Laurent Cakes is a French artisan, boulangerie patisserie in Australia that has been open for about 22 years. They provide an array of cakes, and their prices range from $8.90 for an individual serving, all the way up to $64.00 for a 22 cm cake. They also offer many flavors that are fit for any occasion. Here is a closer look at Laurent Cakes prices and all their delicious flavor options.

Laurent Cakes Prices

Individual Cake ServingsPrices
Bora Bora$8.90
Charlotte aux Fraises$8.90
Citron Tart$8.90
Éclair Cafe$8.90
Éclair Chocolate$8.90
Éclair Framboise$8.90
Lemon Meringue$8.90
Monte Carlo$8.90
Passionfruit Tart$8.90
Rashberry Cheesecake$8.90
Selection of Packaged Goods$8.90
Strawberry Tarte$8.90
Tarte Pecan$8.90
22 cm CakesPrices
Bora Bora$64.00
Charlotte aux Fraises$64.00
Citron Tart$64.00
Éclair Cafe$64.00
Éclair Chocolate$64.00
Éclair Framboise$64.00
Lemon Meringue$64.00
Monte Carlo$64.00
Passionfruit Tart$64.00
Rashberry Cheesecake$64.00
Selection of Packaged Goods$64.00
Strawberry Tarte$64.00
Tarte Pecan$64.00

Laurent Cake Designs

Their cakes come with artisan designs that generally cannot change to anything different than what the catalog offers. This statement is especially true of the tarts, as they have fruit and other ingredients exposed on top that cannot cover by design. Therefore, Laurent cakes prices do not fluctuate due to design. The price already has to make into the total cost of the cake or tart.

The designs on these delicious desserts aim to accent the natural flavors found inside. For example, the Mietta is a vanilla glaze, and chocolate macaroons cover to parallel the coffee and chocolate flavors within the cake.

Laurent Birthday Cake

Laurent cakes are decadent and wonderful to look at, so they could make a good birthday gift. You can order cakes ahead of time, either by stopping by at one of the many locations Laurent offers across Australia or by making a phone call to any one of these locations.

One of the best options for a birthday cake would be Bora Bora for people who love chocolate. Otherwise, the Meringue au Citron would be a great choice for people who do not favor chocolate. One of the best tarts that pack a lot of flavors is the Tarte Pecan.

There are also amazing birthday cakes you can find at Vons Cakes.

Laurent Cakes - Bora Bora cake in two sizes

Graduation Cakes

There are plenty of yummy flavors for graduation cakes, too. The Mietta or the Shikoku would be great options for a sophisticated feel. Laurent Cakes prices do not include any add-ons for changes, even when it comes to including a certain text on the cake. The only customization option available lies in the cake’s size. The bakers cannot place even a simple design like adding a person’s name.

Laurent Cakes - yellow Shikoku cake

In the case of tarts, adding decorations does not make sense, as items such as fruit stand on top of the tart. One such tart is the Tarte au Fraises. Laurent cakes prices and the prices for tarts are different due to the ingredients used in each item.

But if you don’t have their store nearby, try rushing up to the nearest Walmart and you’ll surely get a graduation cake there.

Laurent Christine Cake & Baby Shower Cakes

There are plenty of cake and tart flavors available for purchase, so people planning larger gatherings such as a baby shower do not have to worry about sticking to one flavor. There are plenty of options to consider for any diet, especially since tarts tend to avoid many carbs.

One suggestion for a flavorful cake to have at a baby shower is the Monte Carlo or the Rubis. Depending on the size of the cake or tart needed for a party, Laurent cakes prices will increase or decrease, so knowing how many people are going to attend the baby shower early on is crucial to simplify the ordering process.

Laurent Cakes - two sizes of the Monte Carlo cake

Wedding Cakes

Since most cakes from Laurent only come in a few sizes, 22 cm being the largest, several cakes might need to be purchased for a larger wedding. As a bonus, Laurent does offer catering with plenty of food options too. Surely, tarts are one of the considerations for the purchase. They also deliver it as part of the catering order. Combining a few cakes that complement one another in the original designs might be a good idea.

On the other hand, having contrasting designs can make one cake stand out from the others to attract people with different tastes. Two great cakes for weddings include the Black Forest and the Concorde. For tarts, the best choices for a wedding include Apricot and Pistachio Tarte, and Tarte Passion. Laurent cake prices are affordable in comparison to other bakeries that create wedding cakes.

Speaking of wedding cakes, elegant designs can be found also at Cakes By Karen.

two different sizes of Concorde cake

Laurent Cakes Order Online

There are two main ways to go about ordering cakes from a Laurent Bakery. Since there are over 16 locations throughout Australia, finding a location to order from in person is not difficult. Going in person is also a great idea for larger events such as weddings, for the sake of taste testing. Otherwise, orders can be made over the phone.

A directory of all the stores owned by Laurent can be found on their website. This directory includes a listing of an email address to ask questions, but orders cannot be made through this email contact.

For people looking to purchase delicious, decadent cakes and tarts for any occasion, Laurent’s options are among some of the best. To add a high-class appeal to any event, whether it be a wedding or a birthday, contact one of the 16 Laurent locations to order desserts or catering today. Then, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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