Carvel Ice Cream Prices & Flavors

For many years, Carvel has been one of the most popular options for celebrating a special occasion with an ice cream cake. Carvel is mostly known for their ice cream cakes, but they also have ice cream stores where customers can purchase many great ice cream options. In Carvel stores, you can pick from a variety of ice cream cones, sundaes, and other frozen treats. To find out the Carvel ice cream prices, keep reading this article. This guide will let you know the cost for any size of ice cream from Carvel, as well as their flavors, extra toppings, and more.

Carvel Ice Cream Prices

Carvel Ice Cream
Kids $1.99
Junior $2.77
Small $3.48
Medium $3.87
Large $4.39
Extra Topping $0.59
Carvel Sundaes
Classic Sundae (small) $4.49
Classic Sundae (medium) $4.94
Classic Sundae (large) $5.39
Sundae Dashers (small) $4.99
Sundae Dashers (medium) $5.79
Sundae Dashers (large) $6.59
Banana Barge $5.99
Carvel Shakes
Carvelanche (small) $4.99
Carvelanche (medium) $5.79
Carvelanche (large) $6.99
Milkshake (small) $3.79
Milkshake (medium) $4.49
Milkshake (large) $4.99
Carvel Ice Cream Cakes
Small Square $12.99
Medium Square/Round $22.99
Large Square $28.99
Small Sheet $29.99
Medium Sheet $36.99
Large Sheet $52.99
Large Round $26.99

Carvel Ice Cream Flavors

Carvel has both scooped and soft serve ice cream. Scooped ice cream tends to have more complicated flavors like banana peanut butter, maple chip, coffee supreme, pralines and cream, swiss chocolate almond, mint chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate chunks, and dulce de leche. Soft serve ice cream tends to be in single flavors like banana, chocolate, peach, strawberry, and vanilla.

Regardless of whether you order a soft serve or a hand scooped variety, Carvel ice cream prices remain the same. The stores sell a kids, junior, small, medium, or large size. Depending on which size you choose to order, the price will range between $1.99 to $4.39. When you order, you can get it in either a cup or a cone for the same cost.

Flavors for Carvel ice cream will vary a little depending on time and location. Flavors like hot chocolate, pumpkin, peppermint, and eggnog will typically only be sold around holidays. Check the Carvel website to see a complete list of potential flavors, or call your local store to see what they are currently offering.

Carvel Ice Cream Toppings

Any of the Carvel ice cream sundae toppings can be put on your ice cream cone or cup, and they can also be added to your sundae or your milkshakes. Each extra topping that you order for any Carvel product will be an extra $0.59.

Potential toppings include fresh fruit, almonds, walnuts, marshmallows, coconut, cookie dough, various candies, pound cake cubes, whipped cream, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or sprinkles.

Carvel Sundaes

For around $5.90, you can get a classic banana split with a whole banana, several flavors of ice cream, and many toppings. For $4.50 to $5.50, customers can get a classic ice cream sundae. A classic ice cream sundae is your choice of ice cream and single topping, whipped cream, and a cherry. For $0.59 extra, customers can add any additional toppings.

Those who want more topping and less ice cream can order a Sundae Dasher. This is a cup that layers Carvel ice cream with toppings and sauces. Sundae Dashers are available in Bananas Foster, Eggnog, Fudge Brownie, Heath Bar, Mint Chocolate Chip, Oreo, Reese’s, or Strawberry Shortcake flavors.

Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

Carvel ice cream cakes contain layers of Carvel ice cream, along with layers of chocolate crunchies and whipped frosting. They typically come in small, medium, or large sizes with a round, square, or rectangular shape. The smaller sizes that feed about six are about $13, while the big sizes that feed up to 30 people are around $53. Picking a specialty flavor instead of basic chocolate or vanilla ice cream costs a few extra dollars.

There are many classic designs available. You can get cakes decorated with balloons, rainbows, roses, fresh fruit, or an edible picture. The ice cream can also be shaped into fun butterfly, clown, bear, or whale shapes for themed parties.

Ordering a Carvel ice cream cake is quick and easy. To get a completely unique cake, you can order online, and the cake will be ready to be picked up in a day. If customization is not as important to you, you can just pick one of the ready-made cakes in the store, get the staff to pipe on a message while you wait, and take it home with you immediately.

Carvel Frozen Treats

Carvel has a few other frozen treat options made from their delicious ice cream. You can get a small milkshake for $3.79, a medium for $4.49, or a large for $4.99. Classic milkshake flavors are vanilla, chocolate, Oreo, and coffee, but you can get one made in any flavor of ice cream for sale at the shop. For an extra $0.59, you can add malt syrup to turn your milkshake into a malt shake.

For $5 to $7, depending on size, customers can order a Carvelanche. This is a customized blend of creamy Carvel ice cream with any mix in. They always have M&M, cookie dough, Oreo, Reese’s, and Cake Mix flavors, or you can choose your own flavor from the list of Carvel toppings.

Where to Find Carvel Ice Creams

The Carvel store locator lets you enter your address to find the closest option. To find out more about Carvel ice cream prices and flavors, contact the company through one of these methods.

Carvel Phone Number: 1-800-322-4848
Carvel Official Website
Carvel Contact Page
Carvel Address: Carvel Ice Cream
5620 Glenridge Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

Carvel has many great ice cream flavors, and their long list of toppings makes it even easier to customize your shake, sundae, or ice cream cone. They provide great ice cream cakes for a celebration, or tasty treats for an ordinary day. Comment below to share your experience at Carvel with us, and let us know what you think of the Carvel ice cream prices.

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