Cold Stone’s main specialty is the mixing method that they get their name from. Customers can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors, toppings, and sauces, and then the employees hand blend the ice cream together on a cold slab of stone. In this article, you can find out all about the Cold Stone ice cream prices. We will list all the flavors, sizes, and mix-ins available, so you can figure out the cost of any type of ice cream. Our guide will also contain details about the other types of frozen treats sold at Cold Stone.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Prices

Cold Stone Ice Cream
Signature Creation (small) $5.00
Signature Creation (medium) $5.25
Signature Creation (large) $5.75
Create Your Own (small) $4.00
Create Your Own (medium) $4.25
Create Your Own (large) $4.75
Cold Stone Add-Ons
Waffle Cone $1.00
Waffle Bowl $1.00
Dipped Cone $2.00
Dipped Bowl $2.00
1st Mix-In Free
Additional Mix-Ins $0.75/each
Cold Stone Specialties
Hot Sundae $5.99
Shake (small) $5.00
Shake (regular) $5.75
Cold Stone Ice Cream Cakes
4-Inch Round $10.00
6-Inch Round $24.00
8-Inch Round $32.00
Rectangle (small) $44.00
Rectangle (large) $62.00
Heart Shaped $38.00
6-Pack Cupcakes $14.00

Cold Stone Ice Cream Flavors

Cold Stone always has their signature cake batter flavor, vanilla, chocolate, sweet cream, mint, cheesecake, coffee, and strawberry flavors for sale in stores. Stores may also have candy cane, chocolate peppermint, pumpkin, eggnog, banana, cinnamon, mocha, peanut butter, raspberry, lemon, watermelon sorbet, mango, cotton candy, french toast, pistachio, butter pecan, coconut, and Irish cream flavors.

These flavors are seasonal and vary by location, so you will have to call your local store to see if they have it. The ice cream is sold in Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It sizes, which are small, medium, and large, respectively.

If customers do not want plain ice cream with their own preferred toppings, they can order a Signature creation. This is a blend of cold stone ice cream, and specific toppings and sauces. They can be cheaper than ordering a plain ice cream with several mix-ins, and customers know the flavors go well together. These come in tasty designs like Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some, Cheesecake Fantasy, Surrender to Strawberry, and Apple Pie A La Cold Stone.

Like the plain ice cream, the signature creations are also sold in Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It. Plus, the Cold Stone ice cream prices for these creations are lower than those for the Create Your Own collection.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Toppings

Cold Stone’s toppings range is truly impressive. People can ask for apples, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries, or other fresh fruit, or they can choose from a wide range of candy, including M&Ms, Kit Kat, Heath Bar, and gummy bears.

Cold Stone also has plenty of baked goods that can be crushed into your dessert. These include Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, pie crust, raw cookie dough, cake, and brownies. Customers can get caramel, chocolate, or peanut butter sauce drizzled on top. If you get a plain ice cream, your first topping is free, and any additional toppings are $0.75 each.

Cold Stone Sundaes

Some of the signature creations at Cold Stone, such as the Banana Split and the Strawberry Shortcake flavors, resemble a classic ice cream sundae. They contain ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream, sauces, and nuts.

If you want a warm dessert sundae, you can order off the Cold Stone hot stone menu. These contain ice cream, sauces, nuts, whipped cream, and baked goods. For $5.99, customers can get a brownie sundae, a churro caramel sundae, a chocolate lava cake sundae, or a cookie sundae. If desired, you can pay a little extra to get your sundae placed in a cookie bowl or served with any of the extra ice cream toppings.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Cakes

Cold Stone’s ice cream cakes come in several sizes, including petit four-inch round cakes for $10, or large sheet cakes for $62. All cakes have layers of baked cake stacked with layers of Cold Stone ice cream and mix-ins, and they are frosted with ganache or whipped cream. Customers have a wide range of designs to pick from, and they can get a custom message printed on them. You can talk to Cold Stone staff to get a cake that is gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, egg-free, or kosher.

Most custom cakes can be ordered online at least a day in advance, or you can go to the store to order one. The store also has a selection of pre-made cakes that can be purchased immediately.

Cold Stone Frozen Treats

Customers who want something low in fat can order the frozen yogurt, and those with a lactose allergy can order the Cold Stone sorbet. Frozen yogurt and sorbet cost the same as the plain ice cream, and some stores may not always have these options for sale.

Cold Stone also sells ice cream shakes that combine their ice cream and mix-ins to create a delicious frozen drink. Standard shake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, milk and cookies, and cake batter. Depending on size, the shakes are $5.00 or $5.75. Just like the ice cream, you can add extra mix-ins for $0.75.

Where to Find Cold Stone Ice Creams

To find a Cold Stone near you, enter your location into their online store finder. To learn more about the Cold Stone ice cream prices and flavors, use these methods to contact the company.

Cold Stone Phone Number: 1-866-4-MIXINS
Cold Stone Official Website
Cold Stone Contact Page
Cold Stone Address: Kahala Corp
9311 E. Via de Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

The unique mixing style at Cold Stone allows people to completely customize their ice cream. You can enjoy a plain ice cream cone or get an elaborate sundae packed with tasty treats. Leave a comment below to let us know what your favorite flavor and mix-ins are at Cold Stone, and what you think of the Cold Stone ice cream prices.

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