Ingles Bakery is well-known for allowing consumers to select from a wide range of products at extremely inexpensive costs, and its cakes certainly live up to this reputation. They have hundreds of cake options that will make your event unforgettable! Consider Ingles Bakery as one of your cake options because all of their cakes are delectable and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the bakery offers birthday cakes for most children. Sheet cake pricing, on the other hand, might vary based on the design and flavor. This article will cover everything you need to know about Ingles Bakery’s cake prices. We believe this would make it easier for you to find their cakes.

Ingles Bakery Cakes Prices

Sheet CakePrice
Party Cake 2$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Catching the Big One$31.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 1$23.98
Disney Princess - Once Upon A Time$31.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Cars 3 - Ahead of the curve$31.98
Hotwheels Drift$31.98
Beauty and the Beast - Beautiful As A Rose$31.98
Minnie Happy Helpers$31.98
Mickey - The Roadster Racers$31.98
Spider-Man Ultimate Light Up Eyes$31.98
Paw Patrol$31.98
John Deere$31.98
Hello Kitty$31.98
Super Mario$31.98
Peppa Pig$31.98

Sesame Street$31.98
Trolls Happy$31.98
Unicorn Creations$31.98
Dear Head Magnet$31.98
Beach Chair and Umbrella$31.98
Construction Dig$31.98
Dinosaur Pals$31.98
Summer Flip Flops$31.98
Red Hot Chopper$31.98
Military /robot Tank$31.98
Crown and Scepter$31.98
Mystical Mermaid$31.98
Bath Toys$31.98
Monster Jam$31.98
Blue Baby Booties$31.98
Pink Baby Booties$31.98
Shark Creations$31.98
Dragon Creations$31.98
Baby Shark$31.98
Disney Encanto$31.98
Party Cake 3$23.98
Party Cake 4$23.98
Party Cake 5$23.98
Party Cake 6$23.98
Party Cake 7$23.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Party Cake 9$23.98
Party Cake 10$23.98
Party Cake 11$23.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 13$23.98
Party Cake 14$23.98
Party Cake 15$23.98
Party Cake 16$23.98
Party Cake 17$23.98
Party Cake 18$23.98
Party Cake 19$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Party Cake 21$23.98
Party Cake 22$23.98
Party Cake 23$23.98
Party Cake 24$23.98

Ingles Bakery Company History

Robert Ingle’s background qualified him to understand customers’ preferences in his market. He worked in a grocery shop started by his grandparents in Asheville, North Carolina, where the company headquarters is still located, as a member of a third-generation supermarket family. Elmer Ingle closed the family business in 1956, and Robert went to the University of Miami. From 1961 to 1963, he returned to the Carolinas to work for the Colonial Stores network until he acquired financing to construct his first Ingles shop in Asheville in 1963.

In Asheville, North Carolina, Robert Ingle established the first Ingles supermarket. In 1963, Carolina. He recognized a chance to invest in smaller towns and cities. Rural areas in North and South Carolina were huge grocery companies. It was a successful plan. That expansion into similar communities in Georgia was a success. Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia quickly followed suit. Ingles presently has roughly 200 locations in the United States and six southeastern states with about $4 billion in annual sales.

The first facility was small and packed and was staffed by Ingle, his wife, and a nurse.

A small but devoted team of people Chains were competing fiercely. Winn-Dixie, A&P, and Colonial control 93 percent of the area’s retail sales. Nonetheless, Ingle was adamant about breaking in. Ingles adopted a successful real estate strategy early on. Interest in the communities it served, frequently owning the real estate on which it operated where its stores are situated. Ingles now owns two-thirds of the real estate on which it is based.

Furthermore, he reduced pricing, increased business hours to cover Sundays and holidays, and publicized promotions. Also, he extended the supermarket, installed mass retail displays, and provided games, stamps, and other items. By purchasing a milk processing factory in 1982, Ingles discovered a key partner. Milkco, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, not only provides milk to Ingles stores. Additionally, the freshest dairy goods, fruit juices, and bottled waters are available, but the company also sells to other merchants. Foodservice distributors and wholesalers Milkco’s annual production has increased from 5 million to 10 million. From gallons in 1982 to more than 60 million gallons now.

The company went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 1987.

Markets’ National Market is denoted by the symbol IMKTA. Ingles self-distributes the items in its stores from its distribution center. The facility is on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, and the headquarters is also nearby. The distribution center is strategically next to Interstate 40 and close to Interstate 26. To make it easier, high quality and freshness standards, the company’s extremely efficient warehousing and distribution. Ingles’ 200+ retail outlets are within 250 miles of the center.

Robert Ingle established the company in 1963 with a focus on the consumer and a dedication to quality and convenience that is still there today. The comprehensive range of brand-name products offered by Ingles is complemented by its own Laura Lynn brand products, which are equal to or better than National Brands and are warranted by Ingles Markets. Products under the Ingles Private Label brand have Mr. Ingle’s daughter’s name, Laura Lynn Ingle.

Cakes from Ingles Bakery are suitable for many special occasions. Have you tasted their cake yet? Comment below with your ideas and feedback to let us know what you think!

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