Paris Baguette Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

One of the most popular bakeries in the United States is located in Commerce, California. Known as Paris Baguette, this bakery offers many cakes between their two locations, West and East. The menus differ a little bit, but the prices are roughly the same. Their cakes are more than worth considering for events like graduations, weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. Here is a closer look at Paris Baguette cakes prices, designs, and ordering process.

Paris Baguette Cakes Prices

Paris Baguette offers two types of cakes: whole cakes and short cakes. There is a distinct price difference between the two, and here they are for a closer look.

Paris Baguette Whole Cakes
Fresh cream cake $42.00
Yogurt fresh cream cake $42.00
Chocolate fresh cream cake $42.00
Blueberry yogurt cake $45.00
Red velvet cake $45.00
Blueberry chiffon cake $45.00
Green tea chiffon cake $45.00
Chocolate chiffon cake $42.00
Cappuccino buttercream cake $45.00
Chocolate buttercream cake $42.00
Mocha buttercream cake $42.00
Oh my crepe cake $45.00
Oh my choco crepe cake $45.00
Mango charlotte cake $45.00
It’s my yogurt pancake cake $42.00
Tiramisu $42.00
Sweet potato cake $45.00
Cheesecake with strawberries $45.00
Cheesecake $42.00
Milk cake $45.00
Paris Baguette Short Cakes
Strawberry short cake $8.00
Square cake $8.50
Oh~ My Baby crepe $8.50
Oh~ My choco crepe $8.50
My little mango cake $8.00
Earl gray chocolat cake $8.00
Mini fresh cream cake $8.00

Paris Baguette Cake Designs

Paris Baguette cakes prices reflect their delicate designs. There are plenty of cake options to pick from, and they come in various sizes. Here is a closer look at cake designs for different events.

Paris Baguette Birthday Cakes

When it comes to purchasing a fruity cake, Paris Baguette’s are some of the best. These cakes are perfect for birthday parties because of their bright colors and equally bright flavors. They are certain to convince children to eat fruit more often, too. Their strawberry short cake happens to be popular for birthdays for this very reason. Paris Baguette takes a classic recipe and turns into something delectable for all party goers. At $8.00 a slice, the price cannot be beaten.

The only downside resides in the fact that such cakes cannot be changed for the sake of decoration. Fruit adorns the top of the cake, so writing even a phrase on it cannot be done. However, there are still plenty of cakes to pick from that can fit any party theme. Another great cake for enticing children to try other flavors is the green tea cake. This cake uses matcha powder to provide an indulgent flavor pallet.

Paris Baguette Graduation Cakes

This bakery even offers cakes that can fit in for a graduation party. Paris Baguette cakes prices are reasonable, especially considering their cakes can feed at least ten people at one time. Larger parties might need two cakes, but the cost is not outrageous for such an important event as a graduation.

To go with a spring-time graduation, a light flavor such as that found in the Fresh cream cake would be a great idea. This cake is made with layers of fruit, sponge cake, and fresh cream for a delicate taste that also packs quite the punch. It comes in three sizes for larger parties, or it can be purchased in a mini version. Another great option is the mango charlotte cake, which is not as dense as sponge cakes. It imparts powerful flavors and comes topped with mango slices.

Paris Baguette Baby Shower Cakes

For people looking for a cake or two for a baby shower, they need not look further than this bakery. One of their more popular cakes for a baby shower is the red velvet fresh cream cake. This cake comes with layers of strawberries and fresh cream spread between thin layers of red velvet sponge cake. The light layers mix with the dense cake for a smooth texture that leaves the mouth wanting more.

For chocolate lovers, the chocolate buttercream is a great choice. This cake comes with sweet, chocolate buttercream smoothed between layers of chocolate sponge cake. Additionally, the cake is coated in chocolate as well. It comes topped with fruit and macaroons for a sophisticated look.

Paris Baguette Wedding Cakes

Paris Baguette does not offer wedding cakes in the traditional sense. Instead, they can take one type of cake and put more of them together to form tiers. Alternatively, various cake flavors can be used to add some contrast and offer more than one flavor to well-wishers.

If comparable cake flavors are sought after, then two of the buttercream cakes go very well next to one another. The cappuccino buttercream and the mocha buttercream play on some of the people’s favorite coffee taste, making for a comparable taste between the two. On the other hand, they do have their differences. The cappuccino buttercream will be denser in flavor as it has actual coffee buttercream and sponge cake, whereas the mocha variety just uses mocha flavors.

Alternatively, brides and grooms seeking a touch of romance can go with the chocolate buttercream cake in the romance version. Instead of being a round cake, this chocolate upon chocolate layer cake comes in the shape of a heart. It is adorned with fruit as well, to accent the rich, chocolate flavor.

How to Order Paris Baguette Cakes

Like many other bakeries, Paris Baguette offers the possibility of ordering in person or over the phone. They have a few locations in both the West and East coast, so finding one in between might be difficult for some people. However, they do allow online ordering. A shipping fee will be added to the cake’s cost, depending on how far the package needs to travel. For people who decide to go with Paris Baguette’s catering options, they can add in cakes as part of their order too.

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Paris Baguette cakes prices are reasonable for the delicious flavors and sophistication the cakes present. They are designed with elegance in mind, and they can be ordered over the phone, in person, or online. At the same time, they offer shipping as part of their newer services. In order to taste these delicious cakes, contact Paris Baguette today! Then, don’t forget to tell us what you thought of the cakes.


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