Cami Cakes is not your typical bakery. They focus on doing one thing very well – making cupcakes for any occasion. Clients have used the original Cami Cakes flavors to celebrate birthdays, weddings, new babies, and graduations. They are even choosing Cami cupcakes as an alternative to the traditional donut or cookie break for long office meetings.
Cami Cupcake prices start at $3.25 with discounts available for ordering one or more dozen. The good news is that Cami Cakes will ship their cupcakes all over the continental United States. Cami Cakes creamery also offers a broad selection of round layer cakes that cost between $49 and $54. Local customers can place an order for pickup at one of their seven Florida or Georgia locations.

Cami Cakes Prices

Type of cakePrice
Mini Cupcakes
Full-size Cupcakes
Whole Cakes$49-54
Holiday Keepsake$69

Cami Cake Designs

With 23 different cupcake varieties, there will be a flavor profile for everyone to enjoy. Classic flavors like Classic Cami chocolate  and vanilla are available for purists. Fruit flavored cupcakes like Strawberries –N- Cream, Red Berry, and Key Lime are popular. There are even candy-flavored Cami cupcakes like Lemon Drop, The Elvis, and Mint Chocolate for those with a sweeter tooth.
Twelve of the most popular regular Cami cupcake flavors are also available as mini cupcakes.

Clients can order more of the signature Cami flavors. All 23 cupcake varieties are available as full-size, round layer cakes. These larger cakes are artfully designed and can have messages written on the top to mark the reason for any celebration.

Cami Birthday Cakes

These little bites of cake are perfect for a kid’s birthday party. There is less mess to clean up when serving cupcakes and the birthday boy or girl can even have several different flavors by choosing to celebrate with cupcakes. Kid friendly flavors include Cinna Swirl, PB & J, and Triple Chocolate.

Birthday boys and girls all over the continental United States can enjoy these round cakes too, because Cami’s offers shipping. A minimum of one dozen cupcakes is necessary to order, but customers only need a few days’ notice in most cases to have the treats show up on their doorstep on time.

Cami Graduation Cakes

A nice thing about Cami Cakes is that no one has to be boxed in by a particular design or theme. It is all about how much flavor owner Andra Hall can pack into these miniature bakery delights. Graduates can choose their favorite flavor combinations from the 23 cupcakes that are available online. Even if they do not live near one of the seven bakeries, delivery by mail is available. The cost of Cami Cakes cupcakes does not change depending on the event, which means customers can expect the same low cost of $3.25 for every cupcake they buy. This can help keep the total graduation party costs down too. Graduates who prefer classical flavors can take a look at Red Ribbon.

Cami Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate a growing family. Even when the mother-to-be has strange cravings, there are both sweet and salty options to meet her needs. Pineapple Toasted Coconut  lets the mother-to-be take a short, tropical vacation before she begins the arduous task of raising a human being. It might be possible that The Elvis is more her style and she will be happy if one or two are leftover to take home for late night cravings. At $3.25 a piece, this is not a snack that will break her bank. In fact, it might be a good idea for the event planner to include a few extra Cami cupcakes just for the expecting woman they are celebrating.

Cami Wedding Cakes

The trend towards serving cupcakes at a wedding instead of a traditional layered cake has not let up. Brides and grooms still love the ability to offer their guests different choices that represent the couple’s personality. Because Cami Cakes bakery has larger, round layer cakes in the same flavors, it is possible to still get the cake cutting experience if one is added onto the order. Cami Cupcakes can be mailed to any destination wedding in the continental United States, but if a bride wants to include a layer cake, she will need to make arrangements to pick it up from one of the seven Cami Cakes bakeries in Florida or Georgia.

How to Order A CamiCake

At the very top of the Cami Cake’s website there is an “Order Online” button. When customers click this link they are given the choice between pickup or shipping. If they choose the shipping option, then all they can order is regular sized Cami cupcakes. If they choose pick-up, entire Cami cakes and mini cupcakes are also available.

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Once the shopping cart has everything in it to complete the cake portion of the party planning, customers can click over to their cart to confirm and complete the ordering process. The bakery gives a $4 discount for every dozen cupcakes ordered as well.


The love and inspiration Andra Hall received from her daughter, Cami, is what makes Cami Cakes special. She has made the ordering process incredibly straightforward as she focuses on creating new flavor combinations.
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