Best Places to Order Caramel

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If you are looking to order some caramel for your next thanksgiving batch, family get together, or party, then ordering online might seem like a favorable option.

Ordering bulk caramel for preparing a large number or desserts or treats is convenient. If you run a restaurant, finding these bulk orders will prove challenging, but worthwhile in saving your operation time and money.

So, where do you start when looking for the perfect place to order caramel?
Finding online locations isn’t easy, and you have to search through a few pages of Google in order to find anything remotely close to home or business delivery for caramel.

This article is going to guide you through this process by covering the top 9 places you can go to place an order online for caramel.

The Best Places to Order Caramel: Comparison Table

Store Name


Our Rating


Candy Warehouse

candy warehouse website

Amazon Bulk Candy

amazon website

Goldbelly Salted Caramels

goldbelly website

Candy Bulk Store

bulk candy store

World Wide Chocolate

world wide chocolate website

Web Restaurant Store

web restaurant store website

Candy Favorites

candy favorites website

Old Time Candy

old time candy website

Sam’s Club or Costco

sams club website

How We Chose Our Ratings

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Image by Arunothai Jankamkum from Pixabay

All of the stores listed here are completely unsponsored. The choice made for this article are simply the result of online research. We compared which stores were more readily searchable, which had the most affordable prices, and which stores made the ordering process convenient and understandable.

We didn’t base our picks on customer reviews or testimonial in this instance. Finding an online store through which to place a caramel order is difficult, so we chose simply on whether or not the stores offered the service and if it was convenient.

So, without further ado, here are the top 9 places you can order caramel online.

Review of The Best Places to Order Caramel

Candy Warehouse

candy warehouse website

Imageshot from Candy Warehouse website

This is one the more easily discovered online stores that delivers candy in bulk. They are especially popular during Halloween, offering discounts on bulk orders of any kind of candy.

They also offer a wide variety of caramels to choose from. You can get regular caramel squares, chocolate caramel squares, and salt water taffy caramel swirls.

They offer 3 brands of caramel squares. The first, most affordable are the large, Kraft bags of either regular caramel. These come in 11 oz. weights and sell for a few dollars per bag.

The second are generic, chocolate caramel or regular caramel squares. These come in 5-pound bags and sell for varied prices depending on flavors (chocolate or regular)

Last but not least are the Brach’s milk maid caramels, which also come in a 5-pound bag. These bags sell for an affordable price a pop. If you are looking for something that it affordable, in bulk, and easy to use, then stopping at the Candy Warehouse is going to be your best bet.

​Amazon Bulk Candy

amazon website

Image screenshot from Amazon website

Amazon is another, well-known online store that will deliver nearly anything to your door. Head over to amazon marketplace and enter Caramel bulk into the search bar.

Like the Candy Warehouse, you will get a few brand options for ordering 5-pound bags of caramels. You can do the generic, unlabeled option or Brach’s Milk Maid caramels or Kraft.

It all depends on what you are looking for. They also have Ferrara caramel candies, smooth and creamy caramel squares and other varied options. The most expensive 5-pound bags go for ​a few dollars.

As always, the ordering process with Amazon is relatively simple, and they deliver to nearly any zip code in the country. You can also order caramel blocks through Amazon. This is a product that is not offered in the Candy Warehouse.

If you are ordering bulk for a restaurant and its desserts, finding a single block is sometimes the better answer. This is easier to deal with, has no extra trash, and is usually of higher quality than the generic cube candies.

You can get anything from a gourmet 5 pound block for a few dollars to a vanilla 5 pound block for a very affordable price.

​Goldbelly Salted Caramels

goldbelly website

Image screenshot from Goldbelly website

What if you are looking to order delicious, pre-made salted caramels that are ready to go for your next event? You are going to want to look for something that has a little bit more taste and unique flavor profile than your generic caramel squares.

Goldbelly pops up as a number one suggestion from Google. With its lovely, intricately designed packaging, you get buttery soft caramels that are made with Tennessee whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon.

They also top off the treat with Celtic rock sea salt, making them ultimately irresistible. They are a wonderful, rich, and decadent treat that is worth the special order.

The site is easy to find, and the order is easy to place. You get 7 caramels per box and each order has 3 boxes. Goldbelly products cab be ordered for an affordable price.

​Candy Bulk Store

bulk candy store

Image screenshot from Candy Bulk Store website

While this doesn’t offer nearly as many options as Amazon does, it does have some bulk caramels you can order. The most affordable of all on the list is the Candy Bulk store. You can get a 2.5-pound bag for only a few dollars.

Two of these bags could be cheaper than any of the previously listed 5-pound bags for sale. These cheaper caramels are creamy vanilla, and while they are cheaper, they are lacking in subtle quality.

Besides these squares, you can’t order any other straight caramel squares in bulk. They do offer other forms of candies, such as caramel creams. If you are after something that is affordable, delivers anywhere, and is relatively easy to place an order, check out the candy bulk store.

