Just about everyone in the world enjoys ice cream. After all, what’s not to love about this silky, delicious treat? And, with more stores offering vegan, dairy-free, and other specialized options, there’s a jenis ice cream for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you want to have a stockpile of ice cream for your own enjoyment or you’re planning a big event, people are often curious about where they can order ice cream online or otherwise get ice cream.

Fortunately, there are many options for getting ice cream from the store or maker to your home! And, in an effort to help you choose the best option for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best places to get delicious ice cream.

8 Best Places to Order Vanilla Ice Cream




Image via jenis.com

One of our favorite options for ordering vanilla ice cream, as well as a host of other great flavors many of which you won’t find anywhere else, is Jeni’s.

Compared to other ice cream delivery services, this one has a small minimum, which we appreciate. You only have to order three pints in order to get your ice cream delivered, though you can order much more if you like.

And, trust us, with the way this ice cream tastes, you’ll want to! Jeni’s ice cream is true luxury ice cream. It’s made from real, whole, natural ingredients, and it’s worth every penny. Speaking of “penny,” though, this ice cream is a little on the expensive side. Pints cost $12 each, plus shipping.

If you don’t mind the cost, though, the ice cream is delicious. Still, due to the steep price, we have to give this ice cream a 2 out of 5 rating.


Little g Ice Cream Co

vanilla ice cream Little g Ice Cream Co

Image via littlegicecreamco.com

Another great place to order ice cream from, especially if you like to support young entrepreneurs, is this business started by a 16-year-old girl.

This ice cream is true premium stuff and uses New England dairy and all-natural ingredients without stabilizers.And, while you certainly can get vanilla if that’s your favorite, the brand is best known for its crazy combinations and mix-ins, which is definitely worth trying.

The ice cream also comes in large portions; even the pints seem more loaded than other pints somehow. This is a good thing since, like Geni’s, this ice cream is a little more expensive than we’d like it to be.

Still, though, it’s so good that we give it a 2.5 out of 5 rating.


 Humphry Slocombe (via Amazon)

 Humphry Slocombe

Image via humphryslocombe.com

For those who love having ice cream delivered to their door but who can’t handle the high prices listed above, we recommend Humphry Slocombe ice cream.

You can get a four-pack of your favorite flavors delivered right to your door. And, like a lot of other brands, while you can opt for vanilla if you like, there are plenty of other choices as well.

This ice cream tastes just as good as the more expensive stuff. However, it does have some GMOs, which natural foodies won’t be big fans of. Another downside is that it can sometimes be hard to find the exact flavors you want and to find the perfect “mix and match” in a four pack.

Still, though, we think this is great ice cream at a great price, and we give it a 2.5 out of 5 score.


McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams Vanilla Ice Cream

Image via mcconnells.com

Another, more affordable option than what you’ll often find is delivered ice cream from McConnell’s.This company offers plenty of ice cream to suit plainer tastes, including, of course, vanilla ice cream, but also a lovely sweet cream that we really like.

No matter what flavor you order, the company has strict guidelines and regulations on how and when you must order to get your order shipped by a certain date. While annoying, these guidelines are in place so that you get fresh, delicious ice cream every time.

As long as you order in advance, you should be fine. Just keep in mind that if you place an order after 10am on Thursdays, it won’t ship until Monday!

Just get the ordering system straight, and you should love this ice cream, which we rate a 3 out of 5.


Graeter’s Ice Cream

 Graeter’s Ice Cream

Image via graeters.com

Do you want ice cream that is out of this world delicious and made just for you, one batch at a time? If so, you want Graeter’s ice cream.

One of the awesome things about this gourmet ice cream is that you can actually find it in some grocery stores, including some Harris Teeter’s. Thus, you might not have to go through the hassle of shipping to enjoy this premium ice cream.

If you can’t find it locally, though, don’t worry. The company does ship, and it actually has decent shipping rates.

Just keep in mind that you have to order at least 6 pints in order to get them shipped. But, with so many great flavors and such great taste, that shouldn’t be a problem.

We rate this scrumptious ice cream a 3 out of 5.


