Sub Zero’s name references the company’s unusual ice cream preparation method. They use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze each order. This might sound gourmet, but Sub Zero is actually surprisingly budget-friendly. The company’s ice cream typically costs between $4 to $9. There are plenty of flavors and mix-ins, so you can create a custom ice cream treat with all your favorite ingredients. You can find out the Sub Zero ice cream prices in this article. We will list base prices for all their treats, and let you know the cost for extra mix-ins.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Prices

Sub Zero Create Your Own Ice Cream
Ice Cream (kids) $4.09
Ice Cream (small) $4.82
Ice Cream (medium) $5.48
Ice Cream (large) $5.93
Ice Cream (pint) $4.99
Ice Cream (quart) $9.49
Sub Zero Extras
Waffle Bowl $1.00
Chocolate Waffle Bowl $1.25
Extra Frozen $0.36
Extra Mix-in $0.70
Sub Zero Sensations
Sensations Waffle Bowl (small) $5.80
Sensations Waffle Bowl (medium) $6.35
Sensations Waffle Bowl (large) $6.75
Sub Zero Frozen Treats
Sub Zero Milkshake $3.79
Sub Zero Ice Cream Pie $14.99

Sub Zero Ice Cream Flavors

Sub Zero’s ice cream comes in many flavors and options. Customers start their custom order by selecting a kids, small, medium, or large size. The Sub Zero ice cream prices for these sizes range from $4.09 to $5.93. They then pick an ice cream base. There is a classic ice cream base, a custard base with more richness, a yogurt option, a sugar-free option for those on a diet, and a lactose-free or vegan option for those with dietary restrictions. You can put your ice cream in a waffle bowl for $1.00 extra or a chocolate dipped waffle bowl for $1.25 extra.

Once you pick your base, you can add any of the flavors on the menu. These are syrups and sauces that are mixed into your ice cream before it is frozen right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. Potential flavors at Sub Zero include banana, blackberry, brownie, bubble gum, caramel, cake batter, cherry, chocolate, coffee, lemon, lime, mango, maple, mint, Nutella, peanut butter, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, or watermelon. Each store can have other additional flavors, so check with your local store to see your options.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Toppings

The Sub Zero ice cream menu contains many different mix-in options. Customers can pick from many types of candy, include Andes Mints, Gummy Bears, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and Twix.

There are plenty of baked good mix-ins as well, such as cheesecake bites, cookie dough, Oreos, and waffle cone bits. Other mix-ins include nuts, fruit, and sprinkles. They also have a Sensation of the Month that provides customers with a limited-time, seasonal mix-in. Each extra mix-in beyond your first will cost $0.70 a piece.

Sub Zero Sundaes

Customers who do not want to create their own ice cream can pick a sundae option from the Sub Zero Sensations menu. These are all different flavor combinations served in a waffle bowl. Options include chocolate conduction, birthday cake capacitor, peanut butter bonds, magnetic mint, mass mocha madness, strawberry sigma, and key lime voltage.

Depending on which Sub Zero Sensation you select, it may be topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, or other flavored toppings alongside the ice cream mix-ins. Sub Zero Sensations cost between $5.80 and $6.75, depending on which size you order. They come in small, medium, and large options. Each one is customizable, so you can request a vegan, lactose-free, or reduced sugar base for your sundae.

Sub Zero Frozen Treats

There are a few other types of treats for customers who want to try a Sub Zero ice cream in an unusual way. Customers can order a milkshake that contains any of the ice cream flavors. This comes in a single size that costs $3.79. To enjoy Sub Zero ice cream with a group, order an ice cream pie for $15. This is your choice of ice cream inside a chocolate or graham cracker crust, and it is topped with whipped cream and any other toppings of your choice.

If you want to eat the pie at a later time, ask Sub Zero to freeze it a little extra to ensure that it will last for days. Additional freezing costs an extra $0.40.

Where to Find Sub Zero Ice Creams

Sub Zero is rapidly expanding their franchise, so you can find their restaurants all over the country. The Sub Zero store locator will help you to find your closest shop. If you have any more questions about the Sub Zero ice cream prices, contact the company using one of these methods.

Sub Zero Phone Number: 385-208-4353
Sub Zero Official Website
Sub Zero Contact Page
62 Center St
Provo, UT 84601

Sub Zero’s unusual freezing method lets customers create completely unique ice cream blends. You can enjoy any ice cream flavor you can image at their stores, and the Sub Zero ice cream prices are bound to satisfy you. Have you ever tried Sub Zero before? Comment below to tell us about your favorite blend.

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