​World Wide Chocolate

world wide chocolate website

Image screenshot from World Wide Chocolate website

This is an online store offering everything sweet and chocolate related. As we all know, caramel goes wonderfully with chocolate of all colors. This place is wonderful for ordering quality dessert ingredients in bulk.

If you are running a restaurant and need some dessert goods, definitely check this place out. You can get a Peter’s Caramel Loaf, or large block, for only a few dollars through the World Wide Chocolate website. This block comes in at around 5 pounds.

The order process is simple, and the store is one of the first option given to you by Google for decent stores at which to buy bulk caramel. You can also get an order of creamy caramel syrup, which comes in a 95-oz. bottle.

You can also get caramel chocolate bars and Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce. This is a decent one stop shop for all things smooth and chocolatey.

​Web Restaurant Store

web restaurant store website

Image screenshot from Web Restaurant Store website

As you might have guessed, this website is designed purely for restaurant size orders. You can get everything you can think of in bulk. For caramel, they offer the Carnival King Caramel Dip. This comes in an 8-pound tin and can be used for a wide variety of applications. 

It is designed primarily as a means of caramel dip for apples, but it can be used in other desserts. You end up paying a fair bit for this 8-pound tub, however. A case of these is not cheap. It will last you a long time and the order process is quick, simple, and convenient.

You don’t necessarily have to get the case when ordering this product. They have smaller options for those looking to get something that will work with a smaller party or a one-time occasion.

Each 8-pound tin can be bought for an affordable price. A case has 35 of these, so unless you are ordering big, stick with the single can.

​Candy Favorites

candy favorites website

Image screenshot from Candy Favorites website

This is an online bulk candy store that has all sorts of candy to choose from. Most of this will be single wrapped packaging, but if that is what you are looking for, this website is another good one to add to your list.

They have generic, Brach’s Milk Maid caramels for a few dollars an order. You get 5 pounds of caramels per order. If you want to get caramel in other forms, you can get caramel candy bars, cream caramel tubs, caramel apple lollipops, and caramel jelly beans.

If you are after more than just generic caramel, this is a fun shop to browse.

​Old Time Candy

old time candy website

Image screenshot from Old Time Candy website

This is a fun website that specializes in producing and shipping out candy that was famous in the mid 1900s. They have a lot of classic caramels to choose from, all of which are recognizable brands from back in the day.

All of their caramel are single wrapped candies. You won’t be finding any dips, sauces, or bulk blocks on this website. Their caramel cubes are easy to work with and are very affordable on this website. You get each square for .19 cents a pop.

You can order as many as you want and aren’t restricted to any particular bag sizes. Alongside the plain, ordinary caramel squares, Old Time Candy also has caramel creams, caramel cream in double chocolate, Nips classic caramel candies, caramel cow tales and caramel apple suckers.

The ordering process is easy, and they give you a decent variety to choose from.

​Sam’s Club or Costco

sams club website

Image screenshot from Sam's Club or Costco website

These are stores that specialize in bulk everything. They have everything from bulk candies, produce, kitchen goods, and generic house hold items. Costco in particular is known for its wide array of fine, fresh produce sourced from sustainable growers around the world.

Sam’s Club is more particular on their non-perishable items, but both have their perks. If you are looking for bulk caramel, these stores are the places to stop. The only thing that is different about these is the fact that you have to pay for an annual membership in order to shop at these locations.

Once a full-fledged member, however, you get access to a whole array of bulk food items, all at heavily discounted prices. At Sam’s Club, you can get 4, 5-pound blocks of high-end caramel for an affordable price.

At Costco, you can get tubs of seas salt caramel, dark chocolate caramels, and milk chocolate caramels for only a few dollars a tub. Both of these are fantastic places to stop for any bulk caramels needs.

You will find that Sam’s Club is more practical in its selection, while Costco is the perfect stop for a caramel snack. The only downfall is the requirement of purchasing a membership in order to use any of their in-store products or online orders.

What to Look for When Ordering Caramel in Bulk

toffee caramel cupcake with coffee on the table

Image by topntp26 via Freepik

If you are looking for something that will serve as the foundation of your restaurant’s dessert menu, going with a higher end block or can of caramel is the safest bet.

There are a lot of online retailers that specialize in delivering bulk food ingredients, so make sure you order with them if you are supplying for more than yourself. If you are just looking for some caramel for a holiday dessert or for a snack, then ordering single wrapped candies will be the most affordable option.

When looking for caramel, always make sure you look at customer reviews, especially for bulk products. Knowing how long your product is going to last and how quality is maintained in storage is crucial for any bulk product. This is most easily determined by looking through customer reviews.

We hope this article helped you in your search to find the perfect bulk order or caramel for your needs.

Featured Image: Image by Bernd Saße from Pixabay 


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