If you live in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, you should definitely look into Giant Eagle cakes for your next celebration. Besides, giant Eagle bakery cakes are professionally designed and baked. Moreover, its ranges from birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, graduation cakes, baby shower cakes, and more.

Not only is this bakery’s cake variety impressive, but so are the Giant Eagle cake prices, ingredients, and all-around value. Thus, if you are drawn by Giant Eagle cake designs or generous availability, learn more about this bakery’s cakes in our comprehensive guide. We look at their prices, designs, availability, and as well as the ordering process.

Giant Eagle Cakes Prices

If you have a Giant Eagle cake coupon, you can get a better price for Giant Eagle cakes. However, in most cases, you won’t even require one, as they are far more affordable than cakes from fancy bakeries. Furthermore, the Giant Eagle cakes prices are in the table below.

Note: These prices are approximate, and they can differ from location to location, and from design to design.

Giant Eagle Round CakesPrices
Two Layer Round Cake$19.99
Giant Eagle Sheet Cakes
1/4 Sheet Cake$19.99
1/2 Sheet Cake$35.99
Full Sheet Cake$49.99
Giant Eagle Cupcake Cakes
Medium Cupcake Cake (Serves 12)$19.49
Large Cupcake Cake (Serves 24)$30.49
Giant Eagle Tiered Cakes
2 Tier Cake$2.50/person
3 Tier Cake$2.50/person

Giant Eagle Cake Designs

The Giant Eagle cake designs vary according to location. Although regardless, you benefit from a nice variety of designs and flavors. You can see more cake examples below. Thus, there are plenty of other Giant Eagle cake options you can explore. You can choose from simple and elegant cakes, as well as cakes with a theme using a popular character. They also create fabulous wedding cakes and chic baby shower cakes, as well as adorable cakes for graduates.

Although, one of the best parts about cakes at Giant Eagle – aside from the low prices – is their incredible variety of flavors, icing, trim icing, and decorations. Below, you can find a list with all of the customization options available for Giant Eagle customers:

  • Flavors: white almond, traditional white, yellow, marble, chocolate, red velvet, half and half (choose two)
  • Icing: white whipped satin, chocolate whipped satin, white buttercream, chocolate buttercream
  • Trim icing color: red, blue, yellow, pink, green
  • Decorations: roses, balloons, polka dots

You can also add a message to a Giant Eagle birthday cake or a Giant Eagle wedding cake. Thus, if the cake you are ordering is a full sheet, you can use up to 70 characters. All other cakes only fit a 35-character message.

Birthday Cakes

Giant Eagle cakes are surely simply perfect for children’s birthday parties. They have a wide range of characters and also theme cakes that your child will fall in love with. Their full list of licensed character cakes includes things like Star Wars, Avengers, Cars, Despicable Me, Minnie Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Finding Nemo, as well as Frozen, and more.

Giant Eagle Cakes with darth vader theme

Of course, you can also order a classy sheet cake, round cake, or cupcake cake, according to your preferences. Don’t forget that you can choose the flavor, icing, and decorations for all of them. So, don’t hesitate to ask your Giant Eagle baker about this.

Graduation Cakes

Giant Eagle can cater your next graduation party, by providing you with the cake. From typical graduation cakes decorated with caps, as well as gowns to cakes that contain a message for the young graduate, you have many designs to choose from. Not to mention that you can, of course, design your own cake. In addition, talk to their bakers, explain their idea, and they will tell you if it is possible or not.

If you know the graduate doesn’t want you to make a big deal of their graduation. Although you still want to offer them a sweet treat on their special day. You can order a normal cake or one decorated with something related to their hobbies or interests. For instance, a superhero fan might enjoy a Spider-Man cake, as much as a Disney fan would enjoy a Moana cake.

Giant Eagle Cakes blue and red spider-man cake

Baby Shower Cakes

Round cakes, sheet cakes, or cupcake cakes – honestly, any kind of cake would be splendid for a heartwarming baby shower. As you already know, cakes can be customized with all sorts of colors and flavors, so you can order your cake in your favorite shade, and with the perfect decorations. Make sure that you mention the fact that you’re planning a baby shower when speaking to the bakery. You can even ask them for additional suggestions.

The most traditional baby shower cakes are those that announce the gender of the baby. If this is something you want to do, we would recommend a blue Batman cake for a baby boy and a pink Crown and Scepter cake for a baby girl.

Giant Eagle Cakes blue and yellow batman cake

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are always challenging to find. Aside from the fact that they’re quite expensive, it’s hard to find the cake of your dreams, one worthy of your wedding. The good news about these cakes is that they cater to even the most specific requirements, for the bride and groom to be satisfied. They generally offer two-tier and three-tier cakes, but they can also create taller ones.

The pricing for their wedding cake is a bit different than other manufacturers. Instead of charging a full price according to the number of tiers, you pay $2.50 for each person who will be enjoying it. In terms of designs, since we’re talking about a more intricate cake, you will have to contact your local Giant Eagle and speak to their bakers in person.

How to Order Giant Eagle Cakes

Yet another amazing thing about Giant Eagle cakes is that they can be ordered directly online, as opposed to many other family-friendly bakeries in large retail stores. To order your custom cake, visit their cake selection page first. Then, click on the “Online Cake Ordering” button, and you will be taken to a new page that explains how the ordering process works.

To order a cake, click on the “Start Your Order” button. This opens the Online Cake Ordering page, where you have to select a Giant Eagle store near you. If you don’t know which one is closest to you, you can click on “Go,” which will take you to a page where you can browse all participating locations.

order here

Once you found the one that interests you, click on one of the existing cakes, or choose the “Create Your Own Cake” option. This is where you will specify the type of cake you want, the flavor, the icing, the decorations, and so on. Remember that even though you can order the cake online, there is no delivery service, so you will have to pick it up yourself.

We hope this guide has convinced you to try Giant Eagle cakes for your next celebration. When was the last time you ordered a Giant Eagle cake? Were you happy with the result? Tell us all about it!

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