Ample Hill Creamery

vanilla ice cream Ample Hill Creamery

Image via amplehills.com 

If you’ve ever wondered what truly made-from-scratch ice cream tastes like, Ample Hill Creamery is the perfect way to find out! Believe it or not, this one of a kind ice cream company pasteurizes its own bases and does the whole ice cream making process on its own.

That means that the flavor you’ll enjoy with this ice cream is truly unique and totally worth any extra “hassle” you’ll have to go through to get it.You’ll need to pick at least four pints (you can choose the flavor or flavors) for shipping, but there are plenty of options available, including, of course, vanilla.

Also, the company offers some fun “specialty packs” from time to time. Right now, you can get the delicious Mickey Mouse collection, which includes yummy creations like Confetti Celebration, Triple Chocolate Surprise, and Peanut Butter Jamboree.

No matter which flavor or flavors you choose, you’re sure to love this ice cream, which we score a 3.5 out of 5.


Salt and Straw

 Salt and Straw

Image via saltandstraw.com

Salt and Straw is a rapidly-growing ice cream chain that many people just can’t get enough of. If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere where it has a location (at least not yet), then you only have one option to try this delicious treat: order online.

Luckily for you, the company makes trying its products super easy, no matter where you live. While you can order a little just to try, you can also enjoy the much-celebrated “Pint of the Month” club, which makes a great gift and delivers five pints to a person’s door each month! The flavors change with the seasons, so you’ll get more than just vanilla ice cream, though, don’t worry, they have that too.

Of course, if you don’t want to commit to that much ice cream, you can enjoy your pints for just three months or six months. The choice is yours.

We love all the different options that the company offers, as well as the wide range of flavors, which is why we just have to give this cult-following chain an impressive 4 out of 5 score.


Ice and Vice via Goldbelly

Ice and Vice

Image via goldbelly.com

Just as Salt and Straw has gained a cult following for its delicious flavors, so has Ice and Vice, based in New York City. This cute, kitschy little ice cream shop has been written up in all kinds of magazines and has graced a variety of social pages, making it the talk of the town.

Fortunately, even if you don’t live in the Big Apple, you too can enjoy this delectable ice cream treat. Of course, you’ll have to pick six pints (as you can see, most places have a minimum) to get it shipped, but we think this wonderful, one-of-a-kind ice cream is truly worth splurging.

And, if you’re the type to like plainer flavors, don’t worry; they have your beloved vanilla ice cream. However, they also have other, more neutral flavors, like the yummy “Milk Money,” which has become a big hit without being too daring. It’s just that good.

Basically, if you want to feel like a New York sophisticate or if you want to extend that feeling to guests at your next event, this is the place to order from, made easier than ever thanks to Ice and Vice’s delivery partner, Goldbelly.

We are proud to rank this high-class ice cream as a 5 out of 5


 ice cream fruit blueberry summer

Image via Pixabay

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to get perfect vanilla ice cream delivered right to your door. However, one thing that a lot of people have trouble with is determining the quality of a particular brand of ice cream and knowing if it’s really worth the cost.

In our opinion, any of the picks on our list fit the description of high quality, but, if you’d like to explore the quality for yourself, there are a few surefire ways to tell.


One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of ice cream is to simply ask how much air is in the ice cream, relative to the other ingredients. If you want to get fancy, you can call this by its technical term: “overrun.”

Basically, the lower the overrun percentage, the better the quality of the ice cream. Cheaper ice cream brands often try to make their ice cream appear creamier and lighter by adding in more air. Good brands, however, accomplish this for real with quality ingredients.

Any good company with nothing to hide will not be afraid to share its overrun percentage with you. And, while everyone has different preferences, in general, you should look for no more than 50% air.


If you’ve already bought the ice cream in question and are trying to decide if it’s worth paying for again in the future, sit out a small scoop and see how quickly it melts.

Lower quality ice cream will melt much more quickly than thicker, higher quality ice cream.Sure, you might lose a little ice cream to run this test, but it’s an easy way to tell if you’re really getting your money’s worth.


ice cream waffle blossom bloom

Image via Pixabay

No matter what you use to determine quality, whether it’s one of our methods or a simple taste or texture test, you’re sure to have a lot of fun testing out different types of ice cream.

After all, as the saying goes, even when it’s bad, ice cream is still pretty darn good!

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