cake, consider the hobbies and interests of the celebrant. Because of the skill of Sylvia Weinstock bakery, nearly anything is possible. A bibliophile might enjoy seeing their monogram lit up from within a book made of cake.

An enthusiastic outdoorsman could feast on a tent-shaped cake complete with forest animals. Sylvia Weinstock cake prices for birthday celebrations also begin at $17 per person. So, you can see that Sylvia Weinstock price is not that high for such a beautiful design! If you want a fanciful birthday cake, you can also check Charm City.

Sylvia Weinstock Graduation Cakes

Graduation is a special time, and a piece of edible art from Sylvia Weinstock Cakes highlights the great achievement it is to complete one phase of education. In these cases, a floral cake with the flowers of the region may be appropriate. Flowers in the colors of the institution of higher learning may also be appropriate.

Clients could choose an edible art cake representing the field of study. Past examples include a white piano festooned with an edible floral spray and a pair of suitcases adorned with international stickers. Whatever design or theme the clients choose, the minimum Sylvia Weinstock price for one order is $500.

They do not ship cakes, but delivery arrangements are possible for nearly every location around the globe. Sylvia Weinstock shipping charges begin at $200 but increase with the distance and complexity of the cake design.

Sylvia Weinstock Baby Shower Cakes

Mini cakes are a popular choice for smaller, more intimate affairs like a baby shower. A table spread wide with Sylvia Weinstock custom-designed mini cakes has a certain charm and appeal when celebrating the impending appearance of a mini human. These cakes can all be identical, or they can simply be similar in theme or shape, lending an air of whimsy to any celebration. Design suggestions include tea cups filled with petite flowers, Faberge eggs, two-tiered delights covered with tiny gardens, or simple and small flower boxes. If you like mini cupcakes, you can take a look also at Cami Cakes.

Larger, edible art cakes are also appropriate for a baby shower. A square, tiered Sylvia Weinstock cake delicately arrayed with black lace is lovely, surrounded by edible teacups. A more traditional Noah’s Ark cake is also something to consider for a baby shower. The size and complexity of the custom-designed confection determine the price of the cake and delivery fees. As usual, pricing for Sylvia Weinstock mini-cakes can start at $17 per guest.

Wedding Cakes

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes produce over-the-top, extravagant wedding cakes for cultural movers and shakers all over the world. The most expensive Sylvia Weinstock Wedding Cake prices hover around $70,000 and may require the removal of chandeliers in order to fit properly in their assigned space.

Committing to a unique wedding cake requires quite a bit of forethought, beginning no less than six months before the wedding date. The process begins with a tasting and design consultation and continues as the bride and groom refine their ideas, and the remaining wedding details come into place.

Before deciding on a cake design, a couple should make sure they know where the wedding will be and have picked out a dress. Even though it will be amazing, it should fit in with everything else at the wedding. For the prices of Sylvia Weinstock wedding cakes, you will need to put down a deposit. Keep in mind that the most complicated cakes can take weeks to make.

How to Order 

The client needs to set up a tasting and design consultation before they can start to order. At this meeting, they will decide which flavors go best with the event and the people who will be there. Some clients think this is the best part of the process, right after the big reveal.

Also, it’s important to have a budget in mind. Sylvia Weinstock requires a minimum order of $500, and prices start at $17 per person. This will change how the design turns out. Once you know where the party is going to be, you can find out how much delivery will cost. The minimum fee is $200, though.


The fantastic creations of Ms. Weinstock and her capable staff delight and mesmerize. Each one is highly personalized to reflect the reason for the celebration.